Anyone know what happened to Strumpets with Crumpets?

Missed my marmite crumpet breakfasts :(

Just realised that I didn't go down that way at all this year but it looks like they're no more:

What was there instead?

Also note that the Hurly Burly is up for sale so may need replacing next year if it's bought by somebody with different intentions.

The Tea and Toast van has gone downhill a bit (in my humble opinion) since they branched out into sausage sandwiches etc. Doesn't leave a lot of places specialising in breakfasty stuff- the place by the Babbling Tongues and of course the community cafe. And I can massively recommend the bacon rolls at the Dorset smokehouse stand by the mountain stage- no idea why that place doesn't always have a big queue.

If I was an entrpeneur I'd be plotting a festival bakery stand right now!

Cosy Rosies Crepes was in place of SWC which was more of a cafe where you could sit for a while and opposite that was Hedonist, a coffee/drinks/snacks kind of place.

There already was a bakery of sorts....the stall next to the bus. Between that and the bar at babbling tongues. It was for a school. Only got something from there on the Sunday evening. This was a mistake. As their Victorian sponge was fucking ace!

So many people missed having a bit of crumpet this year .. shame that they've gone completely.

I hope in consolation that we might have the Oasis mobile kitchen back again. Great food and great folk.

Oasis was my go-to food outlet throughout the festival. Great value for a festival, lovely people and tasty food - the mezze boxes were particularly good. For me the food is whatever I can get quickly so I don't miss any music but I did like the crispy duck wraps and duck fat chips in the Walled Garden. Had my traditional Sunday evening Goan fish curry which was, as always, delicious. Anyone try the Indian street food place by the record tent? There was always a lengthy queue there and it wasn't cheap so I'm assuming it was good grub.

Dosa? Best meal I had all weekend, 2 filled pancake thingys for £7.50, super bhajis for £1.00, worth a 15 minute queue. Duck platter also enjoyed, as was the excellent sushi stall in the Walled Garden. Where was Oasis?

Edit to add just realised you are talking about a different stall, Dosa as above main stage

Oasis was in the Babbling Tongues area just to the right of the side entrance to the Walled Garden. They do a kitchen takeover at my favourite pub in Newport every few months so I knew the food would be good but it was extra nice to have it at Green Man ...


We were regulars at Strumpets with Crumpets for our late night snacks, bit gutted it wasn’t there, mind you I still haven’t got over the fact that Jamon Jamon doesn’t have horns on top of the stall anymore - how am I supposed to explain where I am at the Mountain stage?


”Half way down in line with horns”

My food discovery of the festival was the stall with plenty of sitting space about in the middle of the ones above the Mountain stage which did felafels and vegetarian thali.  The thali there was absolutely outstanding.  Can't think why I hadn't sussed this place out in previous years.

Also, my disappointment at the state of the tayberry crop and thus Shepherd's lack of Tayberry Sorbet was somewhat alleviated by their new Lime with Coconut Sorbet.

I realise festival food is never going to win any prizes for value for money, but it always seemed that the amount they charged for a crumpet was a bit of a liberty.

Incidentally, as a non-drinker I was pleased to see decent soft drinks sold in the bars, but paying 1p per ml (£2.50 for 250ml) is clearly too much for a can of pop.


If my calculations are correct, I reckon there are 568 ml in a pint. So that makes the equivalent price of a pint of fizzy soft drink ((2.50/250) x 568 = 5.68) Is £5.68.  F.... me that is an expensive drink compared to beers and ciders, expecially as you are not paying the alcohol duty on top of the netprice.  Do feel a bit ripped off by being teetotal?

especially blackcatista for the link to Strumpet's memorial page.  Boo.   

I found the best value for money food wise was Friday night's fish and chips.  A whale on top of a bucket of chips smothered in mushy peas.  Such a big portion that we only bought one between the two of us and were still satied.