Campervan tickets again !!!!

Usual problem of demand outstripping supply.

Hopefully there might be another release in a few months, but it's really frustrating. .... and at that cost as well !

How early do you have to be to get early bird tickets and settlers  live in vehicle tickets. Waiting in queue from just before 10 and they were all gone before I even got in!  Then site kicked me off three times! Very frustr as usual.  But early bird is a joke tbh. 

In a queue for 20 mins, and then when I got in Early Birds had gone. It crashed a few times too. Got some Tier 1 tickets though, so sorted for my friends.

Bank declined the purchase as part of a random security check.... furious with them.

Managed to get a Tier 1 festival only eventually, but without a live-in vehicle I'm now not sure I want to go.

They have confirmed there will be no secondary release of campervan tickets so really desperate to hopefull find somebody on here whose circumstances might change.

Failing that has anybody every used or even found secondary unofficial camping off-site ?

There are plenty of surrounding fields, there must be some enterprising land-owners/farmers ?

Every year the live in vehicles sell out straight away, and every year a few come out the wood work as the last minuite. Here or over on twickets. You just have to hold your nerve. And, I guess, be prepared to camp at the last minuite if it does not come off. Alternatively, I think there is a local campsite, but then you're camping off site. 

Kip pax. Going by the annual questionnaire, it seems they have considered having a second location for live in vehicles (I am pretty sure they are restricted in numbers at Glanusk due to the Estates own licence Restrictions).  Would it be worth contacting GM to ask if there is a recommended site, on the shuttle bus route, where they may agree a pick up point?


Wonder if there's space at the park and ride site? That doesn't seem to get full, but the number of buses needed to take the extra people may be a challenge.

Thought it might be worthwhile adding a contact email for this in case anybody's circumstances change and they find themselves with a spare live in vehical ticket. 

Obviously delete the #



Still looking for a Campervan ticket if anybody's circumstances have changed since their original purchase,

Obviously the email address in the above post is .com ..... not .con