2017 requests

Hiss Golden Messenger (seems to have been discussed for a few years now)


Latest announcement - breathes a sigh of relief. Litlte to interest me apart from Allah-Las. Great news that Ride are headlining Thursday night - I won't have to worry about my boy going down the front (as last year year with King Gizzard and previous year with Leftfield) - if he tries it this year it will send him to sleep (never really got that whole shoe-gazey stuff).

Still kinda holding out for Hiss Golden Messenger and maybe Six Organs?

Similar feelings here Krasni, just Allah-Las and Liam Bailey in CW's to get excited about.

I was hoping we might see Perfume Genius and Sweet Baboo but there's already more than enough for me on the bill.


Lift To Experience is a brilliant addition, really happy that they're playing. I don't mind Ride but to be honest I prefer having a few drinks, a wander and catching up with people on Thursday to watching the bands.

Already more than enough to occupy me, but I think Goldfrapp would have been a good addition with a new album imminent. And Plastic Mermaid, but I've already mentioned them several times! 

Goldfrapp were really good at 6 music festival and going to see them in July,also share the love for Plastic Mermaids and will see them twice before Green Man.

caught a bit of future islands at the 6 Music festival and I have to say I'm a convert . . . .

 . . . only joking, singer has an irritating voice and even more irritating David Brent-esque dance moves and the music is dull, dull. dull

and to think people moaned about doves (rememeber that year eh?)

good job I've already got 21 on my must-see list!

oh yes!

also coming round a bit more to the idea of Sleaford Mods

Don't do things like that Krasnyi ... my heart momentarily stopped when I read the first sentence. 

Thanks for the link Elizabeth, I'm living for Kate's performance. A Sunday night headline slot in the Far Out would be the icing on the cake.


i could watch that all day

it's going to turn out to be a joke, though, right?

like that joaquin-phoenix-is-a rapper thing

What you mean that it's not a joke?

Is he not headlining the comedy tent?

If not he should be it's the only place I would go and watch him!

I also like Sleaford mods.  Seen them a few times and liked it.  There is so much quality on the lineup I doubt I'll be seeing them again though.  This will be my first green man, looking forward to it.

welcome to this chapter of shit bands anonymous, marcus

(though you have slightly blown the 'anonymous' part)

the coffee is free

but we appreciate a donation for the biscuits

ray, let me know where your deckchair will be set up and i will happily bring along a flask and biscuits for you, no prob, blanket too?

On my way home from an utterly wonderful Samantha Crain gig in Bristol. 

Chatted to her briefly afterwards and she said she loved Green Man and would be thrilled to get a call to return so I'm starting my 2018 requests now.

Got my first neon pink vinyl album too, which is not going to enhance my hi-fi stack in any way but I suppose we all need some discordance from time to time.

Seem to be active again. A single being released shortly. Probably not for this year but maybe next?

matt's not very keen on playing live by all accounts

i had high hopes for the box set release of 'soul mining'

but Q&As only

still, would indeed be grand if he could be persuaded

Listened to Timber Timbre and D.D Dumbo and was suitably impressed with both. They seem to be playing Sunday and Friday respectively according to their websites.

After some digging it seems Michael Kiwanuka is playing the Saturday, Kate Tempest the Friday, Hinds the Thursday, Julia Jacklin the Friday, Hurray for the Riff Raff the Friday, Lambchop the Saturday.