Advice for someone with a newborn baby.


I havent been on here for 2 years now, what with life stuff. But is it fantastic to see it still going strong! :)

SO......advise please?!? Me and the wife are LOVING the line up announcement. So wanna go. HOWEVER.....we now have a child. She will be just over a year old when Green Man comes along. So, whilst we wanna go, we are apprehensive. ITs not really even about going to festivals with a 1 year old per se. We are going to Latitude this year (as long as the line up isnt COMPLETELY terrible!), which will be her first.

The issue is really the weather at Green Man. Every year we have been, it has been at times a slog. The mud is a chore crap at the best of times, let alone with a buggy! 

SO......those of you who have gone with a wee is it? Is it a nightmare? OR is it easier than i think it will be? We have a bugaboo buggy, and have bought 'off road' wheels for festivals. But, as i say, this is mostly for Latitude and maybe other festivals where the weather isnt so inclement. AND where, if we get unlucky with inclement weather at the 'tude, the site can, on the whole, cope well. WHo knows, maybe since 2014 (ah....Nick Helm. Bellowing out 'NO SURVIVORS'! At 2 am on Monday morning. Best Green Man moment ever!) there has been loads of improvements and the ground get less quagmire-y. 

I would also point out that we are not adverse to the rainy conditions. We are just wondering if it is feasible to take our daughter to Green Man and, if so, how much of a hassle it will be. If it is undesirable, we will consider letting grandma look after our wee bairn for a few days.... 

My. What a long post. apologies......Any advice etc would be appreciated. Thanks dudes.


We took our son in 2007 when he was about 18 months old and had been walking for quite a while. Those who remember 2007 will tell you it was bloody wet and bloody muddy! Frankly, buggies in those conditions are worse than useless. We managed with slings and those baby 'back-packs'. To be honest though, if grandma is available  . . . .

We went with our 18 month old in 2013.  We bought a clapped out old 3-wheel terrain mountain buggy off gumtree for £30 thinking if it got trashed - it didn't matter.   Worked brilliantly - we walked/carried during the day and put him to sleep in it at night.  No Far Out tent that year, but apart from that it was great - we actually bought Granny and Grandad too - they shared some of the babysitting too.

However, am only just considering taking him back now at 5 years old and very concerned it might spoil my festival

I think that age will be easier than you think

Hey Moz, great to hear from you.

C'mon ... look at that line-up, and it's only the start ... you have to come.

I know it can get bad if the weather turns wrong but remember there have been more good years than bad so the odds are in our favour. And you're both festival veterans so you'll get through it no matter what. 

I've a spare adult ticket available at the early bird price - you can have first refusal on it if it helps convince you :)


Thanks for the replies. says mostly no (Krasnyi), one mostly yes (Jonjhargreaves) and one possibly (Peridot. With a 'first refusal ' of a ticket too! Thanks dude!). VERY helpful! ;p

I should add that things are a wee bit complicated by medical issues (I wont go into it, as its a long story). In 2 weeks, baby Layla will have her third operation in her very short life. However, this last one is routine and planned, and will rectify a lot of the issues she currently has (he say somewhat cryptically). 

SO.....i think the plan is, see where we are a few weeks after this op. And then think about it strongly. We DID have a discussion about the possibility of Mrs Moz going to GM with a friend (she LOVES Mr Adams & Future Islands) and me look after the wee bairn, and me going to a festival on my tod in return. I was hoping that EOTR would be that festival, however, the line up there is solid, but unspectacular (apart from the WONDERFUL Nadine Shah....). And Mrs Moz is a MASSIVE Mr Misty fan......

So....yeah. Thanks for repling. And if there is anyother advice from anyone else, do tell. ta. 


Didn't think you were being negative at all, my friend. Just honest. Which is what I wanted. It is good advice. Obviously, we would have slings and carriers too etc. But the buggy situation is what I am concerned about.

So.....thanks. :)

No social media affirmation bubble here Moz - ask three people and you'll get at least four opinions in return.

Sounds like you've been through the mill. If things are stable and you're comfortable leaving her with Gran maybe some time together would be good. Although would that involve you having to watch Future Islands? That's very much 'above and beyond ...' in my opinion.

Your two festival option sounds good too. I though that EOTR announcement was pretty terrific. My first though was that the folk who pick one or the other based on line-up will have a difficult time this year. (My second thought was how to I get to EOTR myself).

Anyway, take your time and you'll know what's right to do in a few weeks - the early bird ticket will be here if you decide you want it.