10 Songs

Plenty of lists of bands we want to see, but which 10 songs are you most looking forward to hearing live in all their glory?

After doing lots of homework, discovering some great new bands and taking into account the views of my kids, this is my top 10:

NMH - Ghost (told kids I would take them into the mosh pit for this one)
Teleman - Mainline (plenty of crackers on the album, but this singalong beauty has become a total summer anthem in our house)
Samantha Crain - Kidface (only discoverd recently, after reading another threat and boy am I glad I did, what a voice, what a song)
Daughter - Still (discovered, ironically by my daughter, on day of first announcement - should be gorgeous live)
First Aid Kit - King of the World (not even sure they'll play it now they've got 3 albums to choose from, but fingers crossed)
Augustines - Cruel City (another recent, but very welcome discovery)
Boy and Bear - Southern Sun (hopefully on a sunny late afternoon in the walled garden with the one beer my kids let me have!)
Toy - Join the dots (love all of the first album, but seen them play it live a few times - this is the best of the latest album)
Waterboys - Whole of the moon (festival moment in waiting?)
Mercury Rev - Delta Sun bottleneck stomp (just the last bit really, but always makes me smile which is a good thing)

I have finally got over the 'loss' of Belle and Sebastian (what happened there?) and am getting very excited about seeing the full day by day line up, so I can work out if I can actually get to hear all of the above and plenty more that didn't make the cut.

Oooooh! I LOVE a good list thread!

Will review my ridiculously long GM2014 playlist (around 80 albums!) and get back to you ASAP!


The Lion's Roar (First Aid Kit): the thump ... thump... thump... of the drum, the mist drifting across the mountain stage, the last light of a descending sun, bubbles (hey kids! not too many) and then that gorgeous clear voice ..."now the pale morning sings of forgotten things ..." mmmm

You Missed my heart (Sun Kil Moon): I know every word of this but it gets me every time.

Pioneers (Tunng): a real festival singalong song like a soothing chant

Habit (Ought): Powerful, emotional and very very Talking Heads!

Don't bang the Drum (the Waterboys): Custom made to kick-start any festival.

Water's Edge (We are Catchers): A gorgeous song from a gorgeous album. I hope they can transfer that piano sound to a live stage.

Lost in a dream (The War on Drugs): Anthemic

Small Plane (Bill Callahan): I don't usually sing along especially to someone with a voice like Bill but if he does this I will be crooning "I really aaahhhaammmmm a lucky maaaan"

Where the Wild Wind Blows (Will Varley): Amidst all the humour (admit it "Nick Clegg on his Gameboy Advance" is a funny line) Will has got some lovely songs.

Kodak Ghosts (Michael Chapman): At some stage during Michael Chapman's set someone will look up and say "where's the other guitarist?!!"

Ok, I've tried, TRIED, to get down to ten. And after only about 15 minutes of looking and pruning I CAN'T! Well, I could, but I don't want NOT to put so many in my list. And I could have gone on and on. TBH, for most of the artists below there are several (many) songs that could just as easily replace the one I chose. In the spirit of the 'ten' requested and others' lists, I have restricted myself to only one track per artist chosen. I MAY have just gone over the ten :o)

Angel Olsen - Forgiven/Forgotten (I like it when she makes her guitar sound gutsy)

Beirut - Elephant Gun (I know it's a bit 'obvious', but I never tire of this 4-chord piece of musical heaven)

Caribou - Sun (blissed out, late-night, me dancing like a lunatic)

First Aid Kit - Blue (I could have put SO many FAK songs in here)

Hamilton Leithauser - Alexandra (the climbing baseline in the second half is pure pop musical hook to these ears)

Mac DeMarco - Freaking Out The Neighborhood (see First Aid Kit!)

Fever to the Form - Nick Mulvey (his record grows and grows on me with every listen)

Talking Backwards - Real Estate (have been predicting this as one of my GM 'moments' for a while, now)

Give Out - Sharon Van Etten (OMG, those lyrics, that voice...)

The Wreck Is Not A Boat - Sons of Noel and Adrian (and all the other songs they're gonna play!)

Among The Leaves/Carissa - Sun Kil Moon (yes, complete cheat with two, but couldn't decide. I will likely cry at the latter)

Hiroshima - Highasakite (Scandi Pop at its best)

Skeleton Dance - Teleman (again, great pop hooks)

I could go on longer than I've already cheatedly(?) gone on. 13 (yes, 14...) is NEARLY ten...

Come on folks, let's have yours!


Bill Callahan - Riding for the Feeling - My Desert Island Disc I'd rescue from the waves....
Sun Kil Moon - Micheline - Basically Koz could sing anything and I'd be in raptures.
Jonathan Wilson - Angel - Lying on the grass and the sun setting behind the mountains with this playing on the Mountain Stage would be ultra-mellow.
Caribou - Sun - Never made it to 'After Dark' so this one is totally aspirational.
William Tyler - Highway Anxiety
Mercury Rev - Holes - for the memories
Angel Olsen - White Fire.
Samantha Crain - Kid Face.
Bill Callahan - Ride My Arrow - thought I'd sneak another track in by the mighty BC, also I love Matt Kinsey's guitar on this.
Sun Kil Moon - Ben's My Friend - ditto, just for the joy of singing along to the line 'sports bar shiiiit.'

Haven't made my list yet, but can't believe no one has included "Nothing Will Change" by Sharon Van Etten. Probably my song of the year!

I could have put any number of SVE songs in, Chris, but decided only to allow myself one song per artist and went for Give Out, because it's fabulous!


Chrissed - not on my list because I hadn't heard it until you mentioned it, but I have now and SVE now added to my growing 'must-see' list - cheers.

Already picked up a couple of new bands just from checking out songs on this thread. Thanks guys, but I am facing a total clash nightmare - feel I need an embargo until daily line-ups announced!!

Yeah it could go either way, chilling out with an endless succession of great music, or most likely me and the kids will be tearing round the site shooing people out of our way with folded up camp chairs!

Nice problem to have I guess

OK - it's difficult but here's my selection

Sun Kil Moon - I Can't Live Without My Mother's Love
Sharon Van Etten - Nothing Will Change
Jonathan Wilson - Cecil Taylor
William Tyler - Tears and Saints
The Rails - Jealous Sailor
Michael Chapman - In The Valley
First Aid Kit - Emmylou
Bill Callahan - The Sing
Sun Kil Moon - Carissa
Sharon Van Etten - Your Love Is Killind Me


Jonathan Wilson – Desert Raven
Mercury Rev – Holes
The War on Drugs – An Ocean In Between the Waves
Plank – La Luna
Anna Calvi – No More Words
9 Bach – Bwthyn fy Nain
Syd Arthur – Garden of Time
Toy – Join the Dots
H. Hawkline – Ghouls
Other Lives – For 12

Few obvious ones there, but they're obvious because they're obviously v. good. These 10 I am most looking forward to - tricky to trim it down and there's plenty more, but that's 10.

Well done GAster - particularly for your self-discipline in keeping to just ten - unlike me.

I'm REALLY enjoying Plank at the moment and could easily have included them (as well as all the others that I had to leave out), and Other Lives could have featured many times too. Now that Glastonbury is done I can begin to feel that GM is genuinely not that far away. Crikey, I hope the weather is like it has been recently where we are.


Is that the first hint at starting a weather thread Ben? Think I'm going to avoid paying too much attention to forecasts until the end of the month

Ignoring Captain Grumpypants, Wakestock, it occurred to me immediately after typing that, that a weather thread must surely be just around the corner. I have invested myself fully of Glastonbury this year - in addition to watching inordinate amounts of the staggeringly brilliant online streaming (5-6 stages showing nothing but the sets, continuously from 2.30pm to the headliner...? Incredible), I've been spending too much time both before and after the festival lurking on the eFestivals Glastonbury 'board, reading most of what people have posted. Including their hugely busy and obsessive weather thread.

I'm genuinely optimistic for a mostly, or even entirely, dry GM this year. Longer term forecasts for the UK summer remain very positive about high pressure, position of the jetstream etc. As long as it is considerably better than 2012 then, given how extraordinary the line-up is for me, I'll be a happy camper. In addition to loving being able to sit/lie down on dry grass whenever I want, with music wafting over me, being able to dance like a madman until the early hours NOT in wellies/feet of sticky mud is a major part of the quasi-hedonistic experience that I am able to find only at places like GM. So, if you like, a dry festival has a disproportionately higher value to me than maybe to some more easy-going folk!


So it a nutshell Ben, what you are saying is you prefer a dry festival and it could be sunny. Crick has its own microclimate so I don't think anyone will know until a few days before, but I'm plumping for a bit of cloud, bit of sun and a bit of rain.

Oh yes, just go ahead and summarise quite comprehensively in about 10 words what I take two paragraphs to spout, won't you now, Carnie! I am not KNOWN for my brevity! But yes, whilst i acknowledge the idiosyncrasies created by the mountains, I'm crossing all crossable apendages for a dry GM2014!


Likewise Ben, I was glued to the live streams from Glastonbury all weekend, once I realised the option was there. I almost felt like I had been there by yesterday morning! Particularly enjoyed John Grant and St Vincent. Fair dues to the Beeb for offering this excellent service, and allowing us to completely bypass all the annoying presenters!

Would indeed be a good call, and not entirely unlikely as she's also playing EOTR this year, and there is a fair degree of cross pollination between the two! Luckily I'm going to see her in Bristol in August anyway


Someone mention a weather thread? Started one back in February i think.

My 10:

Call Me A Dog When I'm Gone - Frank Fairfield

Orange Juice - Stanley Brinks and the Wave Pictures

Love to Love - Jonathan Wilson

Christina - Teleman

Emmylou - First Aid Kit

Somewhere All the Time - Samantha Crain

I Don't Know where to Begin - Pictish Trail

Aubade - Gentle Good

Jenny - Tunng

Since Last Wednesday - Highasakite



I enjoyed the Glastonbury streaming very much too. As has been remarked, it was great to be able to avoid Wiley's fixed grin, and certainly preferable to watching the beeb's patchy highlights programmes full of dross like Kasabian, Dolly Parton and Yoko Ono (Dolly Parton and Yoko Ono on the same line-up! Like finding chicken breast and chicken shit on the same menu).  Catching Jagwar Ma, Cate Le Bon and Temples in full almost made up for their non-appearances at this year's G.M. 

I must say (although it's become a cliche to point this out) Glastonbury has changed almost beyond recognition to what it once was. I work in a 6th form college and I'm struck by how dismissive of it all the 6th form misfits are these days. None of the real music obsessives are remotely interested in it. The students who went this year are nice enough kids, but they've all come back raving about Fatboy Slim and Dolly Parton! The Sunday afternoon 'Dolly Parton' slot used to be a sort of ironic guilty pleasure but these days the Glastonbury crowd seem to be lapping it up in all sincerity.

It does seem to be more of an everyman bucket-list event these days, rather than something people obsessed with music go to. I might be wrong, but imagine most of those that do go probably go to very few gigs the rest of the year. I don't think that's the case with the crowd at festivals like Green Man, EOTR or ATP. Being such a huge event though there is obviously plenty to see to suit pretty much all tastes. I'd sooner watch it from home though!