Avoid at all costs list

Now I know peridot already has one.

Mine looks something like this (stands back and awaits shitstorm)

All Them Witches

Blanck Mass

Exploded View

Fat White Family

Trevor Sensor

Connan Mockasin


how many of those are in your must-see list peridot?

Oh a dangerous thread ... shouldn't you be worrying about the weather at this stage, not starting storms :)

All Them Witches and Fat White Family are 'must-sees' for me.

Connan is currently a 'would like to see' more out of curiosity than anything else.

Exploded View are a 'not bothered'

We're agreed on Blanck Mass, and Trevor Sensor to which I've added:

Tony Njoku, Julianna Barwick, Kelly Lee Owens, Deep Throat Choir, Clare Maguire, Michael Rother, Mothers, Trader Horne, The Weather Station, Warpaint, Haiku Salut, Matt Maltese, and Whitney.


Ha ha!

Michael Rother, Weather Station, Trader Horne, Whitney all on my must-see list!

surprised at first name on that list - the man behind Neu! and Harmonia, the sound that led to Low and Heroes!

guy's a legend!


I love Connan Mockasin!

Fat White Family can be very good but not for a family audience!

My absolute avoid list includes:

Laura Marling, Wild Beasts, Tindersticks ...

I really like your must see list on the other thread Richard ...

... but I'd want to add Laura Marling and Tindersticks to it ...

... although I'd be inclined to agree on Wild Beasts.

It's a funny old world :)


For me...

Conan Mockasin

James Blake

The Weather Station

Edward Sharpe

Miracle Legion

My weekend can do without the above, ta muchly

EDIT: I forgot Meilyr Jones, though he seems to have quite a few fans in these parts it's just not for me.

I'm predicting Ezra, Meilyr, and Johnny Pictish to be the top three shows of the weekend.

You're taking a risk only plumping for one of those :)

Looking at the early clashfinder I can't see anything I'm desperate to see when Ezra is on so I'm thinking I'll be there. He's also on right before Grandaddy so I can stake out a spot nice and early.

That'd be nice but I'm happy to just finally see them live to be honest. I've missed them at every other opportunity for one reason or another and I thought I'd never get the chance after End of the Road a few years ago - so chuffed they're back.

Only the one for me this year.

Connan Mockasin

 Ezra Furman was going to be included in the list until I decided to stroll over to catch the last half hour of his set at Glastonbury, opinion has completely changed. 


Hmmmm... a quick search on Youtube confirms I won't be in attendance for Happy Meal Ltd. I'm sure they have a following but it's not for me.

I'm on a crappy mobile phone connection that won't accommodate streaming, but will await smithers verdict with interest.

I trust his adjudication :)


Not much out there Peridot, just a couple of short, poor quality videos on youtube of them at the Seabright Arms. Only played a few gigs apparently. Looks pleasingly chaotic.

Hmm, think I'm with Ray on this one.

One for the youngsters/hipsters who don't remember the mighty Birthday Party maybe?

life's too short

there are a thousand bands

so you need a topline filter

bands named after pinter plays move to round 2

bands named after mcdonalds promotional campaigns, not so much

Might give them 15 minutes if there's nothing else on, but that's doubtful. I saw Sigue Sigue Sputnik once mind! That YouTube clip suggests they've watched a few Birthday Party performances but I think Ray's Howard Jones after too many ciders remark is closer. Remindis me of Birdland too, another band NME hyped that time forgot. 

ha - i thought of birdland too!

though refrained from mentioning them having remembered that i quite liked them at the time...

at least birdland covered 'rock n roll nigger'

and had great hair


but they did not have great hair

also true

but not enough to make up for everything else

they were good value in the general humour department though, i seem to remember

aren't there loads of youtube videos of them being very, very thick?

That's what they were best at... They did a free gig in Cambridge as recompense for trashing a previous venue, was worth going for the comedy element alone, although I think they took themselves quite seriously.