Blue Car Park logistics

Hi all 

This year is the 1st year we've managed to get a blue car park ticket (yay!).

I'm assuming there is a box office near there where we can get our wristbands, rather than having to trek over to the main one near the orange car park?

Also wondering if anyone knows what time we will be able to access the blue car park and then get our wristbands, because we may be arriving at about 8am as it's the only time we can get there.


The Blue car park is right next to the Family Box Office so you can get your wristbands there.

Regarding opening times the car parks officially open at 10 tomorrow although the local authorities won't want huge tailbacks on the surrounding roads so you should be fine to park up then. And the Blue Car Park has been in use for Settlers since Monday so it shouldn't be a problem getting in early. However the Box Office might not open until 10 so you may have to wait until then to get into the campsite. 

Guess the car park will be open at 8 to allow settlers to Come and go.  In other years the box office does not open until 10 so you might have to wait awhile.  That is also assuming there are no technical glitches.  

There is a separate box office for the blue car park.  The most important thing to remember is to come of the dual carriageway at the right junction and it is a much shorter route than for the orange.