Arcade Fire

Ok, not a band that feature high on each year's wish list although they have been mentioned, I think.

Anyway after eschewing the hype and expecting something rather dull I listened to 'Reflektor' ... and I listened to it again, and again, and again and I can't stop listening to the bloody thing.

I believe it to be one of the greatest pieces of music ever recorded, but ... anyone I've shared this opinion with thus far has given me that rather strange, false smile, slightly terrified look as they back away slowly :)

So, am I going mad or can somebody back me up?

Go on ... listen to it ... it's bloody brilliant. Honest.



Someone call Walter, Peridot has been hacked.....

Peridot you have been hacked right???

Right i'm going in to check Reflektor out, wish me luck.

Best review I've read yet Carnie :)

Although as time goes by I find that more folk are coming around to my way of thinking (incuding those who had been giving me the funny looks in the first place)

I'm not used to being an early adopter !!

So I'm now convinced that I'm not going mad and Reflektor is on of the greatest pieces of music ever recorded, even if Carnie doesn't realise it ... yet.

I hope the rest of the album isn't as good ... I'd hate to have to demote 'Monkey Minds' to second place in my albums of the year list!



I could say it's right up there with Peaches en Regalia, Wichita Lineman, Walk Away Renee, Say A Little Prayer, Couldn't Love You More - I could say that, but it wouldn't be true! Carnie I think I even detected some Thompson Twins in there too!!! I gave it 2 minutes and then pressed mute.

I am with you on this Peridot,not that i am saying it is the greatest record ever but a damn excellent track all the same,of course it is very uncool to say anything by a major band is good so wait for the backlash after all the positive reviews so far.

Okay, now that the Money album has been released I have 'Goodnight London' on repeat with occasional interruptions to play Reflektor. 

I've overcome my obsession, but still think it's bloody brilliant.

Give it a listen ray_rad ... with open ears and mind :)


i've had the money record on permanent rotation since it came out

a truly wonderful thing

i might give the arcade fire record a listen

the dame is involved, after all