buying & selling tickets for Green Man 2013


Due to some very naughty people committing fraud on our forum in previous years, you will NOT be allowed to sell or buy tickets via our website. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause, but we do this for your own safety. We would recommend that anyone wanting to sell or buy second-hand tickets should do so through our reliable associates at The Ticket Trust -

Woof Woof!

Walter x

The trouble with Ticket trust is that it will not let you sell your tickets cheaper which you probably need to do to ensure a sale so close to the festival.

Sadly - they have also stopped selling tickets as it is too close to the date to be able to guarantee receipt/delivery.  Would really appreciate it if you would let me message stand.



Hi Sophie. If you would like to discuss your ticket issue with me, i may be able to help. see the GM facebook page and message me. Not that i would ever use this page for buying a ticket...


My 5 tickets were deliverunfolded previous address despite having a redirection in place and someone else signed for them. The promoter won't reissue them and I can't get to speak to anyone about this. Have reported to police. Can you help please - we're desperate!