1st announcement bingo

how about this

everyone guess 10 bands that will appear in the first announcement

a point for every UK based band - two for a band from elesewhere

winner gets a prize (lock of my hair, small tub of toenail clippings)

here's my punt - based mostly on likelihood, rather than hope:


steve mason


euros childs

hen ogledd

nilüfer yanya

the fernweh

sharon van etten

jenny lewis

the national

the comet is coming


I'm going with -


Anais Mitchell

Pictish Trail

Steve Mason

She Drew The Gun


Sharon Van Etten

James Yorkstone

BC Camplight

Better Oblivion Community Center

and the results are in!

in reverse order...

with 1 point -  a little otter / mikey

with 2 points - moz

with 3 points - muddy holly / roscoe 10

with 4 points - BPH / decemberboy

with 5 points - sugarchips / carnie / krasnyi

with 6 points - smithers / elizabeth / mookid

with 7 points - me / electronicfreq

with 8 points - jed the humanoid / peridot

but the winner

with 9 points



let me know where i should send my offcuts

oops, missed TVAM on the list

that moves sugarchips and mookid up a place - with 6 points and 7 points respectively

and peridot too - putting him in joint lead with wakestock on 9 points!

do we need a tiebreaker...?

I did so badly it’s almost like I didn’t want the toe nail clippings!

Fair enough the games over now, but will be interested to see if any of mine get added to the bill later.

I think it’s only fair we split the spoils Peridot. I’d love a lock of that lustrous hair if you’re happy with the toenail clippings? I can DM you the shipping address Ray, or I’ll be more than happy to wait and collect my prize in August?

obvs that's not happening

unless you're all prepared to meet while those inexplicably popular shouty fuckers are on

otherwise i'll need a shipping address, wakestock

Talking of which I see from their Facebook page that Audiobooks have already revealed that they’ll be playing on the Thursday evening. Has it been confirmed somewhere that Idles will be headlining Thursday, or are we just assuming this might be the case?

I don't think it's been confirmed anywhere.

And I really don't think it would be a good idea to have them on the Thursday night.

Are we assuming next announcement will be Friday? It has been St David’s Day last couple of years. No doubt about the fact Ray as enough hair for Round 2, and I guess he’s probably had time to replenish the jar of toenail clippings by now. 

you're right!

and they've confirmed it on FB

i've had quite a substantial haircut - and, like a fool, saved none of the clippings

but my toenails continue to grow at their usual astonishing rate

so we're all good for round 2, i think