Car parking

Please can someone tell me where do I park my car after towing my caravan into the Live-in campsite ? Do I need settlers pass car park ticket or a blue car park ticket ? I've already bought a blue ticket but unsure if I've bought the wrong one now.

You normally just keep your car beside your caravan. There's room on the pitch for both.

If you need to go off-site during the festival then you have to leave your car in the car park and bring it back in on the Monday to hitch up the 'van. I'm not sure if you need a separate car park ticket for this or not but, unless it's absoutely essential, you're better off not doing it as it causes all sorts of confusion when everyone else is trying to vacate the site.

If you're not going to need your Blue ticket, you'll have lots of takers for it as I think this is the family camping side of the site which is in great demand.


Hi Juelew ... if you find out you don't need your blue car park pass then I would happily buy it off you! Let me know ... (fingers crossed!!!)


Hi Juelew ... just speaking to friends who did "Live In" last year, they agreed with peridot and you park your car with your caravan on the pitch. So, pretty sure you won't need the blue car park pass as well. If you decide to sell it then please let me know and i'll buy it off you. Thanks!