Ticket refunded?

I took the rollover option last year. I checked the status of my ticket on Ticketline the other day and it says ticket refunded, having checked my bank statements I have received no refund. Have emailed Ticketline but no reply as yet. Anyone else had this problem? A tad concerned.

my situation is different as I used the rollover last year so have a new purchase ticket.  Ticketline account says the tickets will be emailed soon and that is what it should be saying for you as well.

I would suggest keep trying to get hold of Ticketline but if not successful, try contacting the Green Man office who seemed very helpful sorting out problems last year, including liaising with ticketline themselves

What was the rollover option for last year, was it incase you were worried about covid. Not many festival did that I'm sure, take the money and run, green man is a wonderful festival. 

It was good of Green Man to allow a second rollover. I didn't feel ready to come back last year. Ironically I'm much more likely to catch Covid this year given current rates of infection. Did occur to me to flog the tickets but the kids wanted to come and it'll probably be our last Green Man so we'll be there (if ticketline get their bloody arse into gear!)

We thought 2019 was gonna be out last, been going every year since 2008 but now it's just me and wife and occasionally daughter. Love it just as much. 

Bought myself a Settlers ticket last September, fully expecting my 18 year olds would have their own exciting plans.

Turns out they both want to come... couldn't bear the thought of missing GM, having been to every one since they were 6, so picked up a couple of resale tickets for them on Fanticks... fingers crossed it all runs smoothly and I receive them with no hassles.

My favourite week of the year.

Still nothing from Ticketline on my ticket. Emailed GM who replied quite quickly suggesting I give them a bit more time as they are very busy. Will try phoning later this week

Good luck with that. I haven't been able to actually speak to anyone. If you do get through it immediately disconnects. It's why I tried Twitter but I'm still waiting a month later. Green Man need to think about an alternative agency next year, this lot are shockingly bad. And that fucking fee!

I sent GM a DM on twitter about another matter and they were excellent, responded very quickly and pointed me in the right direction. 

For those looking for tickets there are now loads for sale on Twickets... just set up an alert and respond quickly to ads.

At last, Ticketline confirmed today that I have a ticket. Huzzah!

Edit to add that if they got in touch because you'd been nipping at their heels Walter, I owe you a bone or two