EOTR 2023

not a massively exciting announcement there

the headliners are very meh (how do future islands continue to have a career...?)

and several that i would want to see were at GM last year (ezra, john francis flynn, arooj aftab)

having said that, i'd be very happy to see them all again

and there are a few on the undercard that i'm hoping will also make it to GM

marina allen, daniel norgren, joan shelley, caitlin rose, whitney k

looks like we'll be going this year anyway - no doubt see many of you there!

I was thinking it looks pretty good.  Marina Allen,  Joan Shelley, Caitlin Rose, Sweet Babs, Angeline Morrison, UMO, Wilco, Ezra, Gizzard, Murlocs, Nina Nastasia, Adwaith. On the other hand Future Islands.  Hoping those US acts are touring so might do GM as well.

Will be going for the first time in 2023 (Have the time to go, now I have retired).  Did I make a good choice?  Thought not, when I saw Future Islands but nevertheles, there are plenty that I want to see (whether for first time or again) and a lot to discover.  Happy to see CVC in the line-up.


Daniel Norgren and Cinder Well are the 2 standouts for me. Would love to see both at GM. DN was great last time. 

Personally, I'd always prefer to be at the Garden Stage rather than Woods, so I never have a problem with the EOTR headliners being a bit meh provided that the Garden Stage headliners are to my taste.  So hopefully King G and FI are the same days as Angel and Ezra, which removes any clash for me.

The latest batch has completely turned the whole line up round for me. Very pleased to see Fatoumata Diawara and the Murder Capital.  Extremely pleased and excited at the Allah Las.  Happier than I was following the first announcemen.


Pretty much sums up my thoughts too.  Also really looking forward to CA&BP and PB&SB. Now hoping the next GM announcement has as much to offer too!

yup - i was pleased to see that list yesterday

panda bear & sonic boom and allah-las makes it for me

looking forward to seeing sylvie too

though with marina allen and sam burton already on the bill, perhaps that was a foregone conclusion