Blockbuster programme for the Cinema Tent

Hello friends! 

We've teamed up with our lovely friends at esteemed film magazine, Little White Lies, to bring you this year's cinema tent. This summer you can feast your eyes on American Interior, A Hard Day's Night, Frank, You And The Night,  The Punk Singer and many, many more.

See you on the back row.  


Cant wait for this! Frank looks great and you can't go wrong with gruff rhys or the beatles

Some nice treats here. Gruff and Pulp of course, but what I'm most pleased about in this announcement is the return of the Ghost Box DJs. This is the label that's doing the world the tremendous favour of issuing the forthcoming LP by the Soundcarriers, and it has an admirable back catalogue of interesting electronica. Behind the wheels of steel in the literature tent last year they treated those present to a weird and wonderful treat of half-remembered TV idents and can't-quite-place-it, BBC radiophonic workshop-esque sounds. If I made that sound awful then forget it and have a look anyway. They were fab. Here's a track from the new Soundcarriers:-