Blue car park ticket?

Having faffed around trying to decide which members of the family were going this year I finally get round to booking tickets for me and the kids to find to my horror that the family camping tickets (blue) have all gone. If anyone has one that they're willing to swap for my orange one I'd be hugely grateful and buy you a pint. Helluva trick from the main car park to family camping (sob sob).

Will keep bumping this until a kind soul comes to my rescue or Walter takes pity on me as a GM-er of some stadning in the community . . . .

Got excited when I saw there'd been a reply! Thanks for reminding me how hellish it will be getting to and from the main car park. anyway, gives me a chance to bump it back up!

Hi Krasnyi, Are you still looking for a Blue car park pass? We might have one available (will know at the weekend) as one of our group might be pulling out. Kind regards, Ben.

Hi Krasnyi

One of our group may have to pull out of attending the festival due to ill health (on doctor's advice) and if that is the case we will have a Settler's Pass, Blue Car Park pass and Child Setter's pass available.

She is going to decide this weekend, so will let you know (but we would need to sell it, rather than swap it, so please consider that).

No problem, happy to buy it! Anything to avoid the trek from the general camping car park! Only want the car park ticket though. I expect the settlers passes will get snapped up though.

Sorry to hijack an old thread, but if there's anyone else looking to offload a Blue Car Park ticket we could really do with one!


Thanks in advance

Krasnyi and ColinTheDog. I have 3 spare blue car park tickets as I bought them for our group and now none of us are attending (sad face).  If you are still looking for one then let me know. I am selling at face value (unlike  the losers on ebay!)

Many thanks but I now have a settlers car park ticket which I'm hoping will be Ok. Considering coming early anyway and upgrading for settlers.

Still have a couple left. Email me at maccadaddy @ if anyone is looking for a spare. Only £5 as I bought early bird ones.




I'm after a blue pass if anyone has one going spare

What a bad time to take a week's holiday!  Thanks for all the offers, but I think I may have missed the boat on them all!

If anyone has one remaining blue car park ticket, my wife and I and our one year old would be extremely relieved to get hold of one!