Ticketline driving me mad.

Ticketline eh?

I have tickets rolled over from 2020. Two of the teen tickets are now 18 so I need to upgrade. The two will no longer be doing settlers as they want to wait at home for their A level results. I'm guessing I can't get refunded for this but I'm asking anyway. 

Green Man say call Ticketline, they'll sort it out.


Lost count of the times I've tried to get through to them.

Tweeted in desperation and finally got a response - our customer service team are onto it and will get in touch.

Weeks later and despite following it up three times - nothing.

Frustrating as hell. Surely Green Man could find a better way of ticketing. 


Ah the power of Twitter.

Tweeted GM who immediately got in touch with Ticketline, an hour later I have confitrmation of upgrade. 

Not that my faith in GM was in doubt but that was classy.