Top 5s

That's the wonderful weekend all done for another year. 

By popular demand, here's this year's thread for you to name your top 5 acts. Make sure you order them from 1-5 and I'll be back around the end of the month to put them together into an overall "league table"

If you're one of the thousands of people who reads this but can't sign up to post on the forum, please vote by telepathy.

Need a little to think of mine. 


Here goes for my only post of the year on here. Probably saw fewer acts than ever in my 14 GMs. Spent more time sitting in the sun boozing this time. Anyway, top five as follows:

1. Cate Le Bon. Off the scale brilliant, despite the racket of chatter in the tent. My mate said he'd been to quieter football matches.

2. Arooj Aftab. Wow.

3. Bess Atwell. Had my 'Green Man Moment' at this one, but don't think anyone noticed, as I had my sunglasses on.

4. Kraftwerk. 

5. Katy J Pearson. Helium-voiced fun.

Special mention: Mdou Mocdar and the C130 flypast 

Ural Thomas. Great show, despite the pub backing band.  

Disappointments - Yves Tumor. didn't really get it.
Jess Buckley - Just sort of irritated me. 

1. Arooj Aftab

2. Cassandra Jenkins

3. Art School Girlfriend

4. Marissa Anderson & William Tyler

5. Kraftwerk

Saturday afternoon/evening in the Walled Garden was possibly one of the best stints of great music since I've been going - over 12 years.

I thought Buckley & Butler were so much better in the GM tent, just the voice and guitar. She's got a great voice, the less instruments around her the better.

I'll take a wild guess and suggest that the linked video was not only someone's top set of the weekend, but their top song of the weekend as it was their request and they were even wearing the t-shirt (not shown here).  Maybe you can recognise the arm being flung across my video at the start of the song, accompanied by a shout of "I love you, I f*cking love you'.

(Hopefully I've got the right song title, please let me know if not!)

And I also got this one from them - don't know the song title, so would be happy to be informed of it.

That first video says as much about GM as ever need to be said .. you did tell me who's arm it was (although I'd have guessed it anyway based on conversations in The Britannia on Wednesday) so I won't reveal it. I was screaming much the same words as I was leaving the site yesterday.

My top five:

1. The Murder Capital - as ever, an immense set.

2. Lemondaze - I always find there is something wonderful and new to me on The Rising Stage, and this was it in 2022.  Already working to sort out tickets for their next London gig.

3. Orchestra Baobab - fell in love with them in the 80s, but never seen them live before.

4. BCUC - Wow, that was fun; and some of us can have that much fun again in 2 weeks time.

5.  Mdou Moctar - well, that is what to do with a guitar.

1. Arooj Aftab

2. Jenny Hval

3. Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul

4. Mdou Moctar

5. Minyo Crusaders

So many great performances to choose from but for what it's worth here are mine: 

1. Arooj Aftab (sublime and what a great sound in The Walled Garden)  

2. Ezra Furman (on top form)

3. Katy J Pearson (rose to challenge of a prime Mountain Stage set admirably)

4. Mdou Moctar (fly past an added bonus)

5. Bicep (if only because they managed to keep me on my feet until 1:30am!)

Honourable mentions, and contenders for spots for and five on another day: BCUC; Marisa Anderson and William Tyler (if only I'd managed to catch a little more of their set. 

Tough to limit it to just 5, but here goes and in no particular order,

1 Mdou Moctar

2 Torres

3 Orchestra Baobab 

4 The Murder Capital

5 Ezra Furman

Heard lot's of great music, more than anticipated, but here's my 5 for what it's worth

1.Ezra Furman

2.Parquet Courts

3.Kae Tempest

4.Melin Melyn

5.Pictish Trail


OK, My top 5, followed by lots and lots of honorable mentions.

1) Arooj Aftab. Like everyone else said. An absolute honour to be up the front for that. Definitely the most beautiful set I've ever heard at Green Man.

2) James Yorkston and the Second Hand Orchestra. Very close to taking 1st place, tbh. So delighted he's found another group of musicians who bring the best out of him so well.

3) Melin Melyn. I love when a band makes it so clear how much they want to entertain an audience. The most fun I had all weekend by a long way. And those covers.... And the same flypast as Mdou Moctar!

4) Parquet Courts. The best of the "noisy" bands, I think. I think what most impressed me was how the set evolved and introduced new things to listen to, but the intensity didn't drop for the whole hour.

5) Naima Bock. Love the album, and the show did an incredibly job of showing the walled garden what a great work it is.

Long List of honourable mentions.

My number 6 is Wesley Gonzalez who had a bit of a tough slot but it says a lot that after 4 days of great music I've *still* got "1,2,3,4,5... Just Get Rid of It" going through my head.

Also Glain Rhys (playing a 15 minute set to a small crowd on the Settlement Accoustic stage- but stunning stuff that I hope gets heard widely- so here's a link to a dramatic video of the one she finished with: ), El Goodo, Adwaith, Cate Le Bon, Marissa Anderson and William Tyler, Arab Strap, Beach House, The Utopia Strong, Keg (great trombone work!), Katherine Priddy and The Wedding Present

Too tired to think too hard... so here's my top 7

Kae Tempest


James Yorkston

Jessie  and Bernard 

Black Country,  New Road

Frazey Ford

Johnny Pictish


We scored all the near 30 sets we saw, this is our combined Top 5:

1) Parquet Courts - brilliant set from one of our favourite bands

2) Melin Melyn - packed so much fun into 40 mins (that flypast cost us a lot of money!)

3) Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - psych rock superstars in the making

4) Ezra Furman - a unique talent

5) PSB - looked very much at home as main stage sub-headliners

Close but not quite top 5; Kraftwerk, KJP, English Teacher, Keg, BCNR and Pip Blom

Also enjoyed Deptford Northern Soul DJs for a final dance before calling it a night.

mine were: 

Frazey Ford (4)

Black Country new road (5)

Lice (3)

John Mouse (1)

kraftwork (2)

and Arab Strap would have been in there but for the utter ruin that was the sound, especially Aiden's vocals. And the tent really does amplify crowd chatter.


special mention goes to the bomber that flew right over my head as I was sat in a hot tub on that bus!  

another fabulous weekend

in which i spent almost no time with anyone from here because i was always rushing somewhere else to see another band

in fact mrs rad felt she didn't see much of me this year

so anyone else was always going to be short-changed of my scintillating company

this top 5 thing is a bastard

loads of people were absolutely wonderful

but i have to narrow it down to five (and i'm still going to cheat)...


1.  arooj aftab / ezra furman

about as different as two acts / experiences could be - but impossible for me to choose between them for the top spot.  i was initially disappointed that maeve gilchrist wasn't there with AA on the harp, as we know her a bit.  but the two member band (spanish guitar and stand up bass) were remarkable nonetheless.  and that voice...  a great audience too.  pin drop quiet.  at least up near the front where i was.  a few people (me included) seemed to be having out of body experiences.  EF, on the other hand, was entirely physical.  hurling herself around that stage like it was the last show she'd ever play.  the commitment is insane.  i bored several people afterwards comparing it to nirvana at reading - and how if this were a televised festival (and it were maybe 1991...), ezra would be a household name this week.  she's every bit as as charismatic and knife-edge chaotic as cobain in his prime.  it blew me away - and i decided to leave afterwards.  normally i cling on on sunday, desperate for things not to finish.  but nothing was going to top that.  unless arooj aftab had come back on


2.  katy j pearson

i'm sorry - but if you weren't grinning like an idiot by the end of that, you're dead inside.  big moment for her - and she nailed it.  maximum joy


3.  english teacher

this year's lazarus kane.  the rising stage has the best atmosphere by a country mile.  if you pull a big crowd there, they are going to help you bring your A-game.  and english teacher gave an A plus.  (see what i did there?)  i bumped into lily later that evening and got to quickly tell how great i though they'd been.  she looked like i wasn't the first person to mention it.  a very (deservedly) happy young woman


4.  pictish trail

how much fun was that?  i almost never listen to him during the year.  and then at every GM, he blows my mind.  as he mentioned himself, it was a bit early for him to be on - he and the crowd weren't as riotously drunk as they usually are - and the main stage is not his natural habitat.  but watching that made me feel drunk anyway.  in the best way.  special mention to john the topless dancer.  who was almost certainly feeling his thighs the next morning


5.  jessie buckley & bernard butler

i nearly didn't go.  the album feels a bit mannered and a little up itself.  but wandered over out of curiosity and managed to gradually wiggle my way closer to the front.  fuck, they were good.  that voice!  as someone else mentioned above, JB definitely runs the risk of being a bit annoying.  bonkers actress cliches abound.  but the joie de vivre outweighed it all and i enjoyed it almost as much as those two kids she pulled up on stage to sing along with her


honourable mentions (in the order i saw them):

planningtorock.   she was having the best time.  the vibe was great.  and never have i seen so many under-10s frantically grooving to a song about how much someone makes you wet

john francis flynn.  wrong stage.  and i missed the rest of the band.  but he's grand

cassandra jenkins.  was very excited to see her - though again, wrong stage.  it didn't quite take off as much as i'd hoped - but still spellbinding.  also, points for that excellent jacket

modern nature.   a struggle not to put them in my top 5.  easily the best run through of 'island of noise' i've seen so far.  great to hear jack adding some of the chiming guitar of ultimate painting to the free-jazz-meets-krautrock of MN.  and to be able to tell him how good i thought they'd been as i ran into him desperately trying to get his baby to sleep around the back of einstein's garden later

porij.  another show that would have made my top 5 in a less competitive year.  i had no expectations.  mrs rad's daughter's husband wanted to see them - so i went with him.  and they were brilliant.  cf my thoughts above about the rising stage + a good audience

bicep.  the only time i went into the tent all weekend.  i walked in.  i stumbled out.  huge.  way too quiet at first.  but once we shuffled closer to the speaker stacks, i was fully in it.  dad dancing was danced.  i did not care

ural thomas & the pain.  maybe you can see why he didn't make it the first time round.  and i could have done with fewer songs about food.  but very difficult not to enjoy his sheer delight to be there.  and his moves.  and his outfit

naima bock.  another set i was hugely looking forward to.  but slightly stymied by the smallest crowd i saw all weekend - and a ropey sound mix.  also missed nathan pigott on the clarinet.  still pretty great though.  and how much does that keyboard / guitar player look like tim buckley?

valerie june.  another surprisingly small crowd.  i thought she'd pull a mass of people.  didn't seem to bother her, though.  she appeared hugely pleased to be on that stage and playing for us (if it's part of her schtick and she's putting it on, she's a tremendous actress).  and she delivered a fantastic set.  all of our lot fell a little bit in love with her



not that many

great songs - great band - but frazey ford seemed unable to deal with how much the crowd were enjoying her - which put a bit of a damper on her set.  even kras, on the rail, dead centre, dancing like a maniac (kudos, my friend) couldn't get her to seem pleased to be there

did kraftwerk just have someone put their records on backstage, rather than bothering to play them?  i didn't really see the point.  the biggest crowd i've ever seen at GM mostly appeared to be disagreeing with me

that was about it, though.  i'm sure there was a lot of absolute rubbish.  but i managed to avoid it.  well done me

Just to say how much I agree on Kraftwerk. I ended up leaving not only on time to see Cate Le Bon, but in time to go to the loo, buy a drink, and get right up the front.

And if you want to stand in place while presenting an awesome 3-D visual show, at least you can try and make sure the visuals are consistently good. It seemed like they blew all their budget and ideas on the visuals for half the songs (Autobahn visuals were particularly great) and for the rest of them the graphic design people just got their intern to put a few words up for us to spin around like a 3D screensaver.

>did kraftwerk just have someone put their records on backstage, rather than bothering to play them?

I did wonder just what were they doing on those consoles. some improv and variation from the records would have been interesting, but probably against what they are about.

At least with a group like the Sleaford Mods there's no pretense play, stand back and drink beer.

Top 5 is very tough:

Viagra Boys
Arab Strap
Ezra Furman
Charlotte Adigery/Bolis Pupul
Mickey Callisto

But, as my self-indulgent 5 word 5 star reviews below indicate, it really was very high on quality throughout this year

Special mentions to John Mouse, the bassist from Alice Low (huge apologies for forgetting your name on the off-chance you scour this forum) and Davey from Boy Azooga who were all lovely to chat to

Wesley Gonzalez - nice glass of Orange Juice ***
John Mouse - shirtless danceoff avec anthropomorphic pigeon ****
Mandrake Handshake - aesthetically pleasing Brian Jonestown dabblers ****
El Goodo - Coralesque harmonisers now sadly departed ****
Adwaith - amazing songs, didn't click live **
Metronomy - sweet, slightly insubstantial. Like Squashies ***

The Real Charlie Chaplin (documentary) - amazing archive of 'complex' character ****
Pregoblin - another Adwaith situation unsure why **
Mdou Moctar - supersonic desert rock guitar wizardry ****
Ailsa Tully - shimmery melodies for shimmery afternoons ***
Mickey Callisto - ass-slapping dance party good times *****
WITCH - most interesting backstory of festival ***
Viagra Boys - basically being blended in humans *****
Jessie Buckley & Bernard Butler (partner's review) - lessons in warmth and class *****
Public Service Broadcasting - archivists with synthesisers? Yes please ****
Kraftwerk - bad graphics fetishists press buttons ****
Scalping - angriest guitars since records began *****

Ghiblioteque (live podcast thing) - Ghibli lore: not just nerdfodder! ****
Donny Benet - Pope of delicious, sleazy bass *****
Alice Low - Alex Cameron/Iggy Pop = daughter? ****
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - name of my next cat ***
Katy J Pearson - uncannily vocal'd trumpety pop sweetness ****
Mary Lattimore - hopefully what heaven sounds like *****
Black Country, New Road - proper wonderkids. Basically limitless potential ****
Arab Strap -  bittersweet never sounded so good *****
Beach House - sous vide in liquid synthesiser ***

Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18 w/ BBC Welsh Orchestra - Bond flies to Brazil soundtrack ****
Ural Thomas & the Pain - Pixar grandad and his band ****
Gruff Rhys & Imarhan - Gruff goes well with everything ****
Jenny Hval - genuinely mindblowing songwriting. Exquisite oddball *****
Ezra Furman - Queen of modern rock? YES *****
Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul - these guys are so good it broke my review system see them immediately *****

Alice Low's bass player looked really familiar but can't place where from. Did she play in another band do you know?

Love this thread every year .. thanks for doing it blackcatista.

My overall highlight was meeting so many of you lovely people over the course of the week. It was just the 'reset' I needed and I promise to be more engaged over the coming months as we countdown to 2023.

I still haven't fully decompressed but I think I can pick a top 5. I found the weekend to be a bit of a slow burn to the extent that my top four came in succession on Sunday evening and left me feeling fairly overwhelmed afterwards ..

1. Ezra Furman (won't surprise anyone, but this was seriously the best of the very many shows I've seen in the eight years that I've tried to get to as many of her gigs as possible in five countries and counting .. can tomorrow in Leeds top it? .. let's see)

2. The Murder Capital .. new material sounding amazing and what a stage presence .. they're getting close to entering my top 5 Irish artists list)

3. BCUC .. saw them last November and it was fairly exciting .. I'm not sure what has happened between then and now but this was on a whole other level.

4. Michael Kiwanuka .. It's easy to be sniffy about the more 'commercial' artists but I'll always remember my tears of sheer joy at the beauty of his performance in the Walled Garden 11 years ago (for which he was paid £50). He had every right to his 'look at me now' brag on Sunday night and who could argue against that note-perfect performance.

5. Bicep .. this was the most difficult to decide. Who to choose and who to leave in the 'also-rans'. Not my style of music at all but an amazing atmosphere and amazing crowd kept an old man dancing well past his bedtime. As the dry ice cleared at the end I was delighted to see that I wasn't the only forum member to be captivated by the show.

The also-rans are numerous .. Alice Low on Rising, Amy True & Lazy Habits & Nuala Honan in Chai Wallahs (always a very important part of GM for me), Frazey Ford, Arab Strap, Pictish, James Yorkstone, Ichiko Aoba, Ural Thomas.

Biggest disappointments were Kraftwerk (worst booking since Van Morrison) and Beach House, but ..

Green Man, I love you! .. I fucking love you!



I should add that I'm not at all surprised to see Arooj Aftab take a deserved high place in many of your lists. I had the pleasure of seeeing her last November in what has to be the greatest indoor music venue in the world .. the TIVOLIV REDENBURG in Utrecht.

Her performance at GM was at a time when I needed a dose of Chai Wallahs so I missed it. The Utrech performance is on Youtube ..



It's very difficult to sort my favourites into an order so I've had to impose a few rules on myself. 

1. I'm only considering acts for which I witnessed their entire set. (Exception is my number 5 for whom I missed the first 2 or 3 mins. 

2. I'm not allowed to vote as number 1 the same act 3 years in a row! (sorry Gedgie!)

It was great to meet up with some regulars here again. I may not even know your first name but I do know your favourite album of 2022 so far and that's much more important!

I enjoyed immensely virtually every act this year with the major exception being Kraftwerk (why not just bill it as "background muzak with clever graphics). Personally I think the 3D show would have been improved had those 4 ould boys not stood in front of the screen. Friday was for me a particular highlight with the run of acts from Melin Melyn to Cassandra Jenkins to Orchestra Baobab to Kae Tempest to Jessie and Bernard.

My only other complaint is the usual ... FUCKIN' GIG TALKERS! I moved a total of 5 times during Black Country New Road and I was only there for half of their set. By Sunday I'd perfected my killer-stare for such vermin and when a couple arrived babbling nonsense behind me during James Yorkston's spellbinding set, my newly acquired superpower forced one of them to say to their partner "will we move back a bit to chat?" 

Honorary mentions this year go to ...

Honeyglaze (crystal clear vocals, lush), Adwaith (great tunes, great fun, had the Walled Garden in the palms of their hands from minute 1 ... that Johnny Cash walk on !), John Francis Flynn (some achievement to make the Mountain Stage feel like the back of Flannery's), Melin Melyn (great craic!), Frazey Ford (love that voice), Naima Bock (only saw half as HAD to get to the Wedding Present), Arooj Aftab (ooooh that guitar player! but only saw half as HAD to get to BCNR), Black Country New Road (brilliant but only saw half because ... I'd come from Arooj)

Maybe not enough "Americana"-type stuff for me this year but I loved the African and African-influenced bands and even found time for a tasty wee bit of jazz in Chai Wallahs. 

My 5: 

1. Arab Strap  Joint winners of the Slugger Scottish Album of the Year 2021 award and the tracks they did from this were awesome. Kebabylon and Urban Fox blew me away and the old stuff sounded as fresh as it did over 20 years ago. 

2. James Yorkston and the Second Hand Orchestra  Joint winners of the Slugger Scottish Album of the Year 2021 award. Fantastic band obviously enjoying themselves and the perfect feel-good Sunday night set. 

3. Kae Tempest Such an emotional and powerful performance. I was worried that an early evening slot on the Mountain Stage might not work for them. I was wrong. 

4. The Wedding Present After all these years, they never just phone it in. Gedge just wrings the emotion out of every word and he even alluded to the fact that they were considering 2018 and 2019's setlists to make sure we got a different show for 2022. Lovely touch as well to give a shout out to Mimi Parker before launching into a great cover of Low's "Canada".  

5. Cassandra Jenkins My find of the festival. Beautiful literate, hazy, folky, Joni?, Vega-ish? (Suzanne not Johnny) ... don't know how to describe this but it stopped me in my tracks and I just had to leg it to GM record shop afterwards to purchase the album. 

"1. Arab Strap  Joint winners of the Slugger Scottish Album of the Year 2021 award and the tracks they did from this were awesome. Kebabylon and Urban Fox blew me away and the old stuff sounded as fresh as it did over 20 years ago. "

Completely agree re: the old stuff - I reckon their latest album is the apogee of their sound and all the old material was absolutely fantastic with the updated beats/post-rock guitar/production. Would be delighted if they re-recorded some of the early stuff, though I imagine it's the last thing they'd ever want to do. Loved Aidan's self-aware 'hang on, you kids don't give a f*ck' when he did a bit of 'this is an old one' waffling - a lovely contrast to some of the cloying stage banter from the American acts (Beach House I'm looking at you)

  1. Kae Tempest. This was an emotional one for me, People’s Faces had me tearing up and I could see in the crowd I wasn’t the only one. Kae seemed really at home performing in a way that I don’t think they did a few years ago, it seemed like they were genuinely having a great time and I loved that when they messed up a line of lyrics they laughed it off. And after a cloudy afternoon, the sun coming out during their set made it feel extra special.

  2. Ezra Furman. Love her lyrics, love her rock star performance, and the whole band are just a hell of a good rock group. She was in her element on the big Mountain stage and really delivered. New album is a delight.

  3. Black Country, New Road. I was unsure about this one given the clash with Arooj Aftab, and given that the departure of Isaac from the band meant they would be playing entirely new material. They completely won me over though, I’ve never been so engaged by an hour of entirely new songs that I’ve never heard before. Loved the bit where five of the band members had a little sit down on stage. 

  4. BCUC. I didn’t know much about their music going in but it was so engrossing, they had the whole crowd paying attention and dancing away. Love that the request for a moment’s silence was actually listened to.

  5. Public Service Broadcasting. I’ve seen them many times and they’ve yet to let me down. It was great to finally have them on the Mountain Stage. 

Honourable mentions: 

Bicep (kept me dancing through the full set despite some very tired legs), 

Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupal (great fun, great beats - I love her sarcasm and sense of humour), 

Carwyn Ellis (fantastic choice for a Sunday morning, very cinematic with the orchestra), 

Minyo Crusaders (the fishing dance was fun), 

M(H)AOL (I have a soft spot for angry queer women), 

Tune-Yards (good fun and I got nostalgic for their previous Green Man set), 

Preen (fun start to a Friday), 

English Teacher (bit of Leeds pride for me on this one)

James Yorkston & Second Hand Orchestra (missed the first half but loved what I saw)


... and loads of other good stuff. I think my feet are still recovering.

A bit late to the party but here's my list in no particular order:

Ezra Furman

Arab Strap

Arooj Aftab

Mary Lattimore

Pictish Trail

Also enjoyed: Naima Bock, Frazey Ford, Ichiko Aoba, John Francis Flynn, Cerys Hafana. I was there with two young kids so not easy to see everything I wanted to, but thanks to the suggestions thread here I still had a good festival.

My five:

Ezra Furman - Magnificent set, angry, passionate, great r'n'r.

Pictish Trail - predictable but the best I've seen him, great band, everyone says it their favourite place but he really means it

Keeley Forsyth - More performance art than music, challenging, intense, for fans of Scott Walker's more avant garde moments. Sometimes you want to be challenged and see something that you wouldn't normally see, this did it for me

Aroof Aftab - Absolutely captivating, again something I am unlikely to usually see

Viagra Boys - Much more interesting than I thought they might be, more heavy pysch.


Others of note - Melin Melyn, William Tyler & Marisa Anderson, Ichiko Aobo, Keg, El Goodo, Witch, John Mouse, Joe & the Shit Boys

Disappointments - I'm going off the Far Out, less keen on getting right in the thick of it these days, Arab Strap were in my top five to see but about halfway in slightly to the left the constant chatter of the audience was like a constant hum, moved out to sit on a straw bale where it was much better. Similar for the Murder Capital. Missing out on much of the late night stuff, Scalping, Bicep etc. Was looking forward to Yves Tumor but bass was completely over the top so difficult to hear much else. Very sorry to see Cwmdu Communtiy stall no longer there. Usual great food selection, special mention to Cafe Dish and their excellent salads. Ws thinking this might be my last for various reasons but think I'll be back next year

Sorry not to have met more of you, very good to see those that I did.

Top 5? Here goe.

1. Orchestra Baobab. Last seen at Warwick Arts Centre in 2000 when I led a surge out of seats. A much-changed line-up since then (most of the original  members have sadly left us) but the sound is still very special and the new young Beninese guitarist is awesome. Had a chat with him later, my French is crap and his English not great but I think he got the gist. And yeah, of course that's me at the start of Born in the 50s vid.

2. Adwaith. They've made my favourite album of 2023 so far and they didn't let me down. Spell-binding set. 

3. James Yorkston and the 2nd Hand Orchestra. What a band. James never lets you down. Looking forward to the next album, the new songs sounded great.

4. Melin Melyn. Utter joy, the ultimate festival set.

5. Frazey Ford. I'll forgive he for not doing The Kids Are Having None of It. Slinky soulful set. Just gorgeous.

Close runs: El Goodo, Wensley Gonzales, Arooj Aftab, Carwyn Ellis, Katherine Pridd, Imarahan, Valerie June, Pictish Trail and a shout for Y Cledrau in the Settlement. 

Another great Green Man even though I was feeling a bit rough on Friday and got through Saturday on smoothies and toast. I can't imagine not going to Green Man but financially it's going to be difficult next year (on a shit Uni pension and gardening money). Tough decisions to be made. 

A week on and I'm missing it like hell.  

Looking like Ezra may be leading so far - i'm a huge fan but only saw half so i could check out Ty. Therefore, in no particular order:

Top 5:
Mdou Moctar - best looking band of the weekend and amazing saharan blues. Drummer was something else
Frazey Ford - her voice is just special, and I slotted into her groove in seconds
Cassandra Jenkins - woozy and sublime. Her lyrics and voice transported me
Carwyn Ellis - what a fun way to start the last day. Wasn’t expecting it to be so good
KOG - last set of the weekend at Chai - most fun possible with your clothes on etc

Gutted to have missed Mdou Moctar. Wasn't aware of the switch. Though I'd have still gone with Melin Melyn who were utterly joyful. 

Amazing time as usualMy 17th I think!

My fave five I watched all through with absolute joy in no particular order. So different.

John Mouse


Katy J Pearson

Ty Segall & Freedom Band

Melin Melyn

Jenny Hval

OK 6 but they were all standouts!!

So 21 of you nominated a total of 45 acts. And most of you followed the instructions :)

I've made use of "honorable mentions" as tiebreaks for a few of these. A few surprises by their non-inclusion (nobody picked Metronomy, for example). Here goes....

20. Cate Le Bon

19 Bicep (best late night act)

18 Viagra Boys


16 Pictish Trail

15 Kraftwerk (best headliners)

14 Frazey Ford

13 Cassandra Jenkins

12 Katy J Pearson

11 John Mouse (best on Thursday)

10. Orchestra Baoab

9. Parquet Courts

8. The Murder Capital

7. Melin Melyn

6. Arab Strap (best in the Far Out Tent)

5. James Yorkston and the Second Hand Orchestra

4. Mdou Moctar

3. Kae Tempest (best on Friday)

2. Arooj Aftab (best in the Walled Garden, best on Saturday)

1. Ezra Furman (best on Mountain Stage, best on Sunday)