Beards and stuff

I noticed this year that I was not as impressed with the beards. It's not that the beards weren't there, or were not cool, but that everyone has a beard nowadays. In fact, I think it's been claimed that we have reached 'Peak Beard;. How do you pioneers feel about this blatant theft of intellectual fashion property?

Anyway, thoughts on festival. It was a cracker. Despite havig some kind of stomach bug for the first 48 hours I had a really good time. I didn't really see hardly anyone I meant to because of just going with the flow. So I'll just saying the following

- The Waterboys doing a coer of Deacon Blue was a surpise

- Mercury Rev got some awful feedback all the way through their set, but it was good

- Holly Burn is the least funny comedian ever. Really really bad! It was cringeworthy.

- Reeps one makes some crazy noises with his mouth.

- Bear and Boy are very good

- Neko Case was fun


More considered thoughts when I have put my back back together and had some sleep! So glad I have arranged to do the Pyg Trail tomorrow!

You are quite right Mr Minister. There are lots of beards these days.

I enjoyed this year's Green Man despite developing a cold.


There was a lot of LOUD music this year. Even the singer songwriter selections had some edge to it. Mercury Rev/Slint may be the loudest pair of saturday night headliners I've seen at GM. Good stuff.

I had lots of food this year as my friend is looking into starting a catering business. IMHO The kedgeree is the best breakfast at the festival. Anyone agree? 

We all enjoyed Augustines' Freddie Mercury style crowd participation and had a good time.

First Aid Kit were miles better than in 2010. Was that the biggest crowd of the festival?


Things I learned:

- The general peacefulness of general camping is luck of the draw. The last few years I've been lucky, I guess it was my turn to have the bubble burst.

- The festival seemed a lot bigger this year. More features than ever, more people this year than last (been every year from 09 except '12). 

- My girlfriend hates Neutral Milk Hotel and called Jeff Mangum Shouty McShouty.

I thought First Aid Kit were very slick, but uninteresting. A million miles away from the Emmylou that they obviously so admire. If they'd attempted Satan's Jewelled Crown it would have sounded like a pop version of it, instead of the tortured ballad that it is. To me Bill Callahan said more with his first note than they said in their whole set. But as people on this forum know I usually stick up for all bands even if they're not my cup of tea. Good Luck to them.

Definitely felt busier when it came to queuing for a drink at the courtyard bar, except on Sunday when most of it had gone. Another great weekend though - law of averages now means next year has to be a very wet and muddy one. Most extreme beards award surely goes to Neutral Milk Hotel, who I really enjoyed. Unlike some on here, I liked Mac Demarco too. Just accepted I couldn't see everything I wanted to this year, and probably had a more relaxed and enjoyable time for it to be honest. Enjoyed Angel Olsen, Sharon Van Etten, War on Drugs and Real Estate among many others. Not sure Thursday night's line-up was as strong for me this year, though I sadly only made it in time for final 5 minutes of Pictish Trail, but then again PattinSmith was probably one of if not the highlight of last year. Suffice to say I've already booked my B&B for next year

Many,many beards is true - I may even grow one myself (just in time to be fashionably late)

Highlights for me in no particular order:

First Aid Kit


The War on Drugs

Burning The Greenman

The marriage proposal on saturday afternoon on the Mountain Stage

The Food - OMG the food!

How friendly/happy/smiley and just really nice everyone was



I am a total %^(*"*$ idiot for never having been before - I have obviously missed so much over the years

I know awills - I've been going for a few years now but still beat myself up over missing the early ones - still, just keep comng and keep the spirit alive.

The courtyard bar queues were the real bugbear for me this year. Last year I could pop in for a pint on the way between stages byt it just wasn't possible this time. The Chilli Plum Porter was fantastic though - it was worth queuing for.

If we're beyond peak beard, somebody needs to knit some beardies some cleanshaven looks for next year...

Definitely feels like I spent more time in queues this year, especially on the Thursday. Actually, the rest of it may have been coincindence, but it seemed like more people turned up on Thursday than expected so there was a big wait for a wristband and for drinks.

The ale and cider bar looked more chaotic than it was (was put off by the queue a couple of times, but probably needn't have been as it was quick moving, and definitely worked better than last year. Getting there!

More detailed feedback on another thread when I get the chance!