Any other misanthropic souls have an 'over my dead body' list..?

There is so much to admire and enjoy this year. Can't wait.

And everyone is so positive and happy.


But as a miserablist there is always stuff to get annoyed by.

I'm not having this. Sorry


And, dare I say, this neither....

"...She went to Thomas Tallis School, leaving at 16 to study at the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in Croydon, going on to graduate in English literature from Goldsmiths, University of London.[2]..."

I can't get over the BRIT bit.... the mainstream as manufactured yoof conscience. It used to be a bit harder, no?


And the awrd for 25 years+ abject ordinariness goes to...


Or maybe it's just me?



I'm with you on Future Islands and St Etienne but may well have to fight you regarding Ms Tempest.

at least tindersticks aren't playing this year (dashes for door)

I seem to recall a general contempt for Future Islands on this forum, with which I concur.

I was never a fan of St Etienne either.

Love Kate Tempest though.

My problem is with Shirley Collins....I know this will be an unpopular position and I probably need to do some last minute cramming to fully appreciate her 'legend' status. 

Suggestions for essential Shirley please.

last time shirley was at GM (speaking, not playing in those days, obvs) she stayed at our b&b

and was, it has to be said, absolutely lovely

unlike stephen malkmus - who was a bit of a knob

even so, i would still probably listen to pavement before i listened to shirl

but don't tell alex nielson i said that

No Roses with the Albion Band - classic folk-rock with a cast of the great and the great

The Power of the True Love Knot and Love, Death and the Lady (with sister Dolly)

Of course, these were all made getting on for 50 years ago and you can't expect her voice to be anything like it was then (in fact she didn't sing a note for many, many years). Rather like Mike Heron who i saw last night with the Bells - he knows his limitations and sings within them and brings great joy to all in doing so. I have struggled a bit with Shirley's 'come-back' album just because I can't help but remember the purity of her voice the first time around.

Future Islands are dull, dull, dull.

Shirley doesn't rock my boat either, I just can't get her.  I may watch her though when setting up camp for Lambchop. 

I'm on the Kate Tempest side, she won me over, where I really expected to dislike her in the way I dislike Sleaford Mods and their angst for Dads.  They sound like a free flexi disk you would get on the cover of Viz.  I'm not going to watch them. 



Yes to having the list, and its starts with shouty men wearing parkas, and would normallly include bands with drummers with no shirt on, but I'm not sure we got any of those this year.  Also includes all bands which feature 3 or more computers (and may have to revise that down to 2) and no guitars.

Just checked me list and I see I have the following as 'avoid at all costs' -

Future Islands

Melt Yourself Down



H. Grimace


Daniel Avery

Maybe i should go back and check them out again?

Apart from Future Islands obvs

I stumbled across Melt Yourself Down at Latitude a few years ago, early in the morning on a tiny stage in the woods. Most of the crowd and possibly the band were well refreshed,it was a mad and manic set, one of my most memorable moments of many years going to Latitude. So they are on my list based on that, don't suppose it will be quite so memorable though

Krasnyi this could get serious.....

I am totally m'eh about british sea power meself too.

Ryan Adams. I usually quite like his ilk but really don't see what the fuss is about. Never had much love for Kate Tempest either. 

There are a few other less established acts I've listened to a couple of tracks of and taken against, but I'm not keen on slagging off smaller acts. And most of what goes on in Chai Wallahs.

I'm quite looking forward to Future Islands- not sure how they'll work as headliners (hope they won't do an Animal Collective). And Shirley Collins and BSP are unmissable for me.


a negative emotional reaction is still a reaction


i'm also not sure about Shirley.

But cannot wait to see Julian Cope again...and can't imagine he is everyone's cup of tea

must avoids:

future islands - i mean, come on, they're not real, surely?

the mattson 2 - why do we need yacht rock in 2017?

aldous harding - as someone said on FB, she needs a hug.  not from me though

richard dawson - stop it

sleaford mods - 'angst for dads' - i'm not going to improve on that

plenty of other shite

a lot this year, frankly

but those are getting the top 2% full fat cream of my hatred

and should be proud


Future islands

Jessica Pratt 

3 standouts for me.

Her voice us just too cloying. Quite like the music though. 

Hinds are the real standout. Outstandingly shit, in my humble opinion.

I will be watching sleaford mods I think, fwiw, on record it's a bit dull but think it will be a compelling performance.

aldous harding was originally on my must-see list but with each listen and youtube viewing she slides further down

not like Richard Dawson mr ray?

you surprise me

Good, more room for me to jump around in front of Hinds.  They are my preference over BSP but guess that is not an issue with most on this thread.

I love you guys :) 

This is my new favourite thread. 

Only one for me, so far... Sleaford Mods. The only think I like about them is them being the inspiration for the term "Angst for dads".

They've served their purpose and should just move along now. 


I like Sleaford Mods because they make me smile. And they are noisy and shouty.

I am a dad and I have angst enough of my own without them.

I dont like Hinds because they may as well be the spice girls. And make my bile rise

We will be giving all 3 Mountain Stage headliners a swerve this year, Pumarosa, Methyl Ethel and TBC for us.  For the record I've tried with Sleaford Mods but it just isn't happening and we like Hinds house party band vibe.

I am going to avoid 2 out of the 3 main stage headliners as they are very boring but blissfully enjoy future islands without long term forum member's camp chairs getting in the way (same for sleaford mods) 

Even with the Mods on my must-see list I love the "angst for Dads" moniker. 

I'm not having the Kate Tempest hating though ... I'll crawl over hot coals (or even miss Pumarosa) to see her.

My 'avoid' list currently comprises -

Future Islands, obviously

The Big Moon


Cobalt Chapel

The Orielles

Deep Throat Choir

Girl Ray


and Gaelynn Lee jumps betweem 'avoid' and 'must-see' on almost a daily basis ... help me out here.