aides-memoires 2021

and here we go

big joanie just went up

over at the unofficial site, here:

if you don't have an account, you'll need to register

as ever, the links expire in 7 days - so don't hang about

Delighted to find I still remember my password for that account - although it's made me think I should update my passwords more often...


you're welcome!

not sure how much interest there is in these this year

or maybe i just left it too late to post them and no one's looking at the board right now!

but as long as someone's enjoying them, i'm happy

splashed out on new mics this year - so sound quality is a good bump up on previous years


I couldn't make it this year but I can assure you Ray that at least 1 person (plus my family) has got loads of enjoyment from your aides memoires over the years. 

I have a "RayRad" USB drive in my car which gets regular airtime. Some absolute crackers over the years ... TTMOE, Ryley, Waterboys, Phosphorescent, CM Andrews etc. 


just put pictish trail up

and realised that i hadn't tagged the ed dowie files - so just put a new link up for his set too

the old files will work fine - but you'll have to manually label them in yer itunes or wherever

ok - last one!

just put teenage fanclub's set up

took the sound man a couple of songs to sort things out - but after that, it's grand

sound was much improved altogether in the far out this year, i thought

maybe because they took the sides off?  whatever it was, i hope they do it again next year


Just back from EOTR, so haven't yet had the chance to listen to the Lazarus Kane and King Hannah sets yet, which were easily 2 of my top 5 from the GM weekend. Lazarus Kane also delivered another storming set at EOTR, and finished with words that seemed to imply that would be their last ever live perfromance.  Not quite sure what this means as they do have live dates booked, so whether it is a complete break-up or a re-configuration of the band ain't clear. Also Ray, not quite sure how I missed you completely at GM, but I guess King Hannah at the Lexington might be on your dance card.

i wish

but it's the same night as alex rex

and, ridiculously, lazarus kane!

though maybe not, from what you're saying...

and yes - can't believe we didn't even clap eyes on each other!

next year

or somewhere else sooner!

so someone in the alex rex camp has been pinged

and they've had to postpone the last three dates of the tour

but it does mean i'm able to go to king hannah at the lexington after all

see you there, BITF!

ah-ha!  thanks!

i wondered if that was 'reprise' that they opened with

but as it was so much shorter than the recorded version, and hannah didn't do her 'moving day, won't it come a little closer' refrain, i figured it was just an instrumental intro to 'meal deal'

will have to separate that out as a separate track