2014 suggestions

few ideas for 2014:


Crystal Castles, Health- check the Die Slow track, The Orb, Gavin Friday, Cathal Coughlan (former lead singer of the fatima mansions), public service broadcast- ON A BIGGER STAGE, ..oh the list could go on

I would be surprised to see The National play Green Man after headlining the 35000+ Latitude just two years earlier. Their profile is, if anything, slightly higher than then and I know that there are bands who seem to be OK with playing considerably smaller events when they're 'big event' acts, but not many - for that reason I think that Neil Young is a non-starter.

I still haven't had anyone respond, positively, negatively or otherwise (!), to my prediction of Conor Oberst as Saturday headliner. He has the sort of long-standing cult profile of a classic GM musicians' musician, to my eye. As I mentioned before, his tie-in with the still rising First Aid Kit makes me willing to wager a shiny pound on the Nebraska boy being saturday night's closer. You read it here first...


Ok. I see where you're coming from re The National and NY but where else do they have to go other then Glasto if he will only play bigger every time?And what then? Sometimes perhaps a bigger star will be happy maybe to play a festival for its reputation? We can hope.

On the subject of Connor Oberst, I agree, he would be very GM friendly and I would love to see him again. Seen only once at latitude a few years ago and really enjoyed it but was aware of a bit of a cult following at the time. He was a captivating performer. Keep polishing that shiny pound! The lack of news on the EOTR front is slightly baffling though as everyone else has given at least some info and given the short time between the two festivals, I can't help thinking there is some connection to a GM artist.

Great night on Tuesday at Birmingham's premier music venue (aka the Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath) grinning from ear to ear and incessant toe-tapping to Keston Cobblers Club who, the more I hear them, put me in mind of a very English version of Beirut. They were on early last year in the Walled Garden, bring them back for a mid-afternoon slot on the main stage - perfect for a balmy August day.

Agree Elizabeth, KC has to be there this year though he has gone awful quiet following the success of Diamond Mine and the break-up of Fence.

he was supposed to be relaunching fence in january

wish he'd get on with it

and yes - a GM without him is a poorer one

on the subject of those who were once regulars every year, what of adem?

Enjoyed Keston CC last year but they made the classic schoolboy error between songs of remarking on the weather "here in England!"

Hmm, similarly poor was James Blake's observation a couple of years ago that Green Man was a very English scene....rumblings of discontent ensued.

Easy star all-stars are touring the uk with Dub side of the moon during August,could be good for a sunny afternoon or late night in the far out.

Thanks for mentioning Sun Kil Moon, Stablewill, I've only encountered Mark Kozelek before on tribute covers of Jason Molina's songs, but on your recommendation I listened to your link and find I need to do some serious research...if you can give me any pointers, I'd appreciate it.
He does sound like a fit for GM.

Elizabeth.. you know what - I kind of gave up on Mark Kozelek during his Red House Painters era. I found the music nice enough - but a bit bland for my teenage ears. This was many years ago now - I may be more appreciative of it 20 odd years down the line. Anyhow i'd assumed that the Sun Kil Moon stuff was in the same vein - but this latest album has put paid to that assumption. I gave it a listen after reading a glowing review and have been hooked the last couple of weeks. I think he's been doing this 'stream of consciousness' biographical stuff for the last few albums - but I've yet to explore further - once I've played Benji to death i'll start working backwards..

Not much help - but i'm sure others here have monitored him much more closely.

ha - i've kind of been the other way around!

was a big fan of early RHP - and gradually lost interest over a stream of ensuing solo and SKM records (though they're all basically solo, really)

the second and third RHP records (both called red house painters, confusingly - though known by their cover images as 'rollercoaster' and 'bridge') are pretty essential - as is ocean beach, i think

rollercoaster in particular is astonishing

though ocean beach is probably an easier entry point

I have been listening to all your suggestions during today...thanks so much, I am now officially deeply into MK's music and look forward to hearing the rest of his catalogue, it's great when you're just at the beginning of a new musical discovery, isn't it?
Tracks from 'Benji', 'Somehow the Wonder of Life Prevails' and 'Katy Song' are current favourites.
He is playing at ATP Jabberwocky the same weekend as GM, as are Neutral Milk Hotel and Caribou...let's hope the crossover extends to Sun Kil Moon.

I liked a lot of the RHP stuff without being madly into them. Last year someone played me a track from the Kozelek Jimmy Lavalle album and I thought it was fantastic. The album was one of my favorites of last year. The one with Desertshore is also excellent. The new one "Benji" under the Sun Kil Moon name is just brilliant. Although it's basically Kozelek reciting thoughts or stories I get something new each time I listen to it; the way a word is emphasised or a detail is revealed... Hard to explain why someone telling personal stories over pleasant music is so essential...

Slugger, I know exactly what you mean about 'Benji'; I'm pretty obsessed with it at the moment for the same reasons....it's just wonderful.

Carnie, thanks for that - like him a lot. Plenty of Jansch and Davy Graham in there as you say, no coincidence then that there's a big nod towards Jimmy Page's acoustic work on "That's the Way", "Going to California" etc.

I'd just like to throw in a quick "hear, hear!" to those who've suggested Goat (who are already confirmed as one of the headliners for this year's Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia).

I'd also like to second those suggesting some crazy Japanese psych, particularly Acid Mother's Temple.

Easy Star All Stars playing Dubside of the Moon would also be most welcome.

Don't think anyone's mentioned Smoke Fairies. They've got a new one coming out soon and it'd be good to have them back too.

wasn't overly enthused by the track i heard from the new smoke fairies record

having said that, they're always great live

and i'm already booked to see them three times this year!

Talking of Dubside of the Moon - I saw the Australian Pink Floyd on Saturday night in Cardiff.
If anyone likes Floyd but have never seen them, I recommend these guys (and girls) great light show too.

At home today, doing housework and jobs and stuff and listening to music as I do so.

I just had to stop and come online to declare what an utterly, stunningly, consistently magnificent record First Aid Kit's The Lion's Roar is. I wonder when I last listened to a record with such a high level of quality on EVERY song.

Slightly off topic maybe, except my 2014 Suggestion is that at GM 2014 First Aid Kit play every single song from the record, please!


With you on The Lion's Roar Benny, still get's better with every play. a mighty piece of work and not a dud on the whole album. Never managed to see them so really looking forward to seeing them this year.

what? you didn't see their early evening set in the walled garden four years ago, krasnyi?

where they spoke to the crowd in english and their dad on the sound desk in swedish

that was a great show