I've seen some photos posted today and numbers seem down. Or maybe it's just the photos! Is it as busy as it usually is on a Friday?

I think it's a little quieter and numbers must be down on normal judging by the fact there are tickets readily available. That said still looked like big crowd for Django Django. 

I think it was a little quieter, especially for Far Out Tent stuff. Went out to the loo halfway through the Teenage Fanclub set and was pretty dismayed at how empty the tent was. Guess that's a combination of people going home Sunday night and the popularity of Fontaines DC and Gwenno.

Plenty of seats spare on the train I just got on at Abergavenny- that's unusual. 

I'd say there were probably less young children knocking about which is probably a reflection of more families dropping out, it was probably an easier decision to come if you were only flying solo.

I didn't notice much difference in the amount of time i was queing to get in and it was definately my quickest ever exit from the car park on Monday.