Car parking ticket

Hello my lovelies.  I need an extra car parking ticket, but to buy one will cost £5 + booking fee + £6 postage.  Does anyone know if you can buy them on the day and how much they'll cost?  Thanking you.  Xx

Hello Claire

Yes, you can pay when you arrive for a Car Park ticket, they'll be £10



Hi Walter,

My pre-ordered parking ticket has been refunded byTicketline because they didn't have time to send me my tickets by post. I don't see why that should be a reason as my festival tickets will be available at the door.  Anyway, it doesn't seem fair (I know, I know... life isn't etc.) that I should pay double when I already did my part and ordered in advance.

Now then... I just got a polite and helpful e-mail from Ticketline stating that my parking ticket has been reinstated for collection at the gate.  Yep :)

Hello there Claire! It seems that parking tickets is very costly nowadays, right? Buying one will cost £5 + booking fee + £6 postage?I think that's too exoensive. Well, then those above suggestions are helpful. I agree that it would reliable if you inquire at Ticketline as early as possible.


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