Must sees and recommendations

  A little quiet on here this year so i thought i would start a post on who we intend to watch.Getting into Crickhowell 2 weeks today and as usual really looking forward to being there-- unlike many others its the  shortest list i've ever had of acts i want to watch so have been trawling youtube to find the acts i've missed and will continue to do so this week.

  Thursday---either Gretel Hanlyn or Mandrake Handshake,Wunderhorse,El goodo

  Friday----Brian Destiny/DactylTerra,John Francis Flynn,Keeley Forsyth[ because i can see Cassandra Jenkins at the other place],Witch,Viagra boys,Jessie Buckley[but if thats overcrowded Dry Cleaning],Low and Kraftwerk.Scalping if i make it to that time.

  Saturday---My worst day--Art School Girlfriend,Marissa Anderson,Arab Strap and Bicep. Any tips for what i'm missing out on appreciated.

  Sunday----Lucy Gooch,Ural Thomas,Long Blondes,Murder Capital,Sugar Candy Mountain if they don't clash with previous,Ty Segall,Parquet Courts and Charlotte Adigery if she does not clash.

           Chai Wallahs still to be announced but there is not usually much in there for me.We usually watch a few bands on the Rising Stage but nothing is grabbing my attention so please give me suggestions.

   Hopefully see a few of you in town in the week and at the forum meet.


Hi there BPH... looking forward to seeing you. 

For what it's worth this is my list...

Thursday - Prob Planningtorock, YT and Metronomy... but not yet convinced. 

Friday - Pregoblin, Keeley Forsyth, Viagra Boys, WITCH, Jessie and Bernard, Cassandra, Kae and Kraftwerk.

Saturday  - Gotts St Park, Pictish, Porn Crumpets, Marisa and William, Arooj, Frazey... finishing up dancing my sparkly pants off to Bicep

Sunday - Group Listening, JY, K Priddy, Ezra and Kiwanuka

Lone, Nathan Fake and Nia Archives are purely aspirational ;)

yes - looking forward to seeing everyone

even if it seems like i'm not

for me it's looking like this at the moment:

thursday - i got nothing.  nothing!  if we're there on time, i'll probably watch mandrake handshake.  but not that fussed.  thursday is garbage for me this year.  even with the extra stage...

friday - starts with a great three header on the main stage - john francis flynn > katy j pearson > cassandra jenkins.  that's going to be hard to beat for me all weekend.  then witch in the far out.  and modern nature in the walled garden.  all gets a bit i might / i might not after that.  but probably butler and buckley, followed by balimaya project.  might have a look at kraftwerk out of curiosity.  but more likely to stay in the WG for soccer 96.  though i may leg it if bloody alabaster de plume shows up...  then a tough choice between scalping and sofia kourtesis.  may depend on how hot it is.  but if the tent is bearable, probably SK

need to do more research for saturday & sunday - but for now:

saturday - ichiko aoba (though boy, is she on the wrong stage).  then not much until frazey ford on the main stage.  then to the tent for pictish.  then the WG for william tyler & marissa anderson.  though i'm gutted that they (at least appear to) clash with mary lattimore.  will stay in the WG for the mighty arooj aftab.  then it all gets a bit thin again - until bicep.  worried that the tent is going to be uncomfortably rammed for them though.  especially once beach house finish

sunday - will start with ural thomas.  then fuck all until the day is all about ezra furman.  bummed that he clashes with sugar candy mountain on what is, otherwise, the weakest day for me so far.  though there are a bunch of 'tbc's on sunday according to the clashfinder - so it may all pick up come the monday broadcast from settlers

i'll tell you what i'll not be doing.  having a fucking three course meal in a fucking hot tub

(edit - actually, i forgot about valerie june on sunday.  pretty much a must see.  unless one of those supposed tbcs in the far out is something spectacular)

I'm going to take a more unstructured approach this year.  Tend to have every day mapped out with just one window for return to base camp for change of clothing/refuelling, but think my most enjoyable GMs have been when stumbling around and experiencing things I didn't give any kudos when sampling at home.  So my days are going to revolve around a few 'must sees' and let everything else just happen:

Thur - Nothing

Fri - WITCH, Orchestra Baobab, Jessie & Bernard, Kraftwerk

Sat - Ichiko Aoba, Frazey Ford, Marisa Anderson/William Tyler (not a chance I'm missing these guys, although hopefully can still catch some of Mary Lattimore), Arooj Aftab, Bicep

Sun - Carwyn Ellis, Ural Thomas, Katherine Priddy, The Murder Capital, Ezra (obviously), James Yorkston, Parquet Courts

(and as I compiled all that I see Mr Ray has posted almost identical!  So I know I'm on the right track)



on saturday, we should probably check with each other beforehand to make sure we're not wearing the same dress

Ignoring any clashes and there's people on this list that i definately favour over others, but i'll be happy if i catch any of the following-

Thursday- Pip Blom, Metronomy, Penelope Isles

Friday- Kraftwerk (my 9 year old daughter is dying to watch the 3d show), Low, Kae Tempest, Cassandra Jenkins, JF Flynn, Cate Le Bon, Dry Cleaning, Witch, Jesse and Bernard, Modern Nature, Buffalo Nichols 

Saturday-Beach House, Alex G, Mdou Moctar, Frazey Ford, Black Country New Road, Arab Strap, The Pictish Trail, Marissa Anderson and William Tyler, Charles Watson

Sunday-Ezra Furman, Valerie June, Carwyn Ellis, Parquet Courts, Ty Segall, The Murder Capital, The Long Blondes, Sugar Candy Mountain, James Yorkston, Ural Thomas 

I'm well behind with listening to stuff that's new to me, but since bph asked for Saturday tips, I can add Psychedelic Porn Crumpets and Cola, and maybe Ichiko Aioba. Also, speaking as somebody who finds their early work a bit tedious, I *love* the last Beach House album and really looking forward to seeing that stuff live.

Finally, have the Utopia Strong pulled out from the late night Walled Garden slot? They're no longer mentioned on the GM website. Was really looking forward to them. If they're playing, that'll be interesting.

that's kavus torabi's thing with steve davis, isn't it?

just saw him the other night, taking the sadly departed ben golomstock's place in the reformed miranda sex garden

(kavus, not steve...)

I would like to see, in no particular order and without referring to the clashfinder:

Thursday: El Goodo, Yves Tumor

Friday: Modern Nature/Brian Destiny/Pregoblin/Keeley Forsyth/Witch/Viagra Boys/Dry Cleaning/Mdou Moctar/Low/Kraftwerk

Saturday: Charles Watson/Marisa &William Tyler/ Aroof Aftab/Pictish Trail/Arab Strap/BCNR/Ichiko Aoba/Bicep

Sunday: Joe & the Shitboys/Ural Thomas/Sugar Candy Mountain/Keg/Murder Capital/Ty Segall/Parquet Courts/Jenny Hval/Ezra

Scalping after dark would be good but wishful thinking I think.

In reality I won't see all of those and probably discover some others. 

My top tier miss or die acts this year are Jenny Hval and Ichiko Aoba.  Unbelievably excited to see both for the first time.  Ichiko Aoba should be on Walled Garden, though.

Friday and Saturday extremely strong for me. 

Thursday:  John Mouse > Mandrake Handshake > Wunderhorse > Honeyglaze > Yves Tumour > Metronomy.  Think that's a a really strong start. Most excited about the FO run of MH, Wunderhors and Honeyglaze who are all excellent in my opinion. 

Friday: Maria BC > JFF > Tenderhost > KJP > Cassandra Jenkins > WITCH > Orchestra Baobab > Kae Tempest > Low > Robocobra Quartet > Kraftwerk > Sofia Kourtesis.  CANNOT WAIT TO SEE LOW!!

Saturday: Ichiko Aoba > Donny Benet > Minyo Crusaders > Lemondaze > Blue Bendy > Mdou Moctar > Deathcrash > Alex G > Arooj Aftab > TORRES > Beach House > Bicep > Optimo. What a day that is! 

Sunday: KEG > Lucy Gooch > Carwyn Ellis > M(H)AOL > Bingo Fury > Valerie June > Jenny Hval > James Yorkston > Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul > Nia Archives > DNSC.

Looking forward also to Tapir wherever they end up on the Rising Stage, who were in the Rising competition. 



Thursday evening is a right old stormer in the Walled Garden: Papur Wal, El Goodo (farewell gig) and the wonderful Adwaith who have made my favourite album of 2022 so far. Promises to be the highlight of my weekend. 

Friday: Melin Melyn (like Gorky's?, try this); Buffalo Nichols, Orchestra Baobab (sublime!); Kae Tempest; Balimaya Project; Cate le Bon (clashes permitting)

Saturday:Psychedelic Porn Crumpets; Pictish Trail; Charles Watson; Minyo Crusaders; Frazey Ford (absolute must); Arooj Aftab (loadsa clashes!)

Sunday:Carwyn Ellis (another absolute must); Katherine Priddy (finally at Green Man, she's lovely); Valerie June; James Yorkston and 2nd Hand Orch (best band he's played with?); Ezra; Michael Kiwanuka . Again, tons of clashes I suspect. 

And how about the Wave Pictures and/or Gruff Rhys as late additions? 

Here's my current dance card:

Thursday : Mandrake Handshake / Wunderhorse / El Goodo / Penelope Isles / Pip Blom

Friday : The Deep Blue / Dactyl Terra / KJP / Buffalo Nichols / Witch / Orchestra Baobab / Viagra Boys / English Teacher / Low / Kraftwerk / Scalping

Saturday : Cola / Minyo Crusaders / Lemondaze / Frazey Ford / Mdou Moctar / Alex G / BCNR / Arab Strap / Beach House 

Sunday : tbc? / Annie Hart / The Long Blondes / tbc? / Valerie June / Unschooling / The Murder Capital / Ezra Furman / Parquet Courts

Hopefully when we get the actual set times it will remove some of my clashes instead of creating more, and the likes of Jenny Hval Charles Watson, Sugar Candy Mountain, Dry Cleaning and Soccer96 can be accomodated.

Seems like Katy J Pearson and Mdou Moctar have swapped days according to Green Man's website.  GM have confirmed this on twitter as well.  Looks like they'll publish an updated poster "soon".  

Clashfinder will need some work I suspect once the Settler's get in and confirm the set times! 

If you find yourself floating about middayish, I will be singing in the coir with The Fantasy Orchestra.

Expect random, possibly chaotic covers based on subjects identified by small people, a magic wand and an umbrella!

But it often is (Patti Smith excepted). Strong line up overall albeit with gaps. Biggest clashes for me are:

John Francis Flynn v Buffalo NIchols;

Modern Nature v Low;

Frazey Ford v Charles Watson v Mary Lattimore v Marissa Anderson will need nifty footwork or a Time Turner;

same for Black Country v Beach House v Bicep v Arooj Aftab;

Valerie June v Group Listening is tough (but VH has it by a nose);

Ezra v Ty v Sugar Candy is just unfair;

Parquet v Kiwanuka tough too... 

Can't wait


Attending with two young children, this year's lineup is perfect for me, with plenty I'd be happy to catch but hardly any must-sees. My main aims this year are:

Make it to the festival (no flight cancellations please!)

See more bands on the Rising stage. Blue Bendy, Tapir and Joe & the Shitboys are mentioned on the thread, any others?

My only must-see is Low. I would love to be able to stay awake for Scalping but that's probably a bad idea.

Settlers in less than a week, can't wait!

I've got a few Rising bands on my list this year Jimbo. Porij are great fun live and I'd highly recommend them; others I'd like to check out include Tenderhost, English Teacher, deathcrash and Lime Garden.

Totally agree- saw them support Metronomy earlier this year; lots of fun and very talented. 

I haven't seen them previously, but the band I'm most looking forward to on The Rising Stage is Unschooling.  Again unseen by me, but I'd also like to catch some of English Teacher, although the potential clash with Dry Cleaning wil conflict me.

On Rising, planning to see Deathcrash, Tapir!, Lemondaze, Bingo Fury, M(H)aol and Blue Bendy.  Unschooling and English Teacher are also good but looks like they'll clash with others I want to see. 

BCUC are an unmissable late addition to the line up in my opinion.  Have been wanting to see them for a while.  Have a look at their performances of "Yinde" on YouTube. 

Yeah he was just added this week. Bit of a low-key slot for him, I thought, but very much looking forward to him. He was great fun in the walled garden 5 or 6 years ago (very distinctive stage presence), and his last album is superb.

this story has just broken today

imagine it's unlikely the LB will play

already had a show cancelled at the trades in hebden bridge

Thurs: Mandrake Handhake > Papur Wal > Honeyglaze > Penelope Isles > Pip Blom 


Friday: Brian Destiny > Melin Melyn > Bess Atwell >  Modern Nature > Viagra Boys > English Teacher > Dry Cleaning > Kraftwwerk > Scalping


Saturday: Psychedelic Porn Crumpets > Minyo Crsuaders > KJP > BCNR > Torres > Bicep


Sunday: Keg > Naima Bock > Bingo Fury > Unschoolong > Murder Capital > Ezra > Parquet Courts

So much to look forward to and we're definitely gonna find the 'secret cabaret bar' - already been trying to work out where it might be

Secret cabaret bar could be in the woods with the art installations perhaps?  There's a bit of grass behind the woods around the back from the Risinf stage, although that is near Quiet Camping so maybe not

Yeah we thought in the woods between Rising/Walled Garden would be a good shout, similar to the Disco Ship at End of the Road (which is usually rammed after dark).  

New music-wise this is what's floating our collective boats after extensive GM playlisting:

Mandrake Handshake 

Papur Wal (great Welsh indie band)

Pip Blom (been asking for them for ages, like a Dutch The Beths)

Melin Melyn (charming, quirky, Welsh - songs about Blomonj and the Rebecca riots)

English Teacher (I love Dry Cleaning but I'm not missing a second of the English Teacher set, even if they overlap)

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets (hit the sweet Gizz/Aussie/Psych rock spot - SHYGA was my lock down album, so excited for this one)

Keg (fun/chaos)

Naima Bock (OMG been on here long enough to know you guys are going to go absolutely nuts for her)






Just reading this while listening to Naima Bock- perfect Sunday afternoon Walled Garden stuff. But could well clash with Katherine Priddy who gave me a remarkable similar vibe.

And yeah, I think Keg might fill this year's Snapped Ankles-sized "anarchic fun" gap. Which will be weird for the (apparently) first band on.


Lovin' that Naima Bock album! Great recommendation.

Not really sure whether this sits here in must sees and recommendactions or filling the void, but I went see El Goodo's warm-up show in Clwb last night and they were quite splendid. That's going to be a pleasant way to spend an hour in The Walled Garden on Thursday evening. 

El Goodo definitely a must-see for me. I believe this will be their farewell gig. 

Just listening to Adam Walton's brilliant BBC Radio Wales show and he's introduced me to Strawberry Guy who plays the Walled Garden on Saturday and sounds rather lovely. Adam's going to be doing his show live from Green Man next Saturday. For those who don't know him he's the lovely bloke who DJs the Walled Garden. 

I'll just be wandering, it works for me. My record of this year has been Arooj Aftab's, so I'll make a point of not missing that set. Other than that, a few drinks and catch up with friends. Have a good time all.

So think the anticipated highlights (some of which will clash with each other) are:

Settlers- great lineup, especially Monday

Thursday: Wesley Gonzalez, Rhodri Davies, El Goodo

Friday: Beer tasting, John Francis Flynn, Melin Melyn, Keeley Forsyth, WITCH, Modern Nature, Low, Kraftwerk, Scalping

Saturday: Ichiko Aoba, Pictish Trail, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Minyo Crusaders, Mary Lattimore, Marisa Anderson and William Tyler, Arooj Aftab, Beach House, The Utopia Strong

Sunday: KEG, Carwyn Ellis, Katherine Priddy, Naima Bock (yeah, that album...!) Group Listening, BCUC, Sugar Candy Mountain, James Yorkston, Parquet Courts

Pictish Trail and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets completely clash... I'm distraught... It won't be Green Man without Pictish but love the PPC 

(First world problems I know!)

Really enjoying Naima Bock's album - thank you for the tips on here!  Sunday looking much busier than expected now with the late addditions of Naima Bock and BCUC