Worth a try...

Hi everybody. 

Despite my best efforts to shake off my 18 y/o twins, they would still like to come this year.

I suppose they've grown up at GM and can't bear the thought of not going.

So I'm looking for two weekend tickets, if anybody has any going spare?

Ta x

That is good to know. Used Twickets a few times in the last 6 months and found very straight forward and reasonable.  Will be pointing friends who failed to buy tickets in their direction.

I've set up alerts on Twickets and Fanticks but not heard a peep.

Wondering whether I've screwed up? Hmm.

Thanks everybody. 

Picked up two tickets on Fanticks just now.

Now if anybody needs a surplus orange car park ticket give me a shout.

Yes it is staffop, you're welcome to have it.

Are you on the unofficial GM site?

Otherwise give me your email and I'll contact you for address

That's great, happy to cover cost. I am on the other board, but only use it generally for Ray's generous audio shares. Can you DM me on there?

Hi Wakestock, as you probably know, your friend agreed to buy my ticket from me. However, I emailed him on Wednesday when I received the ticket and again today and he hasn't got back to me. I wonder if it would be possible for you to contact him and check what's going on, please? I'm getting quite worried. Thanks.