20th Anniversary

Can any of the GM veterans explain why this was the 20th anniversary? 

My understanding was that the first festival was in 2003.  We also had 2020 off.  So the 20th edition would in fact be 2024 no?

you only need 19 years to make 20 festivals

as there's one at the end and one at the beginning

like you were already 1 when you were born, instead of a year later

i agree that the covid year should mean that next year is 20

but they did do an on-line 'festival' in 2020, so i guess they're counting that

either way, there wasn't really anything special laid on for it being the 20th, was there?

so the whole '20th' thing fell a bit flat

not that it bothered me - great weekend!

Makes sense!  Thank you.  Yeah I guess the Mountain Stage being open on Thursday was a new thing.  They also had the new cocktail bar with the "secret" cabaret bit out the back as well.  Not sure if these things will stay for next year - I hope they do. 

Bit I didn't get was use of the word "anniversary". The smart idea is to have "Green Man number 20" this year and "the 20th anniversary of the first Green Man" next year.