Car access in caravan live in field

will i be able to drive my car in and out of the live in area during the festival ?

If you have taken the holiday option, then you can go as you please during that time, as soon as the festival officially starts you are not meant to be using a car as the exits are blocked.... I maybe wrong though ha ha not much use! Best wait for Peridot for some sense.

I was holding off responding in the hope that Walter might offer an 'official' position as the information pages are ambiguous on this point.

In previous years it has been possible to drop off your caravan etc. and then park the car in one of the car parks (you'll need an additional car park ticket) from where you can come and go over the weekend. Then on the Monday morning you can drive back in and pick up your live-in vehicle. 

The things to bear in mind though are that, if the weather turns bad over the weekend, getting back into the live-in area may be a challenge, and depending on where you are situated you may have to wait for the field to clear a bit before you can get through.


Thanks for that, but as I made a mistake in booking in my van which I know realise is a metre too long for the live in site, I shall be parking in the car park and camping. My fault, I should have checked properly as Glasto allow 8 metre vans :((

Ahh ... that is a big van, could possibly be even bigger overall than Krasnyi's tent (it's a long-running joke here).

While it's unlikely that anyone would measure your van routinely, there is a reasonably tight turn into the new live-in area so I imagine the length restriction may well be for practical reasons. You wouldn't be the most popular person on site if you got stuck and blocked the entrance :-)


I bet you're keeping it light so you can send the kids back and forth with the equipment while you relax on the recliner quaffing a Pimms ;-)

Those Coleman event shelter things are rather good. I've seen quite a few of them around and they appear to stand up to weather quite well.


We took our 7.5m motorhome in the live in vehicle area last year and had no problems although we arrived quite early in the day on Thursday. I understand the length restriction is because of the difficulty getting in and out of muddy fields if the weather is bad. Nobody checked the length of our vehicle