Car Park closest to Family Camping


It's been 8 years or so since my wife and I last went to Green Man. This year we're bringing our daughter with us... so my question is, which is the closest car park to the family camping area? I've looked high and low, and cannot see a site map for this year.


Generally, we have to rely on last years site map until things actually kick off. But the layout has been pretty stable for some years now. At least AFAIS. Does anyone have one for last year? 

The current Google satellite image of the Glanusk Estate appears to have been captured at the time of last year's Settler's week.

I've added some annotations showing the general layout in the version below. (You'll need to copy and paste the full link rather than just clicking on it)

Someone shout if I've made any mistakes on the areas I'm not so familiar with.

This is pretty much spot on.

One small correction though, the general box office was further back - if you can see the white tent in the top right corner of the orange car park field, that is the box office. Obviously that doesn't mean it will be there this year!

And the space between the old (marked) Box office and the 2016 Box office (white tent) for the Orange Car Park was a new General Camping area.

Thanks. Given the all-pervasive nature of Google it can't be long before it adds the annotations automatically.

It's suprising how often the satellite images of festival locations capture the scene during the festival itself ... almost as if they are programmed to spot unusual changes in landscape :)

The Green Man was in the same general area as usual last year although I can't quite recall whether it was in front of, behind, or to the side of the cinema tent. I'm normally dashing between the five main music stages with my head buried in the clashfinder.

The cinema was quite a way off, in a field of lights.  Thought it was a bit out of the way so wonder if less people went to watch the films.