aides-mémoire GM 2013

as has become traditional, these will be available over on the unofficial site, here:

greenmanfest [dot] proboards [dot] com

starting, either this evening or tomorrow, with money and patti smith

and progressing from there

Many many thanks in advance Ray. Last year's aides-memoire helped to ease the post GM blues not to mention the thrill of replaying my 3 second conversation with Monsieur Jurado. 

Oh, joy of joys.

As Slugger says these really ease the pain of having to wait another year and are very much appreciated ray_rad.

I think I'll almost miss the gentle sloshing of wellie through mud as backing on this year's tracks.

Thanks ray, the performances by Patti and Phosphorescent were highlights for me, I will treasure these.

Any chance of Steve Mason, anybody?...

Thanks for this, excellent sound quality

just burned the Patti Smith - really good and will be played in the car alongside Phosphorescent for some time. Also a copy for my 10 year old daughter - she found that set truly inspirational and has been getting me to find her Patti songs ever since we got home.

Although these were my two highlights, I'm looking forward to many more.


two more left to come

woods and anna von hausswolff

but i'm away next week and probably won't sort them out until i'm back

so check in here then for an update if you're interested

i can help - but let's discuss this on the thread over on the unofficial site

i've posted a response there - let me know if it works