6 Music live from Green Man

For those without tickets:


And for those of us with tickets no doubt there will be someone in the first few rows at each stage with TuneIn Radio on their smartphone playing it for us.


interesting.... only on friday and saturday according to the schedules, but playing NMH, FAK, BC.

Anyone spot a later edition from next week... would be great to relive some of these acts and catch up on those missed due to clashes!

Interesting Tom Robinson's there. I do like him, but wasn't it he who introduced Mogwai with "Give me an M! Give me an O! etc etc"? Surprised he's even allowed into Wales after that crime against compereing... :)

6 music have been caning tracks by acts playing Green Man this year. Its due to this I discovered Caribou (one im really looking forward to!). 



I will definitely have a listen next week on iPlayer as missing lots is inevitable. Tom Robinson is kind of excruciating, but I think he means well

BBC Radio Wales is there as well. FRI 1pm-4pm Mal Pope with The Bog Welsh Weekend. SAT 7pm-11pm Bethan Elfyn & Adam Walton with a 4-hour Greenman special. SUN 12pm-1.30pm Jamie Owen live from Glanusk. Radio Wales is on FM & AM (not sure of Crickhowell frequencies) so you should be able to listen on-site. Link to Bethan & Adam's programme... http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04dq6y3

anyone listened to any of 6Live's recordings yet?

full sets or highlights?

i got some cracking aides memoire again this year

but if professional versions exist, i might hold off on sorting them out

Does anyone know if Green Man record and store the big screen coverage of live sets? Any hope in hell of it getting released in any capacity? I'd love to see Slint's set again.

Would you prefer it in its original format, ie with the images slightly out of sync with the music?  Don't know why it was like that in the tent, throughout the weekend, when it was pretty much bang on on the Mountain Stage screens.  

i wondered that this year

particularly for the very nervous proposing man!

would be crazy not to if they can

but could well be something in artist contracts vetoing it

certainly nothing has surfaced from previous years