2023 Tickets

Not sure if my two kids will want to come to settlers next year.
If I get them ordinary tickets will they be able to upgrade to settlers nearer the time if necessary?

Anyone done this before?

In the past, you could upgrade to Settlers 'on the gate'.  However, I am sure that they sold out pretty quickly last year and only became available through resales.  

Have I missed seeing the ticket prices somewhere or aren't they out yet?

Seems very bad to me if ticket prices aren't released before they go on sale. How do you know if you can afford to buy them?  Not very considerate Green Man! 

anyone got a ticket link for tomorrow?

nothing on the ticketline site (oh, please let them have changed agencies...)

and the official GM site's 'tickets' button just takes you to a link to sign up to their mailing list

i have not had that email

when did it go out?

last one i got from GM was the pre-2022 bash 'everything you need to know' job

weirdly, the link posted on GM's twitter takes you to an info page:


but the 'tickets' link on the main page just takes you to a mailing list sign-up...

and neither of them give you an actual link to buy tickets tomorrow

is there a purpose to holding back the link?

just seems designed to make everyone flap at the last minute

which is usually ticketline's job!

Does anyone know what form the tickets take? I'd like to buy tickets on behalf of a couple of disorganised friends, but wondering how that'll work if we arrive on different days from different parts of the country.

imagine it'll be e-tickets like last year

if so, no problem

i got 8 tickets as a pdf last year - and just splt them off to give to various people all arriving at different times

no hassles incurred


So while we wait for the server to come back up, I'll concentrate on getting BNCR and Kevin Morby tickets which go on sale at 10am too.  On Dice, much easier!

So while we wait for the server to come back up, I'll concentrate on getting BNCR and Kevin Morby tickets which go on sale at 10am too.  On Dice, much easier!

So while we wait for the server to come back up, I'll concentrate on getting BNCR and Kevin Morby tickets which go on sale at 10am too.  On Dice, much easier!

fuck me

finally got through

put all my tickets in my basket

tried to check out

no - sorry - early birds sold out

ok - so now what do i do?

no way to get back to the buy page

get put back in the queue...

For fucks sake .. surely you should just be offered the same tickets at the normal price !!!

I was lucky enough to get the EBs

Hope you get sorted


still ticketless

this is the worst it's ever been, i think

so much for the 'rollover factor'

Managed to get my early bird settler ticket but the site was so chaotic.  Just seems wrong that the chances of an early bird (or general ticket) depends on managing to get in the queue AND the site not crashing in the meantime.  Seems unfair, and now wait for the resales to appear!  
got my fingers crossed for ray and all the other forum members. 


even the queue just crashed!

so i'm back to the beginning...

If this is where we're at for with demand for tickets ........ think it's my last one, even if I am lucky enough for 2023.

I do festivals for the chill and the buzz ...... not this palaver.

From Glasto to GreenMan to ?

Just got a message from my girlfriend who has been in the queue since before 9, got to the ticket page, and it said all early birds had gone, there was no option to choose standard and then she's just shared a screen print saying "unfortunately this event has now sold out"....

Well, she's just messaged now to say she managed to get back in and on to the payment plan option but is now back in the queue so hopefully there are some left!

both of my queues (on seperate IPs), eventually crashed

tried again via the GM page, got straight through

every step took 5 minutes while the fucking beachball span

but got there in the end

infant tickets, of all things, are sold out!

*EDIT* now miraculously back on sale

*RE-EDIT* sold out again!  as are little folk (3-5) and teen tickets (though it does qualify the latter as 'release 1')

*RE-RE-EDIT* if you refresh, they come back - all except infant

Just got mine by phoning. Website still freezing.I've been coming 17 yrs and this was the worst by far. Goodluckeveryone!!

i can refresh the buy page effortlessly now

which does suggest that most of us spent an hour of stress for no apparent reason

other than the ticketline site not being able to handle the traffic


Got mine.

Feel stressed out and dirty. 

There has to be a better way.

No tickets for me despite being on the site from 10am. Fuck Ticketline. So long Green Man, it was a blast. 16 years. I'll miss you. Hope you and Ticketline will be very happy together.

I got settlers on the gate this year, as in years past. For me it always depends who I'm getting a lift with, so I often don't know until a month before.

i asked about that earlier this week and was told once the settlers allocation had sold out (which I guess it has) there would be no upgrades. 

Got ours via the payment plan , almost it feels by accident, the site has been crashing all morning and only when i picked up the phone to turn it off, i was on the Ticketline website with the order clock on countdown, madness , i didn't have time to realise i had agreed to pay £12.20 booking fee for each 'virtual' ticket, who organised this the Tories?