Forum meet

With such a busy Thursday schedulded, how are we feeling about a loose meet? Or maybe spots will be at at certain stages?


I'm going to be onsite from Wednesday due to train strikes and Green Man being awesome

Thats good,i thought you were not going when you posted you were selling tickets.It would be good to have an idea of the time but i guess we might have to wait for the official times from the settlers on the Monday.Either way we will be hovering around the walled garden bar from early afternoon onwards and hopefully see most of you there.


It's complicated but there was never a point I wasn't going... Just not settling.

Will be there with bells on about 4 on Wednesday.

Yeah, I had in mind having the area outside the walled garden bar as a bit of a base for Thursday, with an occasional wander to one of the stages when there's an act that interests me. If half a dozen of us do that from say 5 till 8 and wear green tshirts, it could work well. I'm settling this year so am likely to be around for a meet up and to join others for the quiz team etc.

I'll have to check my green shirt still fits.Its good that we still have three of us from the original forum meet still going and hopefully Peridot will be there.

Hi all .. apologies for the radio silence .. I've been tied-up with a stressful house move (is there any other kind?) and various other personal and work-related shit, so really looking forward to a chilled time at GM.

I've done zero preparation so will be reading the recommendations thread and looking for help colouring in my clashfinder on Thursday. 

Can't wait to see you all.

Will come and say hello.

Very excited now... piles of camping gear are taking shape.

Early start on Monday. 


Due to life events and the thought of camping making me cry, I'll be absent this year. 

Hope everybody has a great time, I've always loved the forum meet up. 

We are meeting Peridot in the Britannia beer garden between 2 and 3 today,if anyone wants to join us it would be good to see you otherwise see you tomorrow.