band order

looks like a hefty re-ordering of the schedule from today's new day-split line-up on the website:

not stage changes or day changes for anyone as far as i can see - but the order in which bands are on has shifted around

so that clashfinder is in dire need of updating now...

I think she was a bit lost with an early/mid afternoon slot on main stage last time, and agree, a later slot in Far Out will suite her much better

I have a memory of her getting pissed off with someone in the crowd, but it wasn't obvious why - anyway it clearly distracted her.

I'm not.

Doubt if this reflects the running order - can't see Wave Pictures opening on the main stage for instance.

About time they had a main stage slot. They've played everywhere else .. even the cinema tent at one point.

Although they should of course be closing rather than opening it.


Weren't they on the main stage in 2010? QUite early on the Friday- seem to recall they were about the 2nd band I saw.

(Was gonna say 2009 but just checked the lineup and they weren't playing that year)

We agree on something!

If I had to plump for a favourite band it would have to be the Wave Pictures.

Closely followed by Field Music, Trembling Bells and British Sea Power.

Like i say, my subconcious mind has curated GM this year.

We agree on most things Mr K!

My recollection is that WP were in the Folky Dokey (as I think it was still called) in 2010, but my recollection of last week can be rather suspect, never mind 2010.


Definitely seen them at least once in the FD/FO and two years ago they were brilliant in the Walled Garden up against Tom Verlaine on the Mountain Stage.

Never seen them play a bad gig in any of their many guises.

madness certainly ... as Dave Tattersall himself attested, if I recall correctly

but the right decision

despite the bunch of cunts who entered stage left at one point ...

Resulting in a loud STFU on my attempted recording of the event.

I keep meaning to install that as my ringtone :)


For the most part I think the stage splits look pretty much spot-on, but I do think Gospelbeach would be far better with a spot on main stagek

Just realised that this means Pumarosa and Kate Tempest shouldn't clash.

Could be the best Friday night I've had since  CENSORED

Seriously, Pumarosa in the Walled Garden will be the highlight people are talking about in 4½ weeks time ... don't wish you'd been there.

If that is the order, that suits me pretty well, my only big moan is at the possibility of a Michael Chapman/Julian Cope clash...

It does look like it might be fairly close to the mark now, which unfortunately highlights the inevitable clashes and just how much I'd have to dash around to fit in half of what I'd like to see. I quite enjoy spending some of the earlier part of the day in the Talking Shop too (and occasionally getting something to eat!) but something's got to give. 

Not sure of my sprinting proficiency in wellies either.

Those lovely roast chicken and stuffing rolls at Roaming Rotisserie will sustain me as I run though.

Looks like nanci griffith will never die. She just keeps getting reincarnated...

Which is not a bad thing and miles more appealing than that Hannah Harding character

Ah man... 

Lift to experience, Moddi and Nordic Giants!! 


Think it was given to the settlers on the Tuesday and then found it way to the forum.  I have a good idea of who I am going to see but will not firm up my timetable until I get to see the full programme.

two weeks tomorrow.

Hmm the Clashfinder update puts Timber Timbre up against Sleaford Mods, guess I can leave my cagoule back at the tent then. (I won't really, it'll probably be chucking it down.) 

Just looking at the Clashfinder and thinking what would I do if they do clash, and hoping they turn out not to be clashes. Friday afternoon in particular projects as a complete disaster for me.  Hurray for the Riff Raff and Chris Forsyth are absolute must-sees, but it looks as though one of them is going to be a not-see.  Similarly Fionn Regan, Kikagaku Moyo and Gill Landry are high on my list, so sacrifices will likely have to be made; will probably go with Kikagaku Moyo on the basis they would be hardest to get to see outside of the festival.

OK, looked at clashfinder and I can live with that.

Friday: BSP will have to win out over Laura Gibson even though I've seen them loadsa times and never seen her

Friday early afternoon is something of a blank other than the excellent Warm Digits - can anyone reccommend anything to keep me going until Huray for the Riff Raff at 1615?

Saturday - annoying possible Shirley Collins/Alasdair Roberts overlap - that really is quite stupid to be hones. I'm sure Al and Alex Neilson would have wanted to see her - in fact i thought alex was playing with both of them?

Sunday - worst day for possible clashes. Julia Jacklin/RichardDawson/Mike Chapman and Field Music/Julie Byrne - RD and FM will have priority.

I'll be watching Fionn Regan and Gill Landry on Friday afternoon, as long as they don't clash that is. Both are on my 'would like to see' list but Gill Landry would win if I had to choose one over the other.

The Shirley Collins/Alasdair Roberts thing is the main reason why I'm not taking the Clashfinder at all seriously. Richard Dawson and Michael Chapman would be very annoying, I don't think I could go to a festival where either of them are playing and miss them.

Early on Friday, definitely Kikagaku Moyo should be the Friday daytime highlight. Really looking forward to the Warm Digits too. Gill Landry could be worth it from the couple of songs I was listening to the other day, ditto Siobhan Wilson. Despite all that, Friday early seems about the least strong part of the lineup.

Anyone got any thoughts/info on W.H. Lung? Hadn't heard of them but it looks like they're very very new- looks like they've only ever played live about twice. From the 2 songs that are available (their first single) they could be anything from absolute highlight to total disappointment. I'm thinking it's worth seeing them just in case it's the former!

Michael Chapman / Julia Jacklin would also be an issue for me. 

WH Lung is in my top 5 absolute must-sees; they were announced a long time ago for the other place and I had them on my list for that based on the original 1 track, and the new track sounds pretty good live; so expecting an absolute highlight.  Also looking forward to Nathan Ball and Happyness early on Friday before Warm Digits.

Friday afternoon is a wealth of riches at either Mountain or Far Out.

Mountain has for once an excellent Rising winner in Siobhan Wilson (let's hope that big stage doesn't terrify her), followed by Happyness, then Fionn Regan. I'm planning to base myself there but hopefully nip up to the Far Out for some of Warm Digits, Kikagaku Moyo, and Chris Forsyth. 

It all goes a bit meh after HFTRR so I may actually get to eat on Friday :)

Just checking I've understood this right, so The Big Moon, BSP, Laura Gibson, Lift to Expeience, Angel Olsen, Pumarosa, Kate Tempest are all a bit meh?

I should have said immediately after ... so just The Big Moon, Nadia Reid & Jonny Flynn.

I'll be back fed and watered in the WG for Karl Blau and the wonderful things that follow him.

Saturday and Sunday will require big breakfasts as there are no obvious food breaks at all.