2nd announcement bingo

as wakestock so accurately predicted, it's this friday, folks

so here we go again

remember, 1 point for every UK act, 2 for those coming from abroad

my 10:

the limiñanas

the fernweh

the staves


jessica pratt

marissa nadler

damien jurado

the proper ornaments


alex rex

These New Puritans

Weyes Blood


Lucy Rose

You Tell Me

Ty Segall

Pom Poko

Wild Billy childish

Bilge Pump

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

My 10:


The Beths

The Murder Capital

Fontaines DC

Better Oblivion Community Center 

Jessica Pratt 

Amen Dunes 

Virginia Wing 

Psychadelic Porn Crumpets 

Hop Along 



Wild Billy Childish

Fontaines DC

 BC Camplight

She drew the Gun

Patti Smith

Black Midi


Bilge Pump


Naked Giants

W. H. Lung

Fontaines DC



The Big Moon

Fat White Family

BC Camplight

Pip Blom

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard


Damien Jurado 

Michael Chapman 


Strand of Oaks

The Mountain Goats


John Prine

Lisa O'Neill

Gregory Alan Isakov 

Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog 


Purely point chasing on my part Krasnyi :) They do nothing for me either but seem to be popping up at every festival this summer.

Wouldn't suprise me at all, they seem to be 6 Music daytime darlings too. That song with the refrain 'is this too real for ya' made me wanna puke

First Aid Kit
Ezra Furman
The Twilight Sad
Better Oblivion Community Center
U.S. Girls
Susanna & the Brotherhood of Our Lady
Marissa Nadler
BC Camplight
Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard
Methyl Ethel


Mark Malcahy



White Denim

Deer Hunter

AA Bondy

Twilight Sad

Better Oblivion Centre

Jim Ghedi




Jason Lytle

Damien Jurado

Bill Callahan

AA Bondy

Michael Chapman

Ryley Walker

Toby Hay

John Murry

William Tyler

my pick

Sufjan Stevans

Ryley Walker

Lord Huron

Better Oblivian Community Centre

Bat for Lashes

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard


Marina and the Diamonds

The Lowest Pair

The Felice Brothers

Here we go, let's see if i can double my mighty single point from the last round.



Rozi Plain

The Mountain Goats


Hiss Golden Messenger 

She Drews The Gun 

Michael Nau 

Tracyanne and Danny

Pip Blom

John Moreland 

Lets have a go at this then....

Better Oblivion Community Centre

Pedro the Lion


LA Witch

La Luz

Garcia Peoples

Dream Wife

Jess Williamson


Chelsea Wolfe

This may be a list of bands I really want to be there, more than ones I genuinely expect to be!

Hopefully a couple of surprises too:


Bill Ryder Jones

Pip Blom

Soccer Mommy

She Drew the Gun

BC Camplight


Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard



More wishes than sensible guesses:


Black Peaches

WH Lung

Bill Ryder Jones


Les Big Byrd

Big Joanie

Chameleons Vox

Hand Habits


well, the announcement is up on FB

but all mixed up with the 1st announcement - so tricky to immediately spot who's new

eels - as we all knew

yo la tengo - as we didn't

but most importantly for me, the limiñanas!

and alex rex

Having seen that Hand Habits were playing London, and then realsising it was the same night I already had tickets for The Beths, I'm particularly happy that both of them are going to be at GM.  Plus Eels, even if they can't repeat their trick from the other place of 'bringing you a double fucking rainbow'.  And I see GM have already updated their Spotify playlist, which will be great for the 12+ hours of flying I've got today.

eels, Yo La Tengo , Hand Habits, Ex:Re and White Fence all welcome additions in my book.

Ray can i please claim half a point for Drinks ?(as Tim Presley is now on the line up)

so the results are in

we have all done very poorly

but some, of course, have done far more poorly than others

in reverse order:

in equal last place, with a resounding zero points, are:

kras, muddy holly, electronicfreq & oap-dub

in equal fifth place, with 2 points, are:

slugger, carnie, elizabeth & mikey

sneaking a fourth place with that extra half point, on 2 and a half, it's:

a little otter

in equal third, with 3 points, we have:

smithers & wakestock

in second place, with 4 points, is:


but our winners, with a staggering 5, are:

borninthefifties &, somewhat embarrassingly, me

i would have been outright winner if i'd chosen differently in the toss up between the proper ornaments and modern nature (knowing that we obvs can't have both or they'd kill each other)

but hindsight is 20 / 20, eh?



*Note to self*

Must stop putting Bill Callahan in my list if I'm serious about victory.

I had The Beth’s in my first line-up guess but annoyingly not this one, apart from that yep - way off the mark