Was magnificent last night at St.Johns. Goes without saying that he would be perfection on the Mountain stage.... Support pretty fine too, some terrific drumming. Any other GMers there?

It was you that alerted me to the gig on here I think Ray, so thanks for that. Hope it's as good tonight. Sat in the balcony, sound not the worst I've heard but could have been better, certainly not bad enough to spoil the gig.

It was sublime, most certainly a highlight of the year.

Along with the numerous talents on display last night, Dave Ferguson is one of the best sound engineers in the business and will have had things set up to make the most of what they said was a challenging location sound wise. What's wonderful is that they actually cared - surprisingly few performers do.

Xylouris White continued a great run of support acts for me too, although I had some sympathy with a neighbouring punter who thought at first that two tramps had wandered in off the streets of Hackney!

Yes, the dream of a future GM appearance continues.

sound infinitely better for night two

still loved the first night, smithers - don't get me wrong

but a giant stone box is a challenge for any sound desk