2014 suggestions

few ideas for 2014:


Crystal Castles, Health- check the Die Slow track, The Orb, Gavin Friday, Cathal Coughlan (former lead singer of the fatima mansions), public service broadcast- ON A BIGGER STAGE, ..oh the list could go on

Please Walter, it would be great if Sun Kil Moon were to pop over to Wales for an awayday from Jabberwocky too.
Since my newly developed obsession with all things Mark Kozelek, in particular his new 'Benji' album, it would be wonderful to see him perform this at GM.

Good call. Bit of a favourite on the Marc Riley show is Kiran Leonard. Not heard anything more than this single yet, but another one for further investigation. Believe Marc's got him on for a session next week

Linda Perhacs K?

I think she's unlikely to appear @ GM (though I agree she'd be a great addition to the bill). However she's playing a few UK dates later this year. My other half has got us some for her Liverpool show which is in a lovely intimate venue - looking forward to that. I'm sure she'll be appearing somewhere near your neck of the woods soon too. Must also add a "hear, hear!" to your Foxygen suggestion.

I also notice that Cate Le Bon will be back on these shores and is appearing at a few other festivals around August so maybe there's a chance she'll return to GM. I certainly hope so.

Just saw that Chad VanGaalen is playing EOTR . I'm sure if Walter asks nicely he will come play his first Green Man festival too.. I'm confident that would make a lot of people here happy.

Kiran Leonard seconded.

Linda Perhacs is playing Lunar Festival in June

Cate le Bon definitely NOT at /Green Man according to Stephen 'Sweet Baboo' Black - E0TR instead.

Right, it's VanGaalen ... found him on YouTube. Christ on a bike ... he's dire. The Sassenachs are welcome to that one.

No offence tcashin, but in my useless opinion Canadian music ain't what it used to be.

as a rule i don't take offence to other people expressing opinions on any forms of art. If I did, it'd hardly brighten my day to frequent a place like this

Very true tcashin.

And I'm also unfair to judge Canada in the perspective of the incredible riches it's given the world already.

Peridot if you have some free time, here are some modern Canadian artists that are worth checking out in my opinion. These are not targeted suggestions as I don't know what type of music you're in to, which is always risky. Don't expect you'll appreciate all of them, but perhaps some if you give them a chance.

Timber Timbre, Dan Mangan, Amelia Curran, Feist, Patrick Watson, People on Pause, The Burning Hell, Thee Silver Mt. Zion, Caribou, Half Moon Run, Steve Maloney and the Wandering Kind, Paper Beat Scissors (okay maybe he's a Brit, but he's ours now).

I love getting music recommendations tcashin, so appreciate this greatly. Feist is not my glass of Moosehead, but I do love Caribou and Half Moon Run (although desperately in need of some new material having flogged the first album to death). I vaguely recognise some of the other names but none is familiar to me so I shall enjoy exploring.

Fair, although with Feist if you only have surface exposure to her that is painted by the song 1234 and the like, then i'd encourage you to give her most recent album Metals a chance. It's really a fantastic piece of work straight through. She essentially disowned the song 1234 and seems to recoil at the reputation it's given her in the mainstream pop world outside Canada. I saw her live this past Monday and it was her first solo show she'd played in roughly 8 years or so, it was really a brilliant performance. If you've listened to the better part of Metals and are not into it, then fine, but those who dismiss her as a pop icon based on her most popular song or two from seven years ago are really doing an injustice to her and to themselves.

Very agreed about Half Moon Run. I have the chance to travel to Halifax to see them in early May, but not going to bother because I feel like they won't have anything much new to offer.. And they're opening for City and Colour who I couldn't really care less about.

And funny you should mention Moosehead, which while it is absolutely putrid bottled beer, they happen to be the only macrobrewery in Canada that brew a cask ale, for offer in their flagship pub. It's not the worst cask I've had actually, quite drinkable in stark contrast to anything bottled they make. Casks are quite hard to come by here, so for a big name brewery to bother with one is virtually unheard of in Canada.

I sat listening to the new Timber Timbre in my local record store on Friday. Added to my wishlist, will listen again before buying, but would definitely check out if added to GM 2014

What about indie rock upstarts Tokyo Police Club, tcashin? Saw them at Latitude 3 or 4 years ago playing to a teenage audience who were word perfect with lyrics. They were really great - loads of energy. And a nice bunch of Canucks to boot.


Hooded Fang... Tosta Mista, one of my favourite records of 2012... would love to see these guys
Woodpigeon was great too, saw him support Andrew Bird. Does the guy always play solo or does he have a band too?

talking, as we were earlier, of the execrable future islands

one of those predictive on-line recommendation algorithms just suggested to me that i buy their record

based on the fact that i'd bought karl ove knausgaard's novel 'a death in the family'

anyone care to take a stab at plotting that spectacularly obtuse connection?

it does reassure me slightly that we may be a little further away from the computer-brained robot takeover than distopian singularity theorists fear

I'm beginning to find that Future Islands Letterman appearance oddly fascinating now, though it does remind me of that David Brent dancing episode from The Office

rayrad ... it claims to be evaluating your previous purchases ...

It's actually tracking your youtube views of the Letterman clip ...

thinking you love it ...

when you're actually just checking for the umpteenth time that you didn't just imagine the whole insane thing.

Just watched that Future Islands Letterman clip....utterly execrable, as you say Ray and a telling observation of what is now considered suitable for mainstream popular TV.
I can only think that maybe somewhere in this lazy computer-predictive society you have been caught on CCTV dancing, maybe down at the front during Donovan or Doves.
My only fear now is what suggestions I'll be offered, having watched the clip..........

Keeping on the future islands cringe factor, check out Holly Burn - Wine on the line up page.. it does give hope to those with little or no talent to still somehow succeed in life.

but at what terrible cost?

success is one word for it

but that letterman clip will still be available for all to see when he's 60

and pumping gas

Shouldn't think he's too bothered with 872,077 hits in only a couple of weeks mind. Not bad going for a debut network appearance, especially if a relatively small percentage of those go and buy the album. Dare I say that figure won't be lost on festival organisers looking to sell a few tickets either? Don't think we need to worry too much about that though

don't you think, though, that most of those hits are from people whose friends have sent them a link saying "jesus, you have to see this... man almost soils himself on live television!"

people are watching from behind their hands

some of them from behind the sofa, i'd warrant

Granted, it's a peculiarly unique performance. He's going to have to do something really untoward to top it. Probably best not to dwell on that

Oh dear

I watched it ...

Then I watched it again...

Now I can't stop thinking about it ...

Help me!

God, I do love Hammock. In the same way that I love AWVFTS. I would imagine that there's an equally minuscule chance of either playing GM, but just saying.


I would love to see Daniel Rossen, he is in the UK that week, his EP is rather good, his solo stuff is quite beautiful if you have yet to hear it, more like Department of Eagles than Grizzly Bear.

Hey folks,

I'm really looking forward to this. The lineup looks great. I was at this in 2012 for Walkmen, Alt J, Willy Mason etc. That was an incredible experience. This has the making of being as good.

I'm really impressed with Mac DeMarco and Other Lives after listening to them recently for the first time.

I also know and love Bill Callahan, Sun Kil Moon, Jonathan Wilson, Real Estate, Daughter, Kurt Vile. Is there any of the other acts appearing people could recommend in this vein?

I love that Daniel Rossen EP as well. Good shout that.


based on the complex algorithm generated by your varied tastes, i'd say you'd probably also enjoy sharon van etten and angel olsen

and karl ove knausgaard's novel, my struggle

don't do much for me

good drummer though - who they nicked off dean wareham

can we have dean wareham actually?