Attn: Walter - New Member Registration

It appears that new members are having great difficulty registering to post on the forum.

They can read our wit and wisdom but have no way of complimenting or thanking us, which is most disappointing.

I know that opening gates is difficult for dogs but I'm sure your canine cunning can find a way.




Only right too.

But lately it's been just not anyone rather than not just anyone.

However I see that a couple of new doggy licences have been issued in the last few days to successful applicants.


Walter is doing a Sterling job stopping the forum from becoming a chemist shop or cheap loans outlet.  Shame that in response, it gets a bit more difficult for real green man aficionados to register.  Just got to persevere because we all want to hear from you (unless you are flogging cheap loans).

Sorry folks - we get swamped with applications, mostly from pharmacies! It gets very difficult to keep on top of the closer we get to the festival! We'll try our hardest to keep up though (when we're not running this festival!) x

Thanks Walter ... much appreciated.

You know that if you ever want a hand with moderation etc. there'd be willing volunteers here?