So will there be the same number of people there this year as last? It was really starting to feel like too much by the end of the weekend last year, and if it was rainy that would probably have made things worse as everybody dashes for cover. For the first time, I found myself camping out at one stage rather than sprinting around to catch as much as possible. On the other hand, it's lovely to be surrounded by as many lovely, happy people as possible, and it's increasing capacity that helps employ all the people who make the experience so brilliant.

Any ways (if Walter's listening?) to make things run smoother with more people? With a couple of exceptions, there weren't any excessive queues last year, and it was good to see part of the bank in front of the mountain stage marked out to discourage picnic blankets. The biggest single change I can think of this time would be to create a  "no sitting/loitering" corridor leading across the field from the Far Out Tent, and generally "decluttering" the walk between the 2 biggest stages at busy times. It's also pretty clear that there needs to be more on on Thursday evening- having everyone gathered around one tent was far too much. A couple of acts on in the walled garden would help.

completely agree about thursday

most people turn up on thursday now - so the days of it being a really nice way to ease yourself into the weekend are gone

it was mental in there last year for pictish

really need another stage open

Did anything happen last year with regards to those little covered wagons in the Far Out? The year before it was carnage around there when it started raining and everyone bolted for cover. People wih the covered wagons seemed to congregate around the edge of the tent making it look full and stopping easy access in and out. I managed to squeeze through when Julian Cope was on and it was comparitvely empty in the middle of the tent.

I understand they're handy for kids to ride in but they're a pain when they choke up access points. If the capacity has increased I can't see it getting better without some changes - marked walkways where you can't stand/sit etc?

I thought there were signs up at the Far Out tent last year asking people not to put chairs and trolleys by the entrances, seemed to work but did not get the sudden rush of sheltering crowds when it rained.  

I thought the Sunday afternoon and evening was crowded outside the far out, due to much of the previously open space being taped off ready for the Green Man burning.  

Seem to recall it rained for about 5 minutes. Or was that the year before?

I think Mikey's point was about hypothetic rain, and he's right to make it: if we have weather like 2008 I'd be worried about how the site would cope with the numbers we had last year. The organisation is so much better these days, but you can only lay so much straw and you can only fit so many people in the big tents....

the ground is a whole lot better now

there seems to be under-surface webbing laid all over

though how much that would be a help in the campsites, i can't say, obvs!

and, of course, it doesn't help with the tent packing

though some artists have benefitted from that

ultimate painting got a massive crowd when it tipped down in 2015

and a lot of new fans in the process

Know what you mean- it was a great festival but in retrospect the festival wasn't prepared for the mudbath and I'm not entirely sure why I came back the next year- delighted I did, though.

Wasn't 2008 also the year when the previous organisers decided it had outgrown them and fully passed on the baton to Fiona and co?

shame they won't be here this year, in fact, to see four tet return after headlining the second ever GM in 2004

to a few more people this time, of course...

2008 was a test of character. Our second GM and we'd persuaded some friends and their kids to come along. Don't think they've been back to a festival since. We came back and booked early birds. It was insane though and apparently came close to being called off on the Satrurday.

I’m a comparitive late-comer. My first was 2009, but some friends were there in 2008 and I remember how atrocious the weather was. At the risk of turning this into a weather thread, Glastonbury’s certainly been blessed weather-wise this year. I don’t remember anything more than a bit of overnight rain last year, maybe one or two very brief showers? Was it the previous year Ryan Adams played? Wasn’t it hammering down that Sunday evening? Far Out tent does get uncomfortably busy during a downpour. 

I thought the capacity had been frozen two or three years ago, but might be wrong. It didn’t seem overly crowded to me last year, apart from the Sunday afternoon when as mentioned above that large area around the Green Man is cleared ahead of the fireworks. Certainly far less queuing at The Courtyard bar than previous years, but I think that’s more down to better organisation than a drop in numbers. 

It was the Ryan Adams year I was thinking about - I think! I just remember standing in the rain watching Conor Oberst then heading up the hill to watch Julian Cope and the tent looked full but it turned out to be people sheltering in the rear half. If they have since put signs up it would suggest the problem was noted which is good news.