Abergavenny Chronicle


A fascinating story indeed. 

I think it's a disgrace that banks can withold the money we pay for tickets from the organisers of events. This has killed off a number of small festivals this year as in the current environment many of their suppliers are unable or unwilling to extend credit until the ticket sales money comes through.

I didn't have a clue. must have been a very harrowing time but thank you very much indeed for seeing off those hard times and producing the event we see today... Really is a corker :)))

 Had heard about the problems in 2008 but didn't know how dodgy things were in 2009. hopefully two year's sell-outs should make the festival secure for the near future? 

im quite suprised to read how close it was from folding, excellent work and effort for everyone involved with Green Man. im so glad its sold out and feel a little guilty for moaning a few months back at the line-up now!! just really hope that it continues every year because my excitement level at the minute is making the day go really slow.  its so sad to see many festivals fold and lose money. LLoyds Bank are bastards, i fucking hate them with a passion. wish we could go back to the days with money under the matress.

 i delayed buying a ticket last year and was gutted at missing such a stellar lie-up. I'd agree with some that on screen the line up doesn't better last years but there's certainly more than enough to keep me going all weekend. And given I am now coming to GM on my own I plan to see as much as is humanely possible whilst addressing any potential dehydration issues as I go.

Editor your comment is so on the 'money'.  Bankers are bastards, we'd get along a lot better with one another if we could share and trade something of real value rather than competing to have the biggest pile of paper and metal.