Best Guitarist?

Without a shadow of doubt James Walbourne from The Rails. (Didn't he play with Edwyn Collins last year?) He plays a multitude of styles and has the 'Richard Thompson' sound nailed. Adam Granuciel from The War On Drugs came a close second with some soaring solos. Michael Chapman for his technique and I also loved the simplicity of Bill Callahan's playing. Anyone else have any favourites?


I loved the Michael Chapman set, "what am I a fucking walking juke box", by far the most accomplished guitarist of the festival.

Jonathan Wilson is a very good guitar player and has an amazing tone/sound.

My biggest regret was missing William Tyler, still killing myself over it.

Matt Kinsey for his perfect interpretation of Bill Callahan's work.

Jonathan Wilson's " Valley of the Silver Moon" for providing a festival moment.

William Tyler because I've never heard anything like it before really.

I wish Mark Kozelek had played a little more of his beautiful guitar, but he was wonderful anyway. 

i only caught the last two of william tyler's tunes because of the clash with bill callahan

but they almost made we wish i'd skipped bill to see WT's whole set

and i love bill

like i said above though, WT's playing is truly transporting

out of body experience stuff!

and i know that sounds like hyperbole - but if you were there, you know what i mean

honourable mention on guitar to ry x too

what he was doing was simple - but truly beautiful

ry x didn't do anything for me, but I had exactly the same Callahan/Tyler thing.

Those last 10 minutes of William Tyler- woooph!

Nick Mulvey is an incredibly good guitarist.

And, whilst very much within the genre of rock, and post-rock at that, the guy from Lanterns on the Lake can make some extraordinary sounds.


Michael Chapman's bass guitarist was very good but he's even more shy than Jeff Mangum! He wouldn't even come out onto the stage. 

Unless ... surely that wasn't the bol' Michael making all of that beautiful sound? 

On his own. 

With one acoustic guitar.

In the absence of any bluegrass at this year's festival, there were no flat-picking guitarists to savour. The Avett Brothers came close a couple of years ago but that's it. The Rails came closest to that sound and their second guitarist was pretty good too and played the mandolin beautifully. I would really like to see a few more bands like The Punch Brothers, Nickel Creek, Sarah Jarosz etc, just to mix it up a bit - I spoke to Mark O'Connor recently and he's never been to Wales!

I thought Nick Mulvey was amazing. I didn't expect to enjoy his set particularly (teen daughter is a big fan) but I loved watching him play guitar. He's inspired my daughter to restring her nylon string guitar so she can cover his songs more authentically.

keep an eye out for William Tyler, great guy and seems to love playing small venues for the joy.  Saw him last year in Totnes in an 80 seater venue (with Hiss Golden Messenger).... magical