Arriving seperately

I'm arriving Thursday (a first timer) and parking & camping in the family area with the kids. My other half will be coming down Friday by bike. Any advice as to where we can arrange to meet up in case there is no phone reception, he'll want to put the bike in the car. I'm not sure where he'll come in. Any ideas?

The Green Man shop next to the bar for the Mountain stage (marked as Mountain Foot bar on the map) has a message board in it usually.  That might be a good place to meet - there are food and drinks near there and there should be something on the Mountain stage to keep either waiting party entertained.  Make sure the other half has a ticket for themselves to be able to get in ;)

Phone reception for calls is normally not a problem. Vodafone is not great in the area but other networks okay, albeit thay can get a bit overloaded at times. 

If you're more certain of arrival times you could also meet at the box office near the family camping car park as that might be better for sorting the bike out before getting the wristband etc.


I've left the ticket, whether he brings it with him or not is another matter. Anyone know if you can bring bikes on site or if there's a special place to lock them up?

I think the CND people will look after bikes in their property lock up. 

phones just didn't seem to work at all

presume the local network was just overloaded

not that it bothered us that much

except when a 2 day old text came through at 4.30 in the morning...