Campervan dilemma..

For absolutely no logical reason I have a couple of campervans - one is a sensible go-anywhere Mazda bongo the other an old VW ( see avatar). The VW only suits ground flat and level - as it sits low to the ground ( again no logic to that either but it's fun). I've just returned from Latitude where the entry was like a "roughly ploughed then hard baked" field. Are the campervan areas at GM farm fields a la Glastonbury ( so rough terrain!) or parkland so more suitable for my low VW - would much prefer to bring her! Cheers for any info 

Ha! Yes! 

I will file that one for my long-awaited solo album..:) 

i've never driven a camper van into GM

but i've driven in enough cars to say that you'd be taking a mighty risk with that low rider...

with the weather we've been having, you could be fine

but one downpour and the entrance / exit to every car park turns into the somme

Thanks - looks like Bongo it is then.. It is why I got it after all ( after festival quagmires  last year..) 

Yup could do with a bassist - Im prone to over-long self-satisfying guitar solos so you would just have to drone along on one note for quite a while :) 

Friend of mine took her VW camper to Glastonbury. It broke down 9 miles short of getting there. Funnily enough the guy who eventually towed her home on the Monday evening said every call-out he had that weekend was for a VW of one vintage or another. They do look the part though

Yeah you take the rough with the smooth with the VW camper- people randomly smile and wave at you as you drive along - but as you say its a bit of a lottery actually getting anywhere! I guess it's nearly 50 years old though and fantastic fun driving with the front windows open on a sunny day