Babbling Tongues

Hello humans - 


Any suggestions for things you'd like to see this year? x 

John Shuttleworth - he was a highlight of last year's festival for me.

A couple of years ago Simon Armitage was supposed to be there, but had to cry off at the last minute, so it would be great if he could make it this year.

Thanks Walter x

Julian Cope for the Mojo interview? Keeping him on topic for an hour might be a challenge though.

Benjamin Myers, discovered his books last year, sort of gothic northern noir.

John Darnielle has a new novel out which is getting rave reviews ...


... and I'm sure he'll do the Thursday night Far Out headline slot as well if you ask him nicely!

Stewart Lee

Will Carruthers - Playing the Bass with 3 Left Hands


Second votes for:

Kate Tempest

Julian Cope

Usual suspects:

Pete Brown matching bands to beer

Pete Paphides and Bob Stanley Pop Quiz

Stewart Lee or Bridget Christie would be grand.

Jason Williamson interview would be great or Ryan Adams.

Will Carruthers - Playing the Bass with 3 Left Hands I really like this suggestion!

Settlers could have a bit of Comedy, family friendly, John Shuttleworth and The Horne Section were both that last year.

The chap who did the bird drawings on the Sunday last year was very good, I missed a lot of it, but enjoyed what I saw. 

to talk about cooking on a budget and standing up to Katie Hopkins.  We need more people like her in this world.


For the big interview PJ would be really interesting to hear from. Also I would love to hear an interview with Michael Chapman, and Shirley Collins is always brilliant to listen to.

Good announcement today - Ivrine Walsh, Billy Bragg, Shirley Collins, Mojo interview with Jason Williamson (Sleaford Mods), Pop Quiz with Pete and Bob, Beer and band matching with Pete Brown and more!