Car Park Stickers

We've changed the format slightly this year. If anyone is having trouble finding them, please check your Ticketline envelope carefully. They're slightly smaller and can be applied to your car windscreen (from the inside). We suggest people stick them on now so you don't forget 'em! Woof x 

Most of us here are.

Generally a few marbles, a trick or a beat ... ocassionally a good night's sleep or a campervan ticket, or a car park ticket 

we missed out on the blue parking stickers this year. Is the trek from orange car park to family area do-able? Or recommend just plonking down in the general camping area? Kids in our group range from 7 to 13. 

Two or three times as long as the trek from Blue Spod, depending on how close you are parked, plus a long downhill bit (uphill on the way out). Perfectly doable but a bit more of a chore, especially on the Monday morning, unless you splash out on the Festaxi guys. That said, we have camped in general a couple of times and had a perfectly decent time

Thanks Smithers, my only concern about camping in general areas is we have a mini-horde and while they are good kids they are up and playing early. Not good for anyone camping near us who has been up till 5am in the After Dark area. 

That's very considerate of you Spod. For me earplugs are one of the first things to get packed - I can't see why anyone would show up to a festival without them. Anyone wanting to catch any sleep anyway. Let the horde play...