In approximately 1 week and 1 hour's time ...

Mrs Slugger, the 2 Sluglings (13 and 10) and myself will arrive at the festival site. It's our first time to camp for the full week. Would be grateful for any tips/ advice.

I've heard that there will be a bar/ food place on site from Monday. Is that correct?

Any tips on local activities/ attractions?

Do many people camp for the week?

Is there a good buzz around the campsite?

Can you camp in he family campsite or is there a separate "Settlers" campsite?  

What's the capital of France?

Should I have put an apostrophe in "hour's" in the subject title? ..........

We did it a couple of years ago. Yes there was a bar food stall. We walked to Crickhowell along the river, lunch in the pub (Bear?). Didn't do much else, weather was slightly grim, lots of reading & loafing. Resonable amount there, 50 or so tents maybe. Settlers seemed to be separate on arrival but when others turn up on Thursday it all seemed to blend in with Family.


Rayrad will be along to answer that one.

Have fun.


to the one question that i can answer

This is our second year for the holiday thing, we really enjoyed last year, that is why we decided to do it again this year.  

From what I have read there is a fair bit more on this year so perhaps more people have taken advantage of staying for the week.  

There is a bar and cafe/restaurant where people generally gather in the evening, I can't remember seeing a campfire though, so not sure where that is. There were a few little acts on last year one of which was the bar owner telling childrens stories, which I wouldn't advise going to, he could just about get on the stage and kept knocking his can of stella over, not great for kids.

We hired a canoe for an hour which the kids thought was great fun, I think it was £50 for the 4 of us.

There are tons of lovely walks and a nice 20 min stroll into Crick for a beer in the Bear as Smithers has suggested. It's all very relaxed pretty much like the festival with a nice building atmosphere to the main event.

See you there Slugger any questions just ask, I'll see if I can help in anyway.

This is our second year of holiday camping also.

Really enjoyed it last year, although we did go off-site a fair bit in the car.

The evenings are very relaxed outside the hurly burly, saw the campfire, but didn't join in...

Hopefully the weather is not as bad as the current forecast!

Thanks for the info y'all! We only really chose the settlers option as a very long journey on Thursdays (6am-7pm) usually leaves us too wrecked to properly enjoy Thursday evening and me as an 18 year old would never forgive the current old-bastard me if I was not fully match-fit for the Waterboys this year! 

It sounds like it might be the perfect way to settle into the Green Man vibe. Thanks to your post Carnie, negotiations have started re. canoe hire. (kids for and adults not too sure). Maybe a bike-hire compromise can be reached. Is the Bear the pub on the bridge? 

No Slugger that's the Bridge End Inn, the Bear is on the main drag.  Enjoy the canoeing, it was absolutely pissing with rain when we did it, going by the forecast you may have the same, but still highly enjoyable and really relaxing and another way to take in the beautiful surroundings.

I had the intention of climbing the hill behind the mountain stage, Pen Cerrig?, when we were there but was less keen in the lashing rain. You'd get a stunning view of the site from up there, if you weren't in cloud that is...

in the past, the bear has been a bit up itself

we got very short shrift in there a few years ago

though they may have got more used to festival goers by now

(for which, read: 'realised the financial potential')

always found the bridge end to be very friendly

and they do a damn good ploughman's!

No, the Sugar Loaf is the one to the north of the Crickhowell- Abergavenny road, ie from Glanusk it's the one the other side of Crickhowell. The one behind the mountain stage is the Table Mountain, otherwise known as the Crug Hywel Iron Age fort (you can make out the fortifications from the festival site). Behind that is the much higher Pen Carrig-calch (just had to look that up) from which you look North and really feel you're up in the mountains.

I walked all of them from the site when I had a settler ticket a few years ago and all are recommended, though none are easy.

The Sugar Loaf is a brilliant walk, though a full day if you include the walk to and from it. It can be done in half an hour if you drive up a road from near Abergavenny that goes half way up.

The Fort gives you a view over the site, and is closer, though not as impressive to be on as you'd imagine, as you're basically on a subsidiary summit two thirds of the way up Pen Carrig. If you're particularly happy on mountains it looks a fantastic walk to keep going along the ridge from there, but when I did it it started to hailstone so I retraced steps.

I don't think it actually is Sugar Loaf, though Green Man's blurb always refers to it as such. I think Sugar Loaf is nearer Abergavenny. I think the one you can see behind the Mountain Stage is Table Mountain

This might be handy if you're considering a bit of hill walking in the area Smithers

I had lunch in The Bear on the Thursday and Monday last year, and it was pretty good I thought. I also had a pint in The Bridge, which is decidedly pleasant sat outside beside the river. The Nantyffin Cider Mill is good for food too. That's only a short walk in the direction of Crick on the main road from the front entrance. I think you could probably walk along the river bank and find an exit/stile near there

Thanks for the clarification chaps. I'll do it one year although probably not this. Camping at Penpont near Brecon for a few days before GM this year so might wander up Pen y Fan via the north ridge while we're there.

I'm pretty sure Sugar Loaf is in Rio. If you can see it from your tent you might be a bit lost, but chances are the weather weill be better where you are.