Campervans and Settlers tickets

Do campervans use the same parking with a Settlers ticket ?

It's a little bit of a hike to the facilities !

Also I gather that there are no earlybird Settlers tickets ... So is there no payment plan for the Settlers ticket ? As when combined with a Campervan Ticket that is going to be a struggle for a single outlay.

There's a separate live-in vehicle area for Settlers kippax. It's adjacent to the settler's camping area so near all the action and facilities. 

The email about the earlybird tickets makes reference to Settlers tickets too. Is there different information elsewhere?

On the tickets page it states:

'Length of motorhome or caravan and car together cannot exceed 9m.'

Can the car not be parked next to the caravan? My caravan is about 8.5m long!

Was able to grab a Settlers pass but in the mess that was the online Early Bird sale I missed out n a live-in vehicle pass.

Despite previous reassurrances I have now had it confirmed there will be no further tickets of this type released.

So I appear to be stuffed, as I have a settlers pass, but am unable to actually "settle" onsite.

Before anybody asks, I no longer have any camping gear. Why would I ?

Anybody got any smart ideas ? If not I will probably be selling my ticket on.

I also missed out on the settlers live-in vehicle pass. Where has it been confirmed that no more will be made available? I thought that more were going to go on sale this month. Will also have to sell my tickets if I can't take my van, say it aint so!

I DM'd them on Twitter to ask about the date of the next release. They responded by telling me that there would be no more Settlers Pass Live-In Vehicle tickets made available.

Seriously PO'd by this, but they have said they would look into downgrading my Settlers Pass to a regular ticket. 

Need to consider my options now.

Hey guys, to confirm - all Settlement live-in vehicle tickets have sold out - they're really limited so went quickly on early birds. There will be live-in vehicle tickets available for the weekend (Thursday-Sunday) on next ticket release (29th January) though. GM 

Hmm, that's not good. We were clearly told on FB that ALL ticket types would be made available in January, I've even got a screen shot of it! Live-in vehicle for the weekend site just doesn't cut the mustard. Not very happy about this so will also need to consider our options, ho hum... other 'settler' ticket enquiries....
After an absence of 4 years, we are to return to the foot of the mountain, for lovely times. :) We are also more than likely going for settler tickets. I have 2 questions about these things.

Firstly, assuming the line up isnt dog crap and it will sell out, how quick do these tick tocks take to sell out?Am i gonna have to save a lot of coin/sell our wares on ebay now for when the tickets are on sale on the 29th? Or can I/we leave it a few more months before spending our monies on these?

Secondly, we will be staying for the week with our 3 year old daughter. Is this madness? I mean....she has already been to Latitude twice and EOTR once. And copes VERY well camping for a weekend. But....a whole week? Is there much to do on site for her, or is it a case of hunting a locale establishment for kid fun?

Thanks guys. Ive missed you all. x

You see kids that age and younger doing Settlers. If she enjoyed other festivals I reckon she would be fine. There are children's activities onsite during Settlers so I reckon she would be fine.

Regarding selling out, using the past few years as a guide that is usually late May/early June, rather than risk missing out why not use the monthly payment plan to spread the cost?

Plenty to do for kids on site and it's easy enough to get in and out of the car park before Thursday. We always have Wednesday in Crickhowell and let our kids swim in the river but probably not a good idea for a three year old!