First off, the shuttle bus service was a big success in my opinion, the drivers were courteous and helpful, made things easier for a lot of people that I spoke to. The site on the whole, seemed less congested and I really liked the layout changes. The food stalls had some great additions, particularly the vegetarian one (FFS) in the Walled Garden - superb. There were no really long queues at the bars this year, splitting the beer and cider obviously helped that, a shout-out for Hallet's Blindfold btw. The Cwmdu Cafe excelled yet again, what would we do without it? Musically it was obviously superb, the golden hour(s) on Friday when we had Kamasi Washington, followed by Jason Isbell, followed by White Denim was a few hours that will live long in the memory. Joan Shelley, Ryley Walker, Phil Cook - superb. Laura was lovely, thought the introduction of backing singers enhanced her sound and a couple of her new songs were very good. Fortunately our camp kind of overlooked the main stage so when James Blake was on we were safely tucked in watching and listening to his set, and that bass!!! My personal highlight, Saturday night, Far Out Tent, (my favourite venue) Michael Rother almost blew the roof off, it was an "I was there" moment. I'll be back when other thoughts/memories re-surface!

I had a wonderful time. My highlights were Jason Isbell and chatting to him afterwards, Joan Shelley and Nathan Saltsburg- some of the best guitar playing I've heard in a while. New bigger Far Out was ace! Really enjoyed All them Witches and Moonlandingz- to my surprise I must say. Battles were good too, although sadly aged since I last haw them in 2008 (I think).  Thought Kevin Morby was neat as was Michael Rother. Spent most time tethered in Far Out so didn't get to see anything on Rising or Main Stage and barely a pint of Growler passed my lips, but it was a great few days. One of the best. Love the whole Far Out field. Enjoyed meeting you all on Thursday, many, many thanks to the team who make it possible. See you in a field in Powys next year!

Our tenth and best. Full review to follow but at this stage massive thanks to Fiona and the team for putting together the best bloody festival on the planet.

Only negative I can think of at this stage is not seeing enough of cyfarthfa over the weekend!

Big Up to my 2 little ones Rosie (12) and Sam (9), they kept up with me on my GM quest to see at least half of my "must-sees", very little disappointed (there were only a small number of these), but highlights (8+ out of 10 acts) :

  • King Gizzard - possibly more energy and insanity than Goat (saw about half at the edge of a very excitable mosh-pit)
  • Phil Cook - just sublime, the guy did a great 45 minute set, would have loved a little longer
  • Meilyr Jones - new favourite for the kids
  • Kamasi Washington - at this point I was starting to realise quite how blessed we are at GM - the diversity of acts this year at the top of their game is just wonderful - not sure if I like "Jazz", but I'm now a proud owner a signed vinyl copy of "The Epic" - the man is a genius.
  • White Denim - danced from start to finish, even got my 2 introverted little ones feeling it - if this was the largest crowd they had played to, then good on GM for putting them on the main stage instead of Far Out - they owned Mountain Stage.
  • James Blake - put the kids to bed, came back to see this with low expectations - very pleasantly suprised, also that bass probably helped my bowel clearance - better than a colonic?
  • Yorkston Thorne Khan - blessed to know I'm seeing them again this weekend
  • Ryley Walker - looked like death warmed up, but loved his set and new material - don't know much about drumming, but loved this guy.
  • Dungen
  • Tindersticks - I need to thank the Forum here.  GM of course signed these guys up, but without some of your recommendations I'd probably not even have given them a listen - just a beautiful hour with a wonderful enraptured audience
  • Edward Sharpe - a huge suprise, knew he did the advert, but a great showman and a well crafted set - thanfully we left before the nauseating "Home" to catch the end of....
  • Jagwar Ma - only caught last 2 songs, but these guys owned the tent, it was like the Shamen without the shit rapper - took me back to my Uni raving days - awesome
  • Battles - fuck! they're good!
  • Daniel Norgren
  • Songhoy Blues - missed them last year - this was just such a great jump around managed in daylight - yes, life affirming.
  • UMO - apart from climbing the scaffolding and not doing a crowd dive from 10m up, I just thought the intros and outros on the whole were just fabulous (and unexpected)
  • Ezra Furman - our new favourite must-see act - not sure a performance/show could be better - loved the angst
  • B&S - well I'm sure Grandaddy would have been as good, but the kids deserved their choice and it was a real treat to finish the weekend.

Although I saw several other great acts, I know I missed a dozen more - I can't believe this line-up could be bettered, but I've said that 4 years straight now.


Thanks Fiona and the rest of GM team - awesome!

Another very special festival for us.  Best line up of the last 4 imo.  

Musical Highs

Baba naga.  deserve to be massive. A privilege to be there.  


songhoy blues

ardyn. was difficult dragging my other half to watch a pop act but i loved them.

Thursday night - meat raffle and wild beasts were really good. king gizz and flamingods were great.  Hell of a way to start the weekend.

kamasi washington

fat whites

Happy meal

battles. still got it. Unexpectedly brilliant.


but the two bands of the weekend for me were floating points and cavern of antimatter. both met my very high expectations.  Flawless performances.

the sound in the far out tent again.


other highs

everything we saw in talking shop / comedy tent. 

  • richard king. A hero.
  • The guy talking about parks we missed the start of. 
  • Pete browns beer & music tasting
  • Sunday night chaos including sudden death stone scissors paper etc
  • The scottish guy doing a set on baking scones and radicalisation. 
  • david trent doing his powerpoint presentation

The people we chatted to after bands finished.  you were lovely and had some great post-match analysis.

The weather in the valley not giving a monkeys about the forecast.

The new layout.  Was nervous about so many changes but as always the man knows best.

seeing the burn for the first time

our camping field.  very clean and tidy this morning. Nice balance between lively and quiet. People being respectful when asking / being asked to pipe down.

No queues leaving the car park at midday. witchcraft.



Food poisoning.  Sunday was a challenge to say the least.  

All the stuff we missed this time.  Rhod gilbert, michael rother and warpaint in particular but there was quality throughout the undercard on all stages.

I absolutely loved Settlement, the relaxed atmosphere and freedom to do what we liked for three days was brilliant, as were the evenings down at the bar and stage. Oh, and the weather was great!

Nice to see some regulars and new faces at the forum meet, always a great way to start the weekend. 

Sadly the weather did it for me by Friday evening and by Saturday afternoon I was fed up and ready to come home. After our Devon disaster and then Green Man I am happy to admit I just can't do camping any more, let alone in the constant rain and wind. Thankfully we found a last minute bargain at the Manor Hotel for Sunday and it was the best £67.50 I have ever spent. As is typical, the weather improved loads by Saturday night after I booked the room but it still saved my weekend! Next year we're staying in a hotel for the whole festival and I can't wait. Bit sad I'll miss Settlers though!

Musical highlights for me were Cigarettes After Sex, Palace Winter, Miracle Legion, Tindersticks, Cate Le Bon, Jagwar Ma, Battles, Unknown Mortal Orchestra (for me the band of GM 2016) and Ezra Furman. Went to see Belle & Sebastian last night and enjoyed them but wish I'd gone to watch Grandaddy instead. I like B&S and still love those early records but their best days are long gone.

Caught some good stuff in Babbling Tongues, Rhod Gilbert's quiz was good but Rob Deering did a similar thing in the early hours of Sunday morning which I thought was much better.

Thought the new layout worked and the new Walled Garden is brilliant, just a shame the chip van playing techno has been moved only to be replaced by a cheese toastie van playing techno. First time parked in Blue and can now see why passes to this car park are so sought after. Not sure why chairs were banned on the hill as I can't work out what harm they do up there? It didn't seem to be enforced anyway.

A few other minor gripes that are out of GM's control (talkers being the main one) but overall another great festival. See you all next year!

Sounds like this was a particularly good year from these comments and the Guardian's five star review. 2016 was the 1st one my partner and I have missed since 2006; our baby girl isn't yet ready for Green Man but we'll definitely be back next year.

Glad to hear it was a good one and that the festival continues to thrive.

Our 4th Green Man in a row and definitely the best yet, weather didn't bother me too much as I grew up in Wales and the kids are used to it now, plus we spent a lot of our time in Far Out tent anyway.  Our Musical highlights from an excellent weekend (in the order they played):

King Gizzard
Wow - a life changing experience, for anyone down the front/middle I was the Dad who spent an hour holding back the mosh pit so his son and daughter could enjoy an insanely energetic set.  Not sure it was sensible, but it's something we'll always remember and a massive thank you to the Stage Security guys who were brilliant and told me very early on they would pull the kids out if it all got to much. It didn't - but it was reassuring to know that if I got dragged off into the pit they would keep my kids safe.
Jagwar Ma
After the enjoyable and slightly scary chaos of the night before, The Far Out tent turned into a massive rave (in the best way) for JM and we danced the hour away to a great band and some fantastic songs - not sure about the 'best set', but it was definitely the most fun we had as me and my daughter had our second 'dance-off' surrounded by hundreds of people of all ages getting their groove on.
Fat White Family
The kids were nearly asleep but were desperate to see FWF after me telling them all year they were my highlight of last years EOTR, Lias was in fine form as ever and with 2  albums to choose from they played a great mix of their best songs so far.
A sort of unexpected highlight, they've grown on me over the years, but wasn't sure what the kids would make of them, however we all hugely enjoyed a real treat, stage climbing was funny but it was the music that really made it a great first band in what we were calling on the way home our best ever 3 set run...
Ezra Furman
Stayed at the front for Ezra and were treated the the show of the weekend, sensational performance from a unique artist at the very top of his game, with a great supporting band - the new songs were brilliant and it was one of the best memories of all 4 of our Green Mans (Men?)
Belle and Sebastian 
As much as I would have loved to see Grandaddy again, we are all huge B&S fans and a quick dash to the Mountain Stage was always going to happen.  No regrets, we throughly enjoyed it and great choice for a Sunday night headliner, judging by the singing-along and dancing I saw all around us - we weren't the only ones.
Non musical highlights include Rhod Gilbert and Adam Horne in the comedy tent, the new layout, the ever-reliable Einsteins Garden, the stackaCups (didn't get any last year got got a full set this year), the food was mainly excellent and the people we met both public and staff/helpers were all nice, funny, helpful or often all three.

Quick wrap up from me - bit tired after the weekend and drive home plus work tomorrow.

High points:

Floating Points

The Unthanks

Julianna Barwick

Yorkston Thorne Khan

Songhoy Blues

The Moonlandingz

Alex Horne / The Horne Section

Rhod Gilbert

Art - The Cube, Shipping Forecast.

Belle + Sebastian


Hotel Bell Tent - I know its ridiculously expensive, but the joy of not having to set up / take down wet n muddy tent, plus knowing that you will not wake up with another tent millimetres fro your door = WIN.

Good bars and food, with seemingly smaller queues, but with a bigger capacity?

No traffic problems in or out.

Loos were on the whole, clean and acceptable all weekend despite the mud. Top marks.

Oh, and of course, meeting some of you in real life! Sorry I didnt get to say hi to you all.

low points:

few and far between, but the weather could have been kinder, whilst relieved that it was nowhere near as bad as it could have been

Feeling a lot older every year that we go. How did I used to do it?

Line up for us was not as strong as last year, headliners in particular. Shame that B+S and Grandaddy clashed, which lead to a half and half copromise, but James Blake and Laurua Marling, good a they are, not really doing it for me as headliners. YMMV

Bars almost completely dry by Sunday night - even more so than normal.

Otherwise, a big thanks to all at GMHQ for another great year.

GM continues to grow without losing its character.

Yet again I find myself struggling to find the words to describe how I feel about the past four days. From the moment I arrived on site early Thursday morning I felt a real physical and emotional sense of well-being that lasted throughout the weekend and will stay with me into the future. It was like a giant reset button being pressed.

I had made a conscious decision to try and not feel annoyed or angry at any time this year, but I actually struggled to reach mildly irritated at any point (which is about my default feeling at all other times).

We had the best camping location ever with great neighbours, and the coffee/snack point down the hill at the bus gate was a great new addition. Food, drink and loos were all wonderful, and I echo Chrissied's endorsement of FFS burgers in the WG - fantastic folk making great food - really hope to see them back.

Meatfaffle kickstarted the music (although I wasn't overly enthused by their live performance). It was lovely to meet friends old and new in the Walled Garden afterwards, and so generous of Fiona to spend so much time with us on what must be a busy and demanding first night of the festival.

And as for that line-up that I wasn't too fussed about, well I seem to have ticked off thirty acts over the main three days, only two of which are noted as slightly disappointing.

Green Man 'moments' are awarded to Phil Cook, Meilyr Jones (personally proud to have made it to the second WG set on Friday night), Kamasi Washington, Jason Isbell, Loose Meat, Charlotte Church, Fews, Ryley Walker, Tindersticks, Joan Shelley, Pictish Trail, Moonlandingz, Black Peaches, Besnard Lakes, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

Well, for me that's a lot more 'moments' than I've ever had before so please ignore my opinion on any future line-up announcement.

I don't know what ranks above a Green Man 'moment' because I've never experienced such a thing before, and have now had two.

At least with Ezra I knew such a thing was possible if not certain, but Grandaddy WTF? I barely know any of their stuff so why did I have tears streaming down my face listening to that performance? I can only assume that the other blubbering eejits all around me were dedicated fans and I got caught up in the emotion of the whole thing.

After fourteen years it would be romantic to think that there's some form of sorcery at work to make each year better than the one before, but I know it's just absolute dedication and sheer hard graft from the wonderful team of people who create this magical gift for us.

Thank you all so much :)


Firstly, all credit to the GM team on the numerous changes big and small they had made to the site, I think they pretty much all worked, and you didn’t really notice the numbers having gone up apart from the expanded camping area. In particular the Walled Garden was a vast improvement, and a special thanks for putting the cider tent there. And I would echo other comments about the Far Out tent and its sound quality.

Secondly, thanks to the weather as it outperformed the rather gloomy forecast and mainly seemed to seriously piss down only when I was asleep in my tent, leaving for my waking hours only the mizzle-drizzle and the mild irritation of continually putting on the rain top, taking it off, hood up, hood down, etc, etc.  

Got up to leave home early on Thursday so as to be parked up ready for the gates opening at 10am, which was all part of the plan to use the one day with guaranteed good weather to get the tent up and all my stuff into it before noon, and then do the hike up to the top of Table Mountain, and be rewarded with as spectacular a view of a festival site as you can get anywhere, but hard work in the hot sun and the first time I’ve opted for a festival shower on the Thursday, particularly so as not to smell too bad for the forum meet-up.

Fortunately for me, the way it worked out I had relatively few clashes, once I’d worked out which acts could be left for EOTR and which I now need not to clash there - BC Camplight, Beak> (heard good things about their set), Kevin Morby (following verbal reviews from fellow-forummers, now my top must-see for EOTR), Amber Arcades.

It was possibly the first festival I’ve ever been to that I have seen absolutely no part of any of the 4 headliners.

So a top 10 :

Baba Naga – great end to my Saturday, a pyschy, drony, wig-out. If anyone is going to the Liverpool Pysch fest – check ‘em out.

Bill Baird – quite quirky, went to see him based on listening to one track; I now need to do some more listening.

Black Peaches – just wow. The reason why I missed Kevin Morby, and my set of the weekend. Their line-up is the same as Little Feat, and musically they come from the same heartland. To bastardise a LF lyric, we got the rock and roll doctor’s advice, and sure did all feel real nice.

Cavern of Anti-Matter – another go-see based on one track, and leaving me with more listening to do, and I’d better try some Stereolab as well.

Ezra Furman – nearly set of the weekend, will see him again at EOTR and I’ve got tickets for the Roundhouse gig. Enough said.

Grandaddy – although the other way round with Ezra would have been better for me, if only because the energy levels would have worked better.

Janileigh Cohen – a busker from Bolton, playing her first ever festival, recommended to me by someone I seem to bump into at every festival. So glad of the advice and that I went to see her.

Jason Isbell – I guess we all knew what we were likely to get, and we got it. Excellent.

Miracle Legion – unfortunate clash with Gun Outfit, who I also wanted to see, so only saw the first half - big mistake, as GO weren’t what I’d hoped for.

Phil Cook and the Guitarheels – just about shaded it from Jason Isbell as my favourite set of the Friday. 

Finally, a mental note to file away. Of my top 10 above, 2 (Baba Naga, Janileigh Cohen) were on the Rising Stage.  I only saw 2 acts on the Rising Stage all weekend. Either I got lucky or I need to spend more time there next year.

Thanks to Fiona, Ben and the team for the best week of our year.

Highlights -

The whole of the Settlers - weather, atmosphere, folk and music - completely faultless.

Phil Cook, Meilyr Jones, Kamasi, Floating Points,YTK, Ryley Walker, Joan Shelley and Nathan Salsburg, Daniel Norgren, Cowbois, John Shuttleworth and Grandaddy.

My GM moments this year were - 

Floating Points performing 'Kuiper', as predicted my head did explode.

Ryley Walker's extraordinary solo performance in the Rough Trade tent.

Phil Cook's joyful set.

John Shuttleworth performing 'Y Reg'

Grandaddy - oh my goodness! I was blubbering too Peridot, I was lucky enough to be right at the front, centre stage for this and I'm pretty sure they were enjoying it as much as us. An excellent set formed of wonderful past and exciting new music. When they finished with 'He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot' I was sobbing like a child. What a way to finish an incredible festival.

That moment is up there with Steve Mason and Patti for me.


Having missed Green Man last year I remembered what I liked about it in the first place - beautiful surroundings, a happy atmosphere, a sense that the music has actually been chosen carefully, and a total lack of advertising and corporate sponsorship. It also felt that some logistical problems had been worked out - better routes through the site, more entrances and exits, and so it didn't feel as overcrowded as it has previously.


- Hanging out in Einstein's garden, where you're never more than half an hour away from a song about animal poop.

- The mighty John Shuttleworth playing his back catalogue of hits - "A Skoda? Give over!'

- Alex Horne and the Horne Section - a lot of comedy packed into a short set.

- The comedy tent at midnight on Sunday: scissor paper stone with a plum based scoring system while we ignored the fireworks behind us (you really had to be there to appreciate the tension).

- Steven James Adams - first time I'd seem him solo.

- Battles. Highest cymbal action I've ever seen.

- Walking past the Walled Garden and hearing Charlotte Church singing Nine Inch Nails.

- Ezra Furman - brilliant and slightly combative. Does anyone know the name of the song he introduced as being a protest against heteronormativity and for the queers?

- Grandaddy. It was a big decision to watch them over B&S but the right one.

Disappointments (which are very minor really)....

- Lush were a bit boring. I was hoping for some engaging music and a bit of a Britpop singalong to remind me of my teenage years, but we got an hour of seemingly indistinguishable and slightly tedious songs in which the vocals were entirely indecipherable (during which the tent got emptier and emptier) before they grudgingly played one of their two hits, which despite knowing all the words I couldn't actually understand any of them. Which brings me to:

- The sound quality in the far out tent - it's nice occasionally to have some chance of understanding what people are singing about.

Wow, what a weekend! First off have to say that we bought tickets with a little trepidation following a mixed time last time we came in 2011 due to too many people talking through bands and really bad (quiet) sound in Far Out. Delighted to say talking during bands was at a minimum this weekend and the sound in far out was great.

Overall the atmosphere was great, the layout worked well, food and drink brilliiant and crucially the crowd were top notch, friendly, respectful and up for a party!

To the music! Will bore you with the list of everything we listened to!

Flamingods - um, not for me. Thought they might be decent, I was wrong.

King Gizzard and TLW - great start to the weekend.

The Oh Hellos, Palace Winter, Phil Cook, Meilyr Jones - nice set of acts to bed us into the first day. Phil Cook particularly good.

Half each of Miracle Legion and Gun Outfit - both decent.

Suuns were mind meltingly good. Not a band whose albums I really listen to, but one hell of a live act.

Caught last half hour of Jason Isbell which was excellent, one of his Truckers numbers thrown in for good measure.

White denim are just one of THE best live acts around at the moment. Though seem to have carelessly lost another drummer and guitar player!

Lush were probably the biggest (and probably only real) disappointment of the weekend, and we went in with low expectations. They looked as bored as the crowd and we left after 4 or 5 songs and caught the last 30 minutes of Kiran Leonard who was prety good.

Vessels were OK, but we were flagging and decided to call it a night.

Sea Pinks and Fews started the Saturday in great form, Fews were genuinely bowled over by the turn out which is always nice to see.

Mothers had annoyingly played previous day!

Beak> were ace, but topped by one of my favourite sets of the weekend from Cavern of Anti Matter who were bloody excellent.

Magnetic North were wonderful and nice to lower the energy a little from most of the acts we saw all weekend. Only annoyance was the social gathering near us for the last 20 minutes (FFS people!) and the chap who kindly (!) put a brolly up in our eyeline meaning we saw little of the last 15 minutes.

Special note here to the DJ in the Far Out who played Give a Little Respect by Erasure and had the whole tent singing along. Really happy moment!

Jagwar Ma were epic, huge set and really excited by the new album based on what we heard. The whole tent was jumping around at points. Mega!

Battles were great, not the most enjoyable “listen”, but enthralling performance none the less.

Fat White family were ace as usual. Brooding menace to their sets and had crowd in palm of their hands.

To Sunday and caught half of Daniel Norgren who was good.

All Them Witches are a band I love and they played a top set, just a shame it was so early in the day really.

Genghar on main stage were nice if not mind blowing.

Black Peaches – Wow, just wow! One of the sets of the weekend and had a sizeable crowd in the walled garden dancing along for the whole set. Fantastic!

On to probably the best Sunday night I’ve ever had at a festival.

The Besnard Lakes – shame for them they clashed with Songhoy Blues (who had a huge drown looking at pics) so a smaller than deserved crowd saw a superb set from a criminally underrated band.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – I’ve seen them loads of times now, but they were great as usual. Another band to have carelessly mislaid a drummer though!

Ezra Furman – I think everyone has already covered it, but just the perfect festival set. The cover of Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher and Higher was THE festival highlight. There was a lot of love in the tent at that moment.

Grandaddy played the perfect set to finish things off and made up for me missing them at EOTR in 2012. Apologies (sort of) to the couple I swore at a bit too aggressively for shouting a conversation through 2 songs before I lost my temper. We all kissed and made up afterwards but not my style to be aggressive at all!

All rounded of by the fantastic firework display at the end.

Bumped into a couple of people off here briefly, but saw a lot of Born in the Fifties and nice to have some proper chats and realise that we like a lot of the same stuff.

So having bought tickets with trepidation we are now UTTERLY sold on the festival again and already thinking of getting early bird tickets for next year.

Top marks all round Green Man, you nailed it!

OK, here goes.

Settlers was an absolute blast, helped by gorgeous weather. A lovely day in Crick with Elizabeth and her family, kids swimming in the river. lovely peaceful vibe in the camp, decent music including an unexpected Gentle Good set. Definitely do Settlers again but it might have been a bit different had the weather not been so good.

As for the festival itself.

By GM standards pretty good weather (by 2007, 2008 standards this was was dry). Heard on Thursday at the forum meet-up that the capacity was 25,000. If right it didn't feeel like it, perhaps the weather helped in that respect with people hanging around their tents.

Lovely to meet up with everyone on Thursday - shame I didn't bump into cyfarthfa after that but he is a busy man don't you know. Also nice of Fiona to spend some time chatting with us.

The music. My 10th and best ever GM music-wise, maybe because now the kids are older and more independent I get to see more stuff. Slightly odd start on Thursday. Meatraffle were a crock of shit. I'm a child of the punk era and admire the DIY ethos but you still need to be able to play. Every time he parped his tuneless trumpet another 20 people headed for the exits. King Gizzard - in retrospect probably not good parenting to allow my 10 year-old son to go down the front with his mate but without me. He survived though.

Joan Shelley probably just edges it as my favourite set of the festival. Here I will forever be indebted to Slugger's eldest (who I feel sure we'll see before long performing at GM) for advising me of the switch, I'd have been broken-hearted to have missed her. A voice to melt your heart.

Close runners-up: Meilyr Jones, Phil Cook and Kevin Morby. Meilyr sat on the barrier right in front of me and I got some great pics. Once I've got sorted out I'll set up a flicker page and give the link here. Phil Cook was brilliant and we had a quick chat afterwards, lovely bloke. Meilyr was down by the stage after his set for over half an hour chatting, signing stuff and being generally lovely too. Elizabeth and I both wanted to take him home with us and feed him and buy him a pair of long enough trousers.

Other great stuff: Miracle Legion, YTK (thought Mr Khan rather stole the show), Ryley Walker (though preferred his set last year - much better band obviously), the Unthanks (great end to their set with us all singing harmonies!), UMO and Ezra (though watched most of both from just outside the tent as it was just too hot in there and my poor old plates of meat were aching by that point). Whitney were excellent and packed out the Walled Garden. Next time they'll be on the Mountain Stage, possibly headlining. Cowbois were lovely as always.

Slightly unexpected stuff I stumbled on: Plu made for a great start to Friday in the Walled Garden (again, thanks to Slugger jnr for the suggestion), the Oh Hellos were great fun (and had a banjo, cyfarthfa!), I See Rivers were a delight (they looked so happy just to be there and sang so sweetly), Daniel Norgren was far better than I'd imagined (thanks Elizabeth), Bill Baird was pretty good. Probably wouldn't have bothered with John Shuttleworth but went along with family McEvoy and grinned all the way through (despite being jabbed repeatedly in the neck with a camping chair by a grumpy fucker - how can one be grumpy at a JS gig?), kids loved it too and are still singing Eggs and Gammon.

Regrets - not many, missed Michael Rother somehow, son too tired to stay up for White Denim and B&S (the latter sounded great back at the tent).

Gripes - just the usual, bloody chatters at the front! Actually told someone to keep quiet at Joan Shelley (two guys behind me at the front comparing functions on their mobiles!) but the guys who kept up a continous conversation (shouting above the music at times) at Kevin Morby looked too tasty to tell off. The bizarre thing was they also seemed familiar with the songs - so why not fucking listen?

There was an officious security woman in the MS beer tent who pissed a few people off but that was negated by one of her colleagues handing out Pringles down at the front for Daniel Norgren.

Realy shocked to hear about the thefts - not something you expect at GM.

The vast majority of the people were, as always, a joy to be with. Had loads of chats with random people over the weekend.

Christ, even the Harriers won on Saturday!

Overall bloody brilliant, as I said our 10th and for me, the best ever Green Man. Massive congratulations to Fiona and the team for all their effort and imagination.

i'll write more later (work piled high here...  reality check...)

but just a quick one to say that we had a fab time

easily my least interesting GM music-wise

but the vibe outweighs it all, as ever

the biggest downer for me was how insanely fast it went

never had a GM that seemed to be over so soon

didn't see enough of everyone over the weekend either

peridot only once (obviously having far too good a time, frankly)

and kras and elizabeth a couple of times

everyone a delight, as ever, though

anyway - more boring post match analysis from me later

(plus a few aural reminders eventually - though not many this year)

ah, forgot to mention the real highlights - bumping into mr ray

and the other mr ray, mr ray neal of miracle legion

my most intersting, mr ray's least interesting

wouldn't do if we were all t'same though but

What a blast! This was our tenth. The children have grown up with GM and are no longer children. This year we were joined for the second year by my American girlfriend, who flew in specially from Philadelphia. I was less excited than normal about the line-up but as predicted this didn't matter one bit and a total hoot was had. My 18 year old daughter had a friend with her so we basically didn't see them all weekend, meaning my poor son was stuck with us acting like loons throughout. The excellent Agbeko (Chai Wallahs) kicked the party off for us, followed by the also very good By The Riversl. Saturday's highlight was Kamasi Washington straight into Jason Isbell. Washington was so worth the wait caused by whatever the technical problems were that they were having. Caught many other things that day amongst which Meilyr Jones stood out as particularly delightful. We kicked off Saturday with the beautiful and very poignant Clare Maguire and then fell in love with YTK. But nothing could cap Tindersticks then Edward Sharpe. We swooned and then we celebrated! I believe there was some more Chai Wallah action after that (by this point the Rum Bar had been well and truly discovered). From Songhoy Blues onwards Sunday was non-stop dancing as we dashed from that to Ezra Furman to B&S.


Highlights. First and foremost, after years of taking the children alone, being able to share GM with my loved one. It added so much to the festival's undoubted magic. We were able to share good times and musical passions (me introducing her to Tindersticks and Ezra, she introducing me to Edward Sharpe). Of course, the organization was impeccable, as ever. I liked a lot of the changes to the site (but seem to be in a minority on the Walled Garden. I thought it had less atmosphere and unlike most years spent almost no time there). 


But most of all the vibe just seemed incredibly good this year (maybe it was just us, but I don't think so). We met so many wonderful, happy, friendly people - big shout out to the "The Rum and Coke Kids" who shared with us during Edward Sharpe! This was a special, special year for me. 


ps. a personal thanks to the guy who collared me during White Denim absolutely convinced I was Mark Mulcahy, you gave us a giggle.

First time @ GM - well impressed by stunning location, layout, food and more ales and cider than is humanly possible to consume, friendly vibe, and by festival standards pretty immaculate loos.

Camped with family & friends in quiet camping as close-ish to orange parking with our ton of stuff, and is bliss when you've been camped by Block 9 at another festival beginning with G for the last few years!  


Far Out stage was my favourite - loads of awesomeness in here - Beak, Moonlandingz, Suuns, Cavern of Anti Matter, Ezra, and of course the mighty Grandaddy who played a blinder....He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot reduced me to tears.  Wasn't expecting that! Lovely moments... Missed Fat Whites due to old age, but caught them on tour earlier in year and could still hear bits of the set drifting in & out from campsite... My mate said Michael Rother was a once in a lifetime great experience also...

Mountain Stage - James Blake, Connan Mockasin had a loveply vibe,  Tindersticks, Gengahr were a new one to me and liked and would catch again, Songhoy Blues were a great festival act, White Denim, Warpaint, Margaret Glaspy on the early Sunday spot whilst drinking Bloody Mary's from the Flaming Lips stall...

Walled Garden - Emma Pollock, Pictish Trail....according to friends Loose Meat were grand also here.  Enjoyed listening to Charlotte Church from camp but alas didn't see in the flesh....whiled away a few hours in here just cider drinking and people watching too..

Green Man Rising I enjoyed Goat Girl who reminded me of Elastica days and Ysgol Sul...

Great food from Goan curry crew as ever and Jamon Jamon in the morning....other notables were Gandhis Flip Flop and Flying Cactus and the chippy.  

Weather didn't bother us too much as plenty of shelter and you could sit it out if prepared - out in the Welsh mountains after all so gonna be changeable, but the ground here seems to handle better than the clay sodden fields of Glastonbury, not sure how it fares under continuous deluge and dunno what some people were moaning about, they've obviously never experienced 'really bad'!!!? One inch of mud ain't no festival ruiner in my book...

Smoke bubbles, burning effigies, Far Out, Bloody Mary's, Growler IPA, superb ciders, nice folk.....this might become my new favourite summer festival.  As John Shuttleworth would say I Can't Go Back to Savoury now....well done GM, you were fantastic.   See yer next year.



"Weather didn't bother us too much as plenty of shelter and you could sit it out if prepared - out in the Welsh mountains after all so gonna be changeable, but the ground here seems to handle better than the clay sodden fields of Glastonbury, not sure how it fares under continuous deluge and dunno what some people were moaning about, they've obviously never experienced 'really bad'!!!? One inch of mud ain't no festival ruiner in my book..."

Compared to the forecast the weather was bloody amazing, plus most of the rain was overnight or in morning. No one could really have complained about the weather in the grabd scheme of things.

Believe me the mud has been bad in past years Jodarock. Can also confirm Michael Rother was sensational, and I do not use that word lightly.

Another lovely GM passes all too quickly, made bearable by reading everyone's fond memories. Arrived Thursday, headed over to Far Out as quickly as possible to watch MeatRaffle et al, but was only really impressed by Gizzard who were fab. Immediately confused at the bar by the choice of normal Growler (which looked much more golden than previously) and Pale Growler, which was actually darker - it doesn't take a lot but this definately twisted my melon. 

Friday daytime was great at the Mountain Stage - The Oh Hellos (and their whirling banjo player) were fab, as was Phil Cook, Meilyr Jones and Miracle Legion. Headed back in for Jason Isbell who i preferred when he stuck to the country template rather than the bombast of his rockier numbers. The music later on didn't really do anything for me, but we did catch Shelnanagig at Chai Wallahs who were fun. Lull was broken by an unexpectedly great set from Ms Church - so much fun, and had the crowd bouncing; loved the Neutral Milk Hotel cover as well as the Nine Inch Nails mentioned earlier. Managed to catch most of Meilyr's secret set but headed back before the end on unsteady pins.

Started Saturday a little bleary eyed, but was helped out by a couple of great Bloody Mary's from Flaming Lips - hair of the dog and a few of your five a day to boot, what's not to like? Saw I See Rivers at WG who were lovely (only got the pun when i heard their accents), over to CD to see FarmHand and the trippy video visuals. Back to MS to see YTK who were mesmerising (esp. Khan as mentioned elsewhere), followed by a bedraggled looking Ryley Walker. Nice set, but i preferred his gig a few days earlier in Cardiff TBH. Unthanks were fab as ever (inc. 3 part harmonies from the crowd), Tindersticks majestic, and Edward Sharp was a pleasant surprise - not one for serious muso's but got the crowd bouncing. Stayed for Laura who i usually love (great at EOTR last year) but felt a bit dreary - wished i'd gone to see Pictish TBH. Finished off to a great gig from the Fat White's - blistering and epic.

Couldn't believe it was end of Saturday already and only one more day to go.... :(

Weather had been more than bearable and much better than forecast. GM seems to be the only place i can get sunburn and trenchfoot on the same weekend though!

Sunday was mainly Mountain Stage again - Dan Norgren was fab, Gengahr workmanlike, Slow Club started well but i headed over to FO for Kevin Morby who was sensational. Saw Songhoy who got crowd dancing like crazy chickens. Finished off in Walled Garden with Whitney who i love on record but voice was wobbly live. Unfortuantely Joan Shelley (one of my must sees) had swapped with Sam Lee so i missed her. SL was fab though, as was Malc (playing with JL) - cheery as ever, finished off with You're all Going to Die alone (loved it). Then for the biggest clash of the weekend - familial democracy won and i had to forego Grandaddy for B&S - another great set though and definite H&S palpitations from security as half the crowd ended up on stage for Arab Strap singalong. Off to the fireworks and ritual burning for the end to another wonderful weekend - don't know how they do it, but it never gets boring - big love and thanks to all involved x

Arrived on Monday to set up camp on a spot we had eyed up least year, just to left of path about 100 yards from box office, lots of passing traffic as people came back in the evenings/mornings but with the bonus of no one passing through to their own tents and close to the car which was a blessing on Monday. Visited Taybont waterfalls, Crickhowell and mostly mooched around, failed to see any music in Settlers again.

Thursday - Daughter and friend arrived late, hadn't seen her for a month so was keen to meet her at Tower Gate, this meant missing Meatraffle who I was quite keen to see but judging the comments here it was the right decision. Caught up with said daughter so didn't get to see anything else.


Tony Njoku - quite enjoyed him, much better than previous winners

Steven Adams - Excellent as always, songs of disappointment and regret leavened with humour

Membranes - much better than expected, furious post punk

Meilyr Jones - lovely offbeat welsh pop

Kamasi Washington - Only saw last 30mns, much funkier than I expected, should have seen it all

Suuns - didn't really do it for me, enjoyed them more last time they played, so went to see...

Jason Isbell - Sometimes you need some country rock to get your groove going, a superb set

Floating Points - only caught last 10mns, should have seen more

Kiran Leonard - Fantastic set, one of the best of the weekend


Farm Hand - Mark from Islet's latest project, interesting and innovative as always, enhanced by Crstal and Casey's weird visuals

Fews - Just the last 5 mins, wish I'd seen more

Jon Doran - Giving a reading from his book Jolly Lad at Dylan's Mobile Bookstore. I had tried to get the book after reading some excellent reviews when it was published but sold out everywhere and seemingly impossible to get hold of. Now have a signed copy and cd of the same, nice guy too.

Dungen - Excellent if rather earnest

Michael Rother - Outstanding set of pulsating Kosmiche Musik and what a drummer! They seemed genuinely surprised by the reception.My top set of the weekend

Baba Naga - Great Pysch Doom set

Pictish Trail - A wonderful set of glorious Disco Folk. He was resplendent in a colourful cape and heavily glittered beard, much fun was had

Battles - Last 15 mins, very good

Off to Cinedrome to see 1/2 hour of The Man Who Fell to Earth

Fat White Family - Fast and furious, very good indeed although Lias seemed sllightly distracted


Happy Meal Ltd. - Intrigued enough to go and see them. Compellingly bad, overworked in every way, costume, build up, though the first few songs were awful, the guy next to me said it's pantomime really. And yet... the last two songs were rather good, very much in a Birthday Party style admittedly, and the frontman was entertaining. They'll probably crash and burn...

Gengahr - first half, quite good

Moonlandingz - Very good indeed, great band led by the Eccentronic Research Council. Lias seemed a different character to the Fat Whites, happy, joking with band mates, although necking a bottle of wine during the set might have eased his mood

To Literary to listen to talk by AmyLiptrot but missed as timing changed, flagging a bit after late night so back to tent for restorative cup of tea, fell asleep for and hour and missed Songhoy Blues, wife and daughter enjoyed alot.

Ezra Furman - Roused myself for this, magnificent, fantastic crowd. 'You;re so sweet, I can't be angry' hehe. But he was at times, spitting the words out. A great set.

Back to tent to listen to B&S, not my thing but sounded fun, with what sounded like the politest stage invasion ever.

Regrets - not seeing more of Floating Points and Fews, missing Malcolm Middleton, Cavern of Anti Matter and Charlotte Church either because of clashes or fatigue. Not complaining though very happy to see what I did.

Thought the few changes made were all good. Weather much better than forecast, not too muddy, rain mostly at night.

Failed yet again to meet anyone from here, maybe next year...

I bloody love Green Man.

PS - Just heard a new Lambchop track on the radio, new album out in November, headliners next year? :)




Year 4 of Green Man and lots of changes it seemed!


Whitney; Both Meilyr sets; Charlotte Church; Alex Horne; Rhod Gilbert; Palace Winter; Margaret Glaspy; B&S; BC Camplight

Slight (but still good) disappointments!;

Second half of James Blake; Genghar; Laura Marling

- Really missed having a big fun act like Hot Chip headlining this year (who I wasn't looking forward to last year at all!) but White Denim and Ezra helped that.

- More stuff like the late night Meilyr, Fat White and Charlotte please!!

- Can't believe how much stuff was still being built on the Thursday and Friday - haven't seen this mentioned anywhere but it didn't seem finished?

- So many sound issues, late starts - especially in far out, instruments breaking - especially in the walled garden.

- So many chatty crowds - I know everyone has been saying that they dealt well with the crowd increase but I disagree it *felt* busy and an awful lot of younger large groups of people taking all sorts although...

- Kudos to security, had an issue with a group playing music in the campsite obnoxiously loud at 4am and when I told security they went over and sorted it while I hid in my tent - didn't fancy coming back to any retribution! 

I know it sounds like a whine but I absolutely loved it and I will be back next year and looking forward to it! Still blissful and safe, just not as quiet and felt there were downsides to the improvements!!

Having seen White Denim, Meilyr and Ezra at Glasto this year, their reaction to the crowds at Green Man compared to the crowds at Glasto really made you realise how special it is. What a completely different experience they were having on that stage!

That's a good point Lydia. I saw Meilyr and Ezra at Glasto and while they were both great performances, there was just no comparasion with Green Man. It shows how much the audience contributes to the overall experience.


I think it must make a HUGE difference to a band to know and see that an audience is properly watching and enjoying a set, that the band has their full attention, which may not always be the case at a bigger/more commercially popular festival.


i've seen tindersticks many, many times over the last 20 years

and i've NEVER seen stuart staples look that happy

he was still grinning when he almost ran us over leaving the site the next morning

Thanks GM. Another great experience. Did Settlers again this year. It's now become a necessity otherwise the long trip from Ireland would mean missing some of Thursdays ever-expanding offerings. Enjoyed some good live performances there especially 2 from Climbing Trees. Managed to get out and about in the lovely surrounding area on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Thursday: Unlike others here I enjoyed the Meatraffle experience. I think it must have taken a lot of practice to appear simultaneously so shambolic and yet entertaining. 

Friday: Not overly impressed with Tony Njoku so hit the Walled Garden to see Plu (massively improved from last years Settlers performance). Back over to M Stage for the Oh Hellos but really not my thing. I felt the vocals were drowned in a mess of Mumfordish instruments. (2 drummers. Why?) So back to the Walled Garden for a much more stripped down, intimate and witty performance from Steven James Adams. Back over to M stage for Phil Cook and once again rebounding back to the Walled Garden to possibly become the only forum regular to experience 3 Growlers at the festival; Growler, Growler Pale IPA and Forum favourite Trevor Sensor.

Miracle Legion who had passed me by all those years ago were excellent on the Mountain Stage so I was late getting up to see Kamasi. Slugger Junior was already in there at the front and claims he was magnificent. I stood on tiptoes on the fringes of a packed Far Out and being unable to see or hear the show clearly I struggled to get into it. (One of my very few regrets of the festival). Agree with the sentiments expressed re. Jason Isbell back on the main stage. Great show, great sound. 

Saturday: Started in the Walled Garden on Krasnyi's advice for I See Rivers who were so entertaining they delayed us getting down for a 3rd GM dose of Climbing Trees at the Rising stage. I had the Rising stage marked as a place to go if there was a gap in the weekend schedule but anytime I passed it over the weekend it appeared packed. Anyone else find this? Maybe the shape of the stage together with location means that unless you get close (first 20 rows) it's really impossible to see or hear much from it. Anyway short of literally doing as their name suggested there was no way I was seeing much of the band but it's good to see them getting a good following. Loved the YTK album on first listen but it wasn't a grower. Much more impressive live. Ryley's new stuff sounded great and the Unthanks were as impressive as I'd hoped. The Aidan Moffat thing in the Cinema tent was hilarious and poignant in equal measures and quite brilliant. Tindersticks as others have said were very very special. 

Sunday: Daniel Norgren early Sunday was nothing short of magnificent for me as was Kevin Morby later in the Far Out. Also enjoyed Cowbois in the Walled Garden. Didn't enjoy Whitney so much but can't work out why. Good tunes but a bit annoying! Malcolm Middleton with Johnny Pictish throwing shapes beside him was a great way to say goodbye to the Walled Garden for another year before heading up to an emotional and buzzing Far Out tent (did Ezra do that?!) for an emotional and buzzing Grandaddy performance.

My "Green Man Moment" of this year came at the end of the Sam Lee gig on Sunday evening. Although their time was up Sam and band came into the middle of the Walled Garden for an acappella encore and bathed in red light with a crowd of us circled around them they sang a beautiful old folk song. Behind me in the crowd a beautiful female voice began singing in perfect harmony with them. The crowd all around (even the hen-do girls, even the eejit with the blow-up doll) stood in respectful silence. When it was over I turned to compliment the female behind me on her beautiful voice and to ask her the name of the song which she obviously knew very well. It was only a drenched Rachel Unthank! 


My sixth Green Man this year - unfortunately having turned up on Tuesday and having a wonderful couple of days in the Settlement, it was a bit of a shocker from therein with sickness in our group that floored one member of our group (now on the mend). As a result it wasn't much fun at all this year. That said, we did make it through the week, and it just reaffirmed what a great festival it is. A couple of observations of my own:

- The changes to the site made everything feel far more spacious

- It must've been the deepest lineup they've had since I've been going - we missed a lot of stuff that we really wanted to see.

- The change in approach to the all night disco ball was absolutely fantastic. I really hope it sticks.

- Special shout out to my top 5 then: 

White Denim: This year one of two really special bands I'd never heard of before - it's what Green Man is all about for me

Ezra: Soon will be my most seen live act

Grandaddy: Didn't see it all but have recently become rather obsessed with some of their music

Pictish Trail: Never managed to see him before and wanted to take the opportunity of his clashing with nothing much, really enjoyed it

Black Peaches: Love their album, loved their set

Biggest let down was the lack of crowd for Jason Isbell, who is my number 6. At that point I thought there was only about 10,000 people there - but I subsequently understand there was an extra 5,000. Speaks volumes for the impact of the changes to the site As it really didn't feel crowded.

I really hope to be back for many years to come

A thousand apologies to Veuf as I fear that it was I who mistook him for Mark Mulcahy on Friday night. By way of a plea in mitigation it had been a long days drinking, I was tired and emotional and by that stage was struggling to open the doors of perception with a bent key. The real tragedy however is that this revelation must now cast serious doubt on my other recollections of that fine night and suggests that I did not in fact split a Twix with Laura Marling, kayak down the Usk with Stuart Staples nor share a bus top hot tub with the remaining members of Earth, Wind and Fire. Mind you, Green Man, not unlike Reading,is a place where anything is possible and I still had a glorious time inadvertently spreading the love by causing a few giggles

Quite the opposite, not a single apology needed smitschmit. I love that I posted about it and that you spotted it and I love that the whole thing occured in the first place. Somehow it encapsulated what was for me a very happy, celebratory and downright silly weekend. I just hope that I didn't mess with your mind too much (I too was not entirely sober). And all of those other things definitely happened! Keep the faith! 

presumably you sport an impressive beard veuf?

either that or smitchmit really did lose touch with reality

I did get to say hello to Mark and Ray

If it had transpired that Veuf was a middle aged woman named Angela who was sporting a Boden headscarf at the time of our alcohol soaked encounter then I would definitely be booking into The Priory. Ive never been so pleased to hear news of facial hair.

As it is, I still find myself bursting into a medley of Lets Groove & Boogie Wonderland whenever I get into my tin bath so all may not be lost. As befits a good northern soul,Veuf, Im keeping the faith . 

a truly brillaint GM this year again spent with a large group of family and friends. I enjoyed late nights at the far out tent with Jagwar ma and fat white family highlights (the late band slot in the tent is great by the way). Also enjoyed sublime moutain stage performances from meilyr jones (fun, energy) tindersticks (chilled out perfection), belle and sebastian(lovely festival end) james blake (the lad really suprised me with a touch of genius on friday night) and white denim (bloody great). And i was pleased to see less deck chair rows this year which led to a much improved mountain stage atmosphere with performances much livelier and bands happier to play in front of large, standing audiences. Also really enjoyed some smaller scale performances form sea pinks(jangle guitar) and fews (tremendous delay pedal excess). 

All in all, great vibes, everyone happy, great music, didn't hear anything i didn't really like, loved every minute. Thanks GM

Really enjoyed it but the weather put a bit of a dampner on things for me, was glad it didn't chuck it down constantly but I can imagine how lovely the site would be if the weather was great (I understand this is a rarity though!) The ground coped very well with the amount of rain and mud.

The site was a lot bigger than I thought it would be, I thought it would be roughtly the same size as End of the Road but it was loads bigger. The walk from the orange car park to a free camping spot on Thursday afternoon was a bit of a trek.

It was all really well organised and slick, sound was good, security were very chilled and it was great having the screens on the Mountain and Far Out stages. Loved all the branding and thought the pint glass thing worked really well. Didn't see any security/stewards in the campsite but we didn't have any problems so that wasn't an issue.

Musical highlights were:

  • Phil Cook - have wanted to see him for ages and he didn't disappoint. Lovely guy as well.
  • Meilyr Jones - loved his swagger and songs
  • BC Camplight - bitter, booze soaked piano ballads. Not sure about drinking a whole bottle of JD in the afternoon though
  • Haiku Salut - great set and a perfect start to Sunday
  • Songhoy Blues - one of the biggest crowds of the weekend and great to see so many dancing. A total joy to watch them
  • Whitney - this bunch of bros were hanging out their arses but I enjoyed their sunny set in the WG and inbetween song banter. TOBY!
  • Ezra Furman - fantastic, he keeps getting better. Great band too.

Wanker quota seemed low which was nice and it was lovely seeing all the little ones having a good time. Found people to be generally very friendly. Spoke to one lady in the queue for the showers who wasn't enjoying herself and described it as "very commercial"...WTAF?

Very minor complaints:

  • Some people camped near us felt the need to territorially fence off about 6 tents + gazebo with chintzy bunting...totally unnecessary.
  • Lack of soap gel and loo paper in the loos. Unless I was really unlucky, at least 50% of the loos I went in had no hand stuff left which is really gross when you think about how many people won't wash their hands as a result. My male friends said there was never any hand gel in the gents' urinals.
  • Beer and cider selling out so quickly. Was good while it lasted.
  • Wild Beasts titting about with their lighting for so long.
  • Laura Marling choosing not to have the screens on, it's not exactly music to dance for and would have been nice to get a better view of the set from the slopes.
  • My partner was extremely sick on the Sunday night...possibly food poisining, as I walked him back to our tent...B&S were playing "Get me away from here I'm dying"...you've got to laugh. One of our group also came down with it when he got home. Not a great end to the weekend.

I presumed the screen weren't working or turned off for safety reasons (predicted high winds) ??? 

When Laura Marling played the festival before, screens were on. Unless she's becoming precious in her old age! 

I didn't actually consider that they just weren't working which could well have been it, they were on for Edward Sharpe beforehand if I remember. In that case, apologies for suggesting LM didn't want them on....sorry Laura - my bad!

very commercial?!!!!  How can anyone call green man very commercial?  If the lady in the shower queue thinks it was very commercial, she should have gone and seen what v festival is like (just look at the website).   Actually, Devon girl, were you at the right festival?  Were you at green man for all the good music, atmosphere, etc but then travelling across the country to v festival just to queue for a shower?

never had problem with empty hand wash in the toilets and always carry my own as well so prepared for exiting the gents urinals. It is worrying if hand wash dispensers were empty then there is serious risk of spreading bacteria. other forum members have commented on 'food poisoning' by end of the weekend.  Perhaps Walter could make a note of this and ensure there is hano wash for the gents plus back up for cubicles.

My son was as sick as a small hospital after we arrived home.

However I'm not sure Green Man can be held responsible for a mucky 12 year old's poor hand hygene.

The screens were off for Tindersticks which didn't surprise me (although they did flash on briefly). Anyone know if they were also off for Edward Sharpe? If so I would suspect a fault rather than Prima donna behaviour.

Speaking of which, I see Joanna Newsom has once again secured an exclusive headline slot at EOTR ... as in no other act playing at the same time. So anyone with taste has the option of an early night or nothing. Oh dear.

Well, we've got Teenage Fanclub and 3 surprise sets to look forward to after JN so early bed not going to be my option.  So its either one of the drink tents (which probably won't aid staying awake for TF or the surprise sets) or the Silent Disco (? involving Parma Violets?) or the Forest Disco. Will be interesting to see how packed the bars and the discos are.