Let's start an argument.

Any reason why I should give any of these on my 'avoid' list another listen?

Art School Girlfriend

Black Country New Road


Grimm Grimm



Just Mustard



A Krasnyi avoid list----i always translate that as a recommendation list.Though Jockstrap sound terrible to my ears.

I do like to provide a service!

So will you be avoiding these (my current must-sees):

Alex Rex

Durand Jones and the Indications

Gwenifer Raymond

Hen Ogledd

James Yorkston

Jesca Hoop

Lee Fields and the Expressions

Mama’s Broke

Pictish Trail

Richard Thompson

Tiny Ruins


Lee Fields and Durand Jones are not the type of music I enjoy listening to and Whitney were the only band I hated last time they played but they are getting so many good reviews I will give them another listen,I am more than happy to watch the rest of your must sees but I have a long list this year after last year's list which I had written on the back of a postage stamp there we will be difficult choices this year.

Little argument from me. Black Country New Road are the exception - I'm not even sure I like them but they're definitely interesting and I enjoyed them screaming "I'm more than adequate, leave my daddy's job out of this..." on the radio the other day. They warrant another listen I'd say.

Couple of my must sees there Krsanyi :) Only listened to two tracks from Scalping, both excellent. Black Country New Road are terrific, seen them once. Odd but really interesting. Quite liked what I have listened to of Just Mustard, less so Jockstrap, who I think have some connection with Black Country New Road. Not yet listened to Grimm Grimm or Pig. With you on the others though, tried to watch Idles set at 6music Festival, had to turn off after 10mns. Bodega not for me either. Having said all that I think Gaelynn Lee was on my avoid list two years ago and her set turned out to be one of the best of the weekend so who knows.

pretty agricultiral this year isn't it?

what with pigsx7, pig, hen ogledd, stealing sheep

not to mention avi buffalo and yak

good job there's a white fence to keep them all in

I'll get me coat . . . . .