Best Behaved Audience Award - Tindersticks

Tindersticks were just beautiful, but all the better for standing in the middle of a crowd (several rows back) totally enchanted and silent - I couldn't hear anyone talking - if only all crowds could be like this!

Hope the lass that collapsed during the set was ok? - Obviously all too intense

highlight came during the opening line of the second song

when some overwhelmed bloke behind me, obviously new to them, just went "that VOICE..."

Not really having heard anything by them (and heeding Kras's opinion on the singer's voice) I wasn't expecting much, but a few mates were speaking in reverent tones about them.

I listened at the top of the  Mountain stage steps, whilst my kids ate crepes in the drizzle.

I thought they sounded really good.

I particularly liked the Odyssey song.

Hang on a minute!

I can take really good, beauliful, sublime ... overwhelmed even.

But better than Judas Priest? Nah, I'm not having that.