Camping etc.

Hi everybody! Only 4 days now : )

Can anyone recommend a good camping spot for some Green Man newbies please? Is there an online map yet or am I just being dumb? Also, is there a late entry time for Thursday night/wee small hours of Friday morning?


GM don't publish site maps online but there is one in the programme. If you're getting there late Thursday you may find you've not got much choice of where to pitch, especially if there's a big group of you. I remember last year seeing people arriving late, trying to pitch up in the dark and in the rain - it was a pretty sorry sight! If you are getting there late, make sure you've got waterproofs and torches. You might as well assume you're putting your tent up in the rain - then if it stays dry it's a bonus! 

The main car park isn't too far away from the campsite so you won't have to lug your kit for ages before pitching up. Get there as early as you can and try and avoid pitching near the main paths that get a lot of foot traffic - if it's wet, those areas will get muddy pretty quickly. We went quite near the fence by the river last year and it wasn't too bad at all. 

Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for the advice and maps. So its sounding like most of the camping will have been claimed by Thursday. Unforunately we cant get there any earlier than after work Thursday, and we wont be arriving together. Do you think its better to brave the motorways Thursday afternoon to get there early as possible (even if it means pitcing in the dark) or will it be about the same as crack of dawn Friday?

Thanks again : )

I'd say Friday so you can pitch in the daylight, plus it'll be much easier to get your bearings and find your way around in the daylight than at night. You'll still get somewhere to go!

Another camping related query:  We've been to the festival for the last two years with the kids and have camped in the family camping area.  This year, however we're attending as just grown ups, so are considering whether to go for general camping or stick with the (perhaps) more sedate family area.

I have no problem with kids running about, am quite a "morning person" and also tend to be quite staggeringly grumpy at times, so being surrounded by teenagers having fun all night in general camping might not be ideal.

We have to enter via the general box office, so general camping will be nearer, but I'm prepared to trek to the family area if it means a more appropriate experience overall.

So, general or family?

In my experience it doesn't seem to make much difference. We've camped in both, last year in family we had a very boisterous family who were up at 7.00am singing family songs, not ideal. Strangely they moved on the Sunday, not because of anything we said although my wife was pleased to see them go. Previous years in General have been ok

We wondered the same thing- family or general. I didn't fancy being kept awake til the wee small hours in general camping so thought family might be more for me! Also, can you choose quiet camping on arrival? Can you just choose which area to camp in?


There's a map for the 2013 layout on the GM face book page. 

forum vote - which campsite should we go in?

me and my fiancee going, both 28. don't particularly want to be around loads screaming kids but then again i'd prefer a good nights sleep, happy to be around 'normal people' and would probably want a few beers outside the tent in the early hours but i don't in any way want to be next to a load of p1ssed up 16 year olds telling each other how drunk they are. or general camping?

Yes, I'm sure it is from your point of view. On the whole Family Camping is full of well, families, some of whom get up early and go to bed early and play ball games, some of which will hit your tent. General camping is a fair bit  noisier most of the time and only falls quiet later. Quiet camping is on the whole quieter and more sedate. Someone, somewhere wherever you camp will annoy you. Which kind of irritation do you find most acceptable?

hey walter - any chance of a direct link to the map?

that link is just to loads of photos - if it's at the end of those, there's a lot of page loading to go before anyone'll get to it

To be fair, this thread is from last year - I'm pretty sure the map used to be at the top of the Gallery page, before all the 2013 photos were added.